Dutch Bros secret menu (Items on the Dutch Bros secret menu, Price list + More information)

Dutch Bros is among the rising coffee chain store in the US. However, are you familiar with Dutch Bros’ secret menu? Read on to learn more.

Growing up, my mum always bought us food and drink from Dutch Bros, as this coffee shop offers high quality. After moving out, I wanted to continue to experience the Dutch Bros ‘treats,’ as I had done back home. A few months later, I started to get bored by the menu items o Dutch Bros’ regular menu, as I had tasted everything.

My life changed one morning while I was at the Dutch Bros store, and one of the baristas informed me that there was another menu at the store, known as the Dutch Bros secret menu. From that day to date, I have been a more frequent visitor at the store as I continue to try out their fantastic secret menu items. In this article, I will list all Dutch Bros’ secret menu items and their prices, so make sure to read to the end to know more.

Dutch Bros’ secret menu Items and Price List

Dutch Bros has a wide variety of food and drinks on its menu, ranging from frosts, rebels, coffee, lemonade, tea, Italian sodas, chai, and Odds & Ends. Below is a table showing Dutch Bros’s secret menu items and their prices.

Dutch Bros coffee secret menu

Dutch Bros CoffeePrice
Banana bread$4.20
Caramel Nog$4.20
Bob Marley, AKA Bob$4.20
Candy Cane$3.75
Crazy Hawaiian, AKA Wallaby$3.75
Chai Nog$4.20
The Cure$4.20
Dirty Macchiato$3.75
German Chocolate$3.75
The Fleck$4.20
French Toast Breve$4.11
Golden Eagle$4.11
Ninja Turtle$4.11
The Grasshopper$4.20
Molten Lava$4.20
The Grand Canyon (Dutch Canyon)$4.20
Pumpkin Pie Breve$4.11
The Nutty Irishman$4.20
Pocahontas AKA Trifecta$4.20
Picture Perfect$4.20
S’more Breve Latte$4.11
Sugar Cookie$4.20
White Chocolate Cookie Breve$4.11
The Vader$4.20
White Russian$4.20
White Coffee S’mores Breve$4.11
White Zombie$4.20

Dutch Bros frost’s secret menu

Dutch Bros frost’s secret menuPrices
Cake Batter Frost$4.20
Birthday Cake Frost$4.20
Cinnabon Frost$3.75
Bubble Gum Frost$3.75
Capt’N Crunch Frost$4.20
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost$4.50
Cotton Candy Frost$3.75
Coral Reef frost$3.75
Molten Lava$3.75
Creamsicle Frost$4.20
Ninja Frost$4.50
Freedom frost$4.23
Pink Flamingo Frost$4.50
Peppermint Bark$3.75
Toasted Mellow Frost$3.75
Pumpkin Pie Frost$3.75
Vanilla Bean Frost$3.75

Dutch Bros rebel secret menu

Dutch Bros rebel secret menuPrices
Daydream Rebel$4.64
Buggati Berry$4.64
Cowboy Sunset$3.50
Dirty Girl Rebel$3.65
Dinosaur Egg Rebel$4.64
Gummy Bear Rebel$3.50
Electric Berry Rebel$4.64
Dirty White Girl$3.50
Fuzzy Navel Rebel$4.64
Double Rainbow$2.45
Irie Rebel$4.64
Midnight Rebel$4.64
James Dean Rebel$4.64
Laser Cat Rebel$4.20
Ocean Water Rebel$4.64
Sour Patch Rebel$3.50
Sex on the Beach Rebel$4.64
Pixie Stick Rebel$3.50
Starburst Rebel$4.64
Shark Attack Rebel$4.64
Turkey Trot Rebel$4.64
Stop Light Rebel$4.20
Starry Night Rebel$4.64
Trixie Rebel$4.64
Unicorn Blood Rebel$4.20
Wookie Spice$4.64
Vampire Spice$4.20

Dutch Bros tea secret menu

Dutch Bros tea secret menuPrices
Dutch Mojito Iced Tea$3.75
Electric Berry Green Tea$2.19
Iced Paris Tea$2.19
Sweet Sunrise Tea$2.19
Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea$2.19

Dutch Bros lemonade secret menu

Dutch Bros lemonade secret menuPrices
Tiger’s blood lemonade$3.75
Ray of Sunshine$4.20
Palm beach Lemonade$2.50

Dutch Bros Italian soda secret menu

Dutch Bros Italian soda secret menuPrices
Surprise soda$2.25
Shirley Temple$2.45

Dutch Bros Odds & Ends

Dutch Bros Odds & Ends Prices
Dirty Caterpillar$4.20
Christmas Morning$3.75
Ocean Water$4.20
London Fog43.75
The Bob Freeze$3.75
Thanksgiving Morning$4.20
Wallaby Freeze$4.75
The Just Stay Home/ the Why Brother$4.75
Whip Stix$4.20

Dutch Bros chai secret menu

Dutch Bros chai secret menuPrices
Christmas Morning Chai$3.75
Raspberry Vanilla chai$4.11


Dutch Bros offers several secret menu items besides their regular menu items. With under $5, you can enjoy Dutch Bros chai, tea, or even a rebel. To order from Dutch Bros’ secret menu, you must mention the correct name of the item you want to order. Additionally, you should know the ingredients used to make each secret menu item at Dutch Bros, as the barista might still need to become familiar with it.

FAQ Section

What is the most popular menu item on Dutch Bros’ secret menu?

It is hard to determine which menu item on Dutch Bros is the most popular since different customers prefer specific things over others. However, Dutch Bros Picture perfect coffee is among the most popular menu item on Dutch Bros’ secret menu.

Are there vegan options on Dutch Bros’ secret menu?

Yes, there are vegan options on Dutch Bros’ secret menu. To get a vegan option, request a vegan ingredient to be swapped in place of the non-vegan ingredient.

Are Dutch Bros secret menu items good?

Yes, Dutch Bros secret menu items are just as good as the menu items on its regular menu.

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