How to froth cold milk without a frother (Can you froth cold milk without a milk frother + more information)

If you love milk in your coffee, it makes sense to know the various methods you can use to froth it. In this article, we will answer the question: can you froth cold milk without a frother? So, keep reading.

You can froth cold milk without a frother using several methods, including immersion blenders, mason jars, blenders, and French presses.

I learned to froth milk during my college days working as a Starbucks barista, and I still froth my milk at home to this day despite leaving Starbucks some years back. Late last year, my best friend came to visit, and I asked her to froth some cold milk for a latte. She did not know what to do, and she asked me to teach her. It occurred to me that many people do not know much about frothing cold milk for their coffee without a frother, and this article is an attempt to answer the questions many people ask about the process. Read on until the end to find out how you can froth cold milk for your coffee.

How do you froth milk without using a milk frother?

Can you froth cold milk without a milk frother 
Milk frother. Image source: iStock

The process of frothing milk is quite easy, even when you do not have a frother. You can achieve this using several methods, which we will outline below:

Immersion blenders

Among all the frothing methods, this one is the fastest and easiest way you can froth your milk. However, it does not produce microfoam because it creates big bubbles in the milk, and it has the potential of being quite messy if you do not do it in a deep bowl or cup.

To do it, slightly warm the milk on the stovetop or microwave and transfer it to a tall container or deep pot. After this, take an immersion blender and insert it into the pot, ensuring the milk submerges the blades completely.

Turn the immersion blender on and move it around the pot, as this will increase the air in the milk. You can continue doing so until the milk froths to your preference.

French presses

This method is the best option if you want microfoam in your milk, and it is very easy to use. In a French press, fill a third of its capacity with milk, then place the lid. Push and pull the plunger repeatedly to foam the milk to your preference, then pour the foam into your drink.

Mason jars

This method works well, although it can be more time-consuming compared to the immersion blender method. It also allows you to work with cold milk; you will not need to warm the milk before frothing it. However, it does not produce microfoam – instead, it creates medium-size froth that is only ideal for lattes.

To use it, take a mason jar and pour the milk into it, filling the jar to about a third of its capacity. Note that you can create more even foam if you use a larger jar.

Close the jar and shake it vigorously for less than a minute to create the foam. You should then open it and microwave it for 30 seconds to stabilize the foam.


Like immersion blenders, this foams the milk quickly. However, it creates uniform, smooth foam even though it can be messy.

You will need to measure your milk first before transferring it to the blender jar and then cover the jar. When applying the speed, make sure it is on medium speed to whip the milk until it achieves the froth levels you want.

Is it easier to froth cold milk?

Can you froth cold milk without a milk frother?
Frothing cold milk. Image source: EspressoWorks

Compared to frothing hot or warm milk, cold milk presents some challenges when frothing it. The easiest way to achieve it is by following certain guidelines:

Do not use a whisk

Whisks will not help you achieve the results you want in cold milk frothing. Instead, it will just result in bubbling milk.

Avoid wands

If you have a cappuccino machine, chances are it has a frothing wand. However, this wand will not help if you are frothing cold milk.

Simplicity is the key

For the best chances of the best cold foams, avoid adding too many flavorings to the milk because these compromise the milk’s density.


It is easy to froth cold milk, but it requires you to pay attention to certain factors to ensure you get the best results. The methods above should help you to do so.


Can you froth milk in a Nutri blender?

Yes, you can, and you can do so at medium-high speeds for the best results.

Can you froth cold milk using a microwave?

Yes, you can use a microwave to do so, as it mimics the steaming method.

Can you shake cold milk to froth it?

Yes, you can. Put the milk in a mason jar, add any flavorings you want, close the jar, and shake it vigorously to froth it to your preferred consistency.

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