What Is A Star Code at Starbucks (How to Enter Star Codes On App, How To Scan Star Codes, How to Redeem Star Code + More FAQs)

The Starbucks stars rewards program is the easiest way to earn free items. What is a star code at Starbucks? Read on to find out.

A Starbucks star code is part of the rewards program where a unique code is given to a member of the rewards program and is redeemable for stars. If you are new to the rewards program, it might get confusing with the various types of rewards and how to earn them. I have always loved loyalty cards and how easy it is to earn stars. I can tell you most assuredly that these stars come in handy when you are intending to save a few bucks. In this post, we shall tell you all about these star codes in very simple terms. You can start enjoying the freebies that come with redeeming these codes.

How do you enter a star code on the App?

If you have already downloaded the app on your mobile device and are a registered Starbucks rewards member, then it’s going to be easy for you. Launch the App and go to the rewards page. Go to the ‘my account’ page and click on it. Here, you will find a prompt to enter a Star code. You can copy and paste in the provided box and enter. The Starbucks code program provides for only two star codes per day. When you complete this simple step, you can now earn your stars and they will reflect on your rewards page.

How do I get Stars?

There are many ways one can get stars. Let us look at some of these ways below.

Starbucks purchases

For every $1 spent on qualifying items, you can earn a star if you scan your star code on the mobile app. Scanning a star code is as easy as finding the scan link on the Starbucks home screen on your phone, clicking on the scan link, and clicking on the ‘scan only’ prompt. The next step is to scan the QR code and then make your payments in your preferred method. This is done when making in-store purchases with cash, credit, or debit cards. The more items you purchase, the more stars your will get.

Starbucks Double star day

What Is A Star Code at Starbucks
Starbucks Double star day. Source: Starbucks

Starbucks has a double star day where you earn double the stars that you would earn normally. This is a great time to make purchases. Double star days come every month and are held on specific days. On a star day, you can collect four stars for every dollar you spend on the qualifying purchases. You must make your payments using the Starbucks registered cards or the cards linked to your Starbucks account.

Bonus stars

Another way to get stars is through personalized customer offers. The offer gives you exclusive stars for purchases. The member-exclusive offer will guarantee you some extra stars after your purchase. You can also earn bonus stars by participating in games such as Bonus Star Bingo Game. Another way to add bonus stars to your account is by participating in the Starbucks for life game. There are various levels in the game that will win you some free stars.

At the grocery store

Yes, it’s now possible to earn those bonus stars in your grocery store. When you pick those Starbucks K-Cups, ready-to-drink beverages, Starbucks VIA instant coffee, packed roast and ground coffee, and instant refreshers, you will be adding to your Starbucks star collection.

How do I Redeem the star code on Starbucks App?

How to Enter Star Codes On App, How To Scan Star Codes, How to Redeem Star Code
Redeeming the star code on Starbucks App. Source: Starbucks

You must have received the Starbucks code via email and have wondered what to do next. The easiest way to redeem the star codes for stars is to enter the code on your rewards page. Scroll through your app and find the rewards page. Click on it and find the star code box. Enter your code and hit submit. Your stars will be credited to your account.

Final Thoughts

If you still haven’t registered a free rewards account, you are missing out on the perks. Freebies are a wonderful way to save some money while getting free things. You can redeem your star codes for free stars which can in term be redeemed for free handcrafted drinks and refill like iced coffees and cold brews. Some items inin grocery stores will have star codes on the packaging and one will be required to scan the codes on the Starbucks app.


What Starbucks products have star codes?

You can find star codes on Starbucks ground and roasts, VIA instant coffee, instant refreshers, and Starbucks K-Cups.

What does it mean when Starbucks says 150-star150-star item?

This means that you will get items that qualify to redeem 150 stars at Starbucks such as handcrafted drinks, parfait, and selected hot breakfast items.

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