Starbucks Honeycomb mug (size, material, where to buy + more information)

If you landed on this page, you’ve probably seen the most adorable Starbucks mug and wondered, “Does Starbucks have the honeycomb mug?” Keep reading to find out.

Unfortunately, Starbucks no longer has the honeycomb mug, at least not for the American market. This is because the mug was in the Starbucks “Bee Mine” valentine collection, exclusive to the Asia Pacific market.

Almost a year ago, I found the cutest Starbucks mug online, which looked like it had come straight from Winnie Pooh’s shelf. As I rushed to place an order for the mug, I was crushed to find out that Starbucks only released them to their Asia Pacific market, and the company wasn’t planning to sell them in the US. However, I was still confident that I’d get this mug, and miraculously, my best friend gifted me the mug on my birthday.

If you’ve been wondering where you can get the Starbucks honeycomb mug and want to know more about it, this post is for you.

What is the size of the Starbucks honeycomb mug?

The Starbucks honeycomb mug has a capacity of 12fl Oz. This is equivalent to 1.5 regular coffee mugs. In Starbucks terminology, the honeycomb mug is a “Tall size.” This is a perfect size to enjoy coffee in.

What is the material of the Starbucks honeycomb mug?

Starbucks Honeycomb mug

The Starbucks honeycomb mug is ceramic. Ceramic mugs are perfectly safe to enjoy both hot and cold drinks in, so you need not worry about what kind of drink you can have with the Starbucks honeycomb mug.

However, ceramic mugs are also delicate because they are brittle and susceptible to breaking easily. So, ensure you handle your Starbucks honeycomb mug and other ceramic mugs with a lot of care.

How much does the Starbucks honeycomb mug weigh?

The Starbucks honeycomb mug is around 1.08 pounds heavy. This weight is minus the spoon that usually comes with the cup. For a coffee mug, 1.08 pounds is the average and perfect weight.

Can you microwave the Starbucks honeycomb mug?

Yes. The Starbucks honeycomb mug is made with ceramic material, which makes it microwave-safe. Pour the drink you want to heat up into the mug and pop the mug in the microwave for a few seconds, and enjoy a hot drink without the cup burning you.

Can you put a Starbucks honeycomb mug in a dishwasher?

Starbucks Honeycomb mug

Yes. The Starbucks honeycomb mug is dishwasher-safe. However, ceramic is a delicate material, so you must be careful with the mug. Always have the mug’s handle turned away from other dishes to avoid breaking while washing.

But, to be safe, hand-wash the mug with warm soapy water immediately after use and leave it to air-dry. Washing the cup right after using it is wise to avoid staining.

We know how stubborn and irritating those coffee stains on your favorite mug can be.

Where can you get a Starbucks honeycomb mug?

Unfortunately, the Starbucks honeycomb mug is not available in any Starbucks store or any other store, including online websites like Amazon. When Starbucks released this mug, it was part of the company’s “Bee Mine” Valentine collection that was exclusive to the Starbucks Asia Pacific market.

Unless you had someone in the Asian countries who could send you the mug, it was impossible to get a hold of it. Companies that ship to the US, like, can send you the mug, but unfortunately, it’s sold out because of its demand.


Does the Starbucks honeycomb mug come with a spoon?

Yes. The Starbucks honeycomb mug comes with a honey dipper ceramic spoon, a dark teal that you can use to add honey or syrups to your coffee. This spoon matches the mug’s aesthetic perfectly.

Is the Starbucks honeycomb mug eco-friendly?

Yes. The Starbucks honeycomb mug is eco-friendly as it is reusable and is made with ceramic which is also an eco-friendly material.

Is it safe to drink from a Starbucks honeycomb mug?

Yes, it is safe to drink from a Starbucks honeycomb mug. Like other ceramic mugs, the Starbucks honeycomb mug does not react with hot liquids. However, since it is ceramic, it absorbs heat from the liquid, meaning that your coffee will cool faster than when in mugs with different materials.

Is the Starbucks honeycomb mug fragile?

Yes, the Starbucks honeycomb mug is fragile. All ceramic cups are brittle, thus prone to breaking easily. As stated earlier, this is why you should opt to hand-wash your Starbucks honeycomb mug and let it air dry on the counter instead of washing it in the dishwasher, where it risks breaking.

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