Will coffee grounds keep chipmunks away (do coffee grounds repel chipmunks + more information)?

Some farmers use coffee grounds to prevent and control rodent infestation in their farms and storage areas. What we need to figure out is, will coffee grounds keep chipmunks away?

Yes, ground coffee will keep chipmunks away. When I ventured into farming five years ago, I did not think chipmunks would ever be a problem. Along the way, my farm got infested with chipmunks. I needed something that would keep the chipmunks away without harming my plants. My brother advised me to use coffee grounds because of their double benefits; keeping chipmunks away and providing fertilizer to the crops.

Having said this, questions like are coffee grounds efficient in repelling chipmunks? How do I use coffee grounds to repel chipmunks? And many more may arise. Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more information.

Are coffee grounds efficient in repelling chipmunks?

Yes, coffee grounds are efficient in repelling chipmunks. Chipmunks, just like most animals, are not able to stand the smell of coffee. For this reason, coffee grounds can be used to keep them away.

Farms and storage areas are the most likely to be infested. Sprinkling coffee grounds in these areas will keep away chipmunks.

How do I use coffee grounds to repel chipmunks?

do coffee grounds repel chipmunks

Using coffee grounds to repel chipmunks does not require much work. All you need are coffee grounds which can be easily acquired from your local cafe, then sprinkle them on the ground.

You can opt to sprinkle the coffee grounds between the plants attracting chipmunks, or sprinkle them around your garden. You can also sprinkle them in storage areas.

How often do I need to replace coffee grounds to keep chipmunks away?

You will need to replace the coffee grounds within three to six months. It is within this period that the coffee grounds start to decompose. This is because once they decompose, they lose their strong scent. The scent is what keeps the chipmunks away.

You will also need to replace the coffee grounds after a storm. Storms may wash away the composition of the coffee grounds making them inefficient and unreliable in keeping chipmunks at bay.

Informative Section

Do all coffee grounds repel chipmunks?

Yes, all coffee grounds repel chipmunks. The smell of coffee alone can prevent chipmunks from entering your garden; therefore, the kind of coffee grounds you use does not matter.

Can you use dry coffee grounds to repel chipmunks?

Yes, you can use dry coffee grounds to repel chipmunks. What keeps the chipmunks away is the smell of the coffee grounds.

Are wet coffee grounds more effective when repelling chipmunks than dry coffee grounds?

Yes, wet coffee grounds are more effective when repelling chipmunks because the wetness enhances the smell of the coffee grounds. When the coffee grounds are dry, their smell may not be as strong and may not spread in a large area. It is the smell that drives away the chipmunks.

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