Starbucks sunrise blend vs veranda: Which one is stronger?

Starbucks is constantly revising its beverage offerings to accommodate a wide range of tastes. As a result, they currently have several options for those of us who prefer a lightly roasted coffee. I needed to buy some blonde roasted ground coffee and couldn’t decide between the Starbucks sunrise and Veranda blends. To find a solution, I did some research, as I usually do for Starbucks quandaries, and in this post, I’ll share what I discovered so that you can find the blonde roast that’s right for you. Continue reading!

 What are the differences between Starbucks sunrise blend vs veranda


Starbucks Sunrise blend

Starbucks Veranda


100 percent Arabica coffee.

100 percent Arabica coffee.

Taste profile

Has chocolatey and light caramel notes.

Soft and sweet taste, a mix of toasted malt and cocoa.

Caffeine content/ Nutritional value

A 12-ounce tall cup has 270 milligrams of caffeine, 5 calories, 1 gram of protein,10 milligrams of sodium

A 12-ounce tall cup has 270 milligrams of caffeine, 5 calories, 1 gram of protein,10 milligrams of sodium

Availability/ Accessibility

This can be accessed in the form of ground coffee or K-pods online from as well as from leading stores.

Easily available at Starbucks stores as a drink or get a packet of beans for at-home use by ordering in person or using the Starbucks app. You can also get a packet of coffee beans, ground coffee, K-cups, or Nespresso vertuo pods online on or from leading stores.

Roast level

Light/blonde roast

Light/blonde roast

Starbucks sunrise blend vs veranda: How do they compare

Starbucks sunrise blend vs veranda: Which one is stronger?

What it’s made of (ingredients)

Starbucks’ sunrise blend is made entirely of arabica coffee from Latin America. The company uses coffee from this region as a foundation for many of its blends because of its consistency in quality and taste.

Veranda Blend is also crafted with beans from the Latin American region. The company claims the name was inspired by the tradition of drinking coffee while seated on the veranda that is prevalent among farmers in these regions. It is also made entirely of Arabica coffee.

It is a draw as far as the ingredients are concerned. Both are made from blends of arabica coffee beans from the same region.

Taste profile

I tasted the chocolatey flavor first, then hints of caramel when I tried out the Starbucks sunrise blend. It filled the room with a pleasant coffee aroma that woke up my brain long before I took the first sip. It has a medium body but is a bit acidic.

The Veranda blend is also a blonde roast. Although the veranda is lighter-the company states it is their lightest coffee-it packs a mean caffeine boost punch. I loved its softness and a taste that reminded me of sweet cocoa. It has medium acidity.

The Veranda blend wins it for taste. I found it to be more mellow and sweet.

 Caffeine content/nutritional value

As expected, the sunrise blend has high caffeine content, just like all Starbucks blonde roasts. A tall 12-ounce cup contains 270 mg of caffeine. It does not have much else in terms of nutrition and will give you just 5 calories from 1 gram of protein if you take your coffee black, without adding sugar, milk, or creamer.

The veranda blend comes with identical caffeine and nutrition values. If you decide to have a small 8-ounce cup, then you get 180 mg of caffeine, and a grande will get you 360 mg of caffeine, which is close to the maximum 400 mg suggested for an adult.

The drinks have the same caffeine content and nutritional values, so it is a draw.

Availability/ Accessibility

I was rather disappointed by not getting the Sunrise blend as a drink on the Starbucks menu, so I had to wait until my packet arrived from Amazon to try it at home. I noticed they also have K-pods at Target and Walmart, but could not find Nespresso pods.

I had no such challenges with the Veranda blend. You can get a cup at any Starbucks in person or order one using the app. If you own a Keurig, a Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine, or can use ground coffee, you are in luck—almost all leading stores stock Veranda blend coffee beans, ground coffee, K-cups, or Nespresso pods.

The Veranda blend wins for easy availability at multiple locations.

 Roast level

“Blonde roast” is the word that Starbucks uses for their lighter roasts, including the Sunrise blend. To achieve a blonde roast, the beans are roasted for a comparatively shorter time and exposed to lower temperatures.

The Veranda roast is the lightest roast that the company has. So, although Starbucks roasts their coffee darkly, such that even their light roasts resemble medium roasts for other companies, I found this to be light by all standards.

So, when it comes to roast, the Veranda blend wins for being lighter and blonder.

 Starbucks Sunrise Blend vs. Veranda: A Comparison Review

Starbucks sunrise blend Overview

Starbucks sunrise blend vs veranda

The Sunrise blend is roasted light for a well-rounded cup at home. If you love your coffee strong but smooth with chocolatey notes, then this is a good choice.

It’s as robust as many Starbucks blends but not as bitter as some darker roasts or as acidic as some other light roasts. It manages to be full-bodied without being too bold – which is a good thing.

What I liked

  • Strong coffee
  • Nice aroma

What I didn’t like

  • Not easily available

Who it’s best suited for

  • Best for anyone who loves the coffee aroma and likes to make a strong cup of coffee at home.

Starbucks veranda overview

Starbucks sunrise blend

The Veranda Blend is a light-bodied coffee that has medium acidity and is a very mellow, strong, sweet, and soft cup of coffee. It is not at all bitter, so if you would like to taste a Starbucks blonde roast for a change, I suggest you go for the Veranda Blend at the coffee shop as it is available on the menu before you commit to getting a whole packet at home.

This is one of the drinks that I found to taste as close as what is stated on the packet.

What I liked

  • Strong coffee
  • Not bitter at all.

What I didn’t like

  • Is a bit bland.

Whom it’s best suited for

  • Best for anyone who needs a strong cup of coffee in the morning.

Final Verdict: So, which is Better? Starbucks Sunrise Blend vs. Veranda

Both coffee blends deliver what is expected of a lightly roasted coffee, which is a high dose of caffeine in a mellow cup. However, the Veranda blend is better because it is softer and is more accessible compared to the Sunrise blend.


Is Veranda stronger than Sunrise Blend?

No, they have the same amount of caffeine per cup.

Is Veranda darker than Sunrise Blend?

No, the Veranda is the lightest of the blonde coffees that Starbucks has.

Is veranda bitterer than sunrise blend?

No, the Veranda is lighter and therefore less bitter compared to the Sunrise blend.

Which one is easier to brew between Veranda and Sunrise Blend?

The two blends brew the same, but neither is easier to brew compared to the other.

Which one has a balanced flavor between Sunrise Blend and Veranda?

The Veranda has a balanced flavor, with no overpowering aspect to the coffee.

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