Lavazza coffee country of origin (where did Lavazza coffee come from + more information)

You can fall in love much more with Lavazza coffee when you learn more about its history. So, where does Lavazza coffee come from? Read on to find out.

Lavazza coffee history dates back to 1895 in Italy. I love how long they have been in the coffee industry, and it makes me more loyal to the company. I went to research more about Lavazza’s history because, as a person, I believe that coffee awakens my spirit, and it does better when I know more about its origin. So here is what I learned about the origin of Lavazza.

What is the history of Lavazza coffee in Italy?

Lavazza coffee country of origin
Lavazza coffee. Image source: Lavazza coffee

Lavazza coffee was started in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza at San Tommaso in Turin, Italy. Luigi Lavazza studied the origin and characteristics of different coffee beans. He discovered different tastes by blending different coffee beans.

In 1927, the small shop grew into a business. The company was only made up of his family, wife, and children, and at this time, the net worth of the business was 1.5 million lire. During these same years, the company introduced a culture of double packaging to help maintain the flavor of the coffee. Up to date, the double packaging is still on.

In 1947 Lavazza reinvented itself after the war. After making it through the war, Lavazza created its first Logo. The Logo was designed by Aerostudio Borghi in Milan.

In 1955, Emilio Lavazza invented the first Lavazza blend. He was very innovative and pushed the company to a little fame on the radio and in magazines with their catching slogan.

After the slogan made the company famous, it made the company became the largest coffee company in Italy in 1957. The company continued growing when the roasting manufacturing company was opened in Europe in 1965.

In 1971, it was a year of hardships because Italy’s economy was at rock bottom. However, Lavazza overcame the hardship and still thrived by researching and studying the audience and being more innovative. They introduced a new blend, the Qualita Rossa. In 1977 when the TV advanced to being colored, Lavazza took advantage and made Nino Manfredi their ambassador until 1993.

In 1982, Lavazza quickly expanded out of Italy and had its headquarters in France.

In 1995, there was a major improvement in the Logo thanks to the relationship and collaboration between Emilio Lavazza and Armando Testa. Also, about this time, Lavazza made major acquisitions like Bourbon and Suerte. Lavazza continued having collaborations with great chefs of the time, especially after inventing Guarlterio Marchesi blend.

In 2004 Lavazza committed to being socially responsible, and its success was seen in 2012 after delivering its sustainability report. In 2015, Lavazza marked its 120 years of existence. From there, Lavazza has been expanding in Italy and is now a global business.

Is Lavazza coffee popular in Italy?

Yes, Lavazza coffee is so popular in Italy. You find Lavazza in many stores in Italy and online shops. The popularity is awed to the history of the company because it started long ago. It has grown popular and has been there for over 120 years.


Is Lavazza coffee good?

Yes, Lavazza coffee is good; that is why many people are aware of it.

Is Lavazza coffee high in acid?

Yes, Lavazza has acid.

Is Lavazza coffee affordable?

Yes, Lavazza coffee is affordable.

Is Lavazza coffee popular in Italy?

Yes, Lavazza coffee is popular in Italy.

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