Does Starbucks have brownies? (How big are Starbucks brownies? + More information)

Brownies are a delight to every chocolate lover and an ideal treat to have with your morning coffee or as a lunchtime snack. But where can you get the best brownies? Does Starbucks have brownies? 

Yes, it does. Starbucks has double chocolate brownies as part of its baked goods. It is rich in cocoa and dark chocolate. It is an ideal pick-me-up snack for your morning or afternoon cup of coffee. Plus, you can have it as a dessert too. If you want to try something new with your coffee, a rich, moist, and not messy Starbucks brownie will come in handy. I tried Starbucks brownies last week after a friend gifted me on the morning of my birthday. They were fresh, tasty, and sizeable. I always had other baked goods from Starbucks but had not tried the brownies. I’m now sold on these tasty treats for when I need some baked goodies. Below is more information on Starbucks brownies.

How big are Starbucks brownies?

The serving of a Starbucks double chocolate brownie is 92g. Most people assume because it is a double chocolate brownie, as the name states, it is extra-large in size. Although, it is sizeable, and has 480 calories giving you a lot of energy to start your day.

What ingredients are in a Starbucks brownie?

Depending on the brownie type you order at Starbucks, the ingredients may change. For instance, the common Starbucks double chocolate brownie ingredients are sugar, unsweetened chocolate, all-purpose enriched flour, milk chocolate, canola oil, eggs, butter, brown rice syrup, salt, baking powder, and cream. In addition to this, Starbucks adds that they cannot guarantee that their brownies are free from allergens as they use shared equipment in preparation and serving.

Are Starbucks brownies vegan?

How big are Starbucks brownies?

Yes, you can get a vegan Starbucks brownie. It is chocolatey, fudgy, coffee-infused, and covered with vegan mint buttercream frosting. Although, ask your Barista if it is part of the menu of the Starbucks you are visiting. But, it is an ideal choice for chocolate-mint lovers seeking a vegan brownie option.

How much are brownies at Starbucks?

The total cost per brownie at Starbucks is $2.45. However, this is for the double chocolate brownie. Although depending on the brownies on the menu, the prices may be the same or slightly different.

Do Starbucks brownies have caffeine?

Yes. The Starbucks caffeinated brownies have caffeine content that is similar to an 8fl. oz. Starbucks coffee. The fudgy type brownies are individually wrapped and each is 2.6 ounces. The caffeine brownies are a great choice if you need a caffeine boost.


Starbucks has various baked goods you can try out with the drinks they offer. But, the Starbucks double chocolate brownie is a must-try for your coffee break or dessert. It is sizeable and delicious and is not messy as you eat it. Also, you can ask for some whip cream and syrup of your choice to enjoy the brownie more.

FAQ Section 

Are brownies unhealthy?

No. But, it comes down to the ingredients you use and your overall eating habits. Brownies with dark chocolate have anti-inflammatory qualities and help lower blood pressure. Also, they have tiny amounts of folate, iron, Vitamin A, and zinc. So, as long as you enjoy it moderately, a chocolate brownie is great for your health.

Do Starbucks brownies have eggs?

Yes. Starbucks brownies have eggs according to the ingredient list provided for their double chocolate brownie.

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