Starbucks Slogan (What it is, core values, mission statement, taglines + more information)

Most businesses have slogans that are as well-known as their names. Because some businesses change their slogans after being in business for many years, it is natural to wonder, “What is Starbucks’ slogan?”

Starbucks does not have an official slogan. This is quite different from many companies, as slogans form an integral part of their brand identity. I only came to know about this when I was looking at the company’s history. One reason why Starbucks may not need a slogan is that its logo is so well known and conveys its identity in a way a slogan would. In this post, I will be sharing interesting facts I learned about the company’s identity and values.

How Can a Slogan Help Starbucks Develop?

A slogan can help Starbucks develop by making the brand relatable and reinforcing what sets the company apart from others. A good slogan should boost the company’s memorability, be concise, evoke emotion, communicate competitive advantage, and yet remain meaningful. In the case of Starbucks, the logo covers memorability rather well. It is unforgettable. The first time you see it, you are left wanting to know more about the female-looking image on the cup. Because it is only one image, albeit a mythical one, it is also simple and concise.

Where the logo may need a supporting slogan in integrating positive emotions to make customers have a sense of inspiration, relief, security, or luxury. The logo tells us it is Starbucks; we now know that even without the name appended to the logo. But what does it stand for that we can immediately relate to? That is not evident from the logo and is left for you to experience.

A slogan can also help the company communicate its competitive advantage by showing what Starbucks does better and in what areas it excels above every other coffee company.

What Is the Starbucks Mission Statement?

To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time’. This mission is based on the desire to encourage people to act and make a difference. The company claims to use humanity’s lens to drive performance.

How Does Starbucks Follow Its Mission Statement?

How Does Starbucks Follow Its Mission Statement?

Starbucks follows its mission statement in the way it operates to meet its clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders’ demands. It inspires its employees by giving a fair wage, a good work environment, and attractive perks and benefits.

For the customers, Starbucks’ operation revolves around delivering memorable experiences to each customer. This begins with sourcing and processing coffee beans in the best way possible, creating a wide variety of beverages, including handcrafted options and food available. Starbucks also gives a personalized customer experience by putting your name first on your coffee cup. The ambiance at each coffeehouse is warm and offers positive human interactions. To top it off is the rewards program with seasonal sweepstakes.

For other stakeholders, the company strives to inspire farmers and suppliers by ensuring the coffee it uses is ethically sourced. The company gets involved in the community through the Starbucks Foundation grants to non-profit organizations.

For the shareholders, the company is always working to deliver good returns that reward their investment. To this end, Starbucks has been growing its business both locally and globally.

What are the core values of Starbucks?

Starbucks’ core values revolve around inclusivity, challenging the status quo, being present to serve with dignity, respect, and transparency, and always delivering the best.

To create a culture of inclusion, Starbucks nurtures values that encourage a sense of belonging throughout the company by ensuring everyone feels welcome. This it does by adopting policies and initiatives geared toward inclusivity.

The company is known for finding new ways to grow, which often challenges the status quo. For instance, where most food companies have found capturing the vast Chinese market difficult, Starbucks has found a way and is currently expanding rapidly in China.

Starbucks is also always present and involved in searching for solutions to current issues, including those of social dignity, transparency, and the environment. For example, the company has ambitious sustainability targets for 2030, and that already started in 2021.

To deliver the best, the company has continuously been innovative and is constantly seeking new technologies to improve its services, beverages, and customer experiences.

Starbucks Taglines

Starbucks always releases new holiday and seasonal taglines each year. Along with the current ‘Summer’s brighter with treats’, Starbucks had ‘A cup of coffee that makes you think’ in 2021, ‘Coffee that inspires’ in 2020, and ‘You’re a sip away from GOLD’, as one of the initial taglines.

Final Thoughts 

Starbucks has a way of keeping us engaged with offers, seasonal taglines, and, unwittingly, through its numerous online fan base activities. We can easily relate to their values, and we are familiar with what makes them different from the competition. This, together with the uniqueness of their logo, is a good reason they don’t and are unlikely to consider having an official slogan soon.

FAQ Section

What is Starbucks mascot?

The siren is the Starbucks mascot. She is a mythical mermaid with two tails.

What is Starbucks key message?

Starbucks hopes to inspire people to be deliberate and act to make a difference for others.

Why is Starbucks called Starbucks?

Starbucks gets its name from Starbuck, a character who was the first mate on the Pequod, a whaling vessel in the classic American novel, Moby Dick. The name seemed fit for a coffee shop in a harbor market where goods are brought in by sea.


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