What Happens When You Snort Coffee Grounds? (What are the side effects of snorting coffee+ more information)

Coffee is among the world’s most consumed beverages and is often drunk, but more ways of consuming it have been invented, and one of those ways is snorting. So, what happens when you snort coffee?

Besides snorting giving you an immediate high effect and energizing your body faster than drinking coffee, the adverse effects are far worse and not worth the risk. Many times I have always wanted to feel the energizing effect of coffee much quicker than the expected time limit. With my curiosity high like a cat, I decided to snort a few coffee grounds, and I can testify that it met my expectations. However, a few minutes later, I started feeling some adverse effects brought by the coffee grounds, and I would not advise anyone to snort coffee. You would instead drink it. So if you are wondering what happens when you snort your coffee grounds, read this article to find out.

What are the side effects of snorting coffee?

Snorting coffee has more negative than positive effects; thus, snorting it at any point is not advisable. Instead, one is advised to drink it the usual way. Snorting has so far proved to have only one advantage: getting high and energized more quickly than you would if you drank the coffee.

In snorting, coffee quickly reaches your bloodstream, thus the quick energizing effect.

This consumption method of beans might be the worst idea someone has ever come up with. Apart from the unbearable pain caused by the coffee ground not dissolving and getting stuck in your nose, you might also be a victim of spewing up respiratory-related problems such as infections, Blocked nostrils, and defecation. However, the intensity of the damage caused by snorting coffee varies with age, the consumer’s health, and the levels of coffee consumed.

Under respiratory-related problems, Snorting coffee has undeniably proved to cause infections in the respiratory system since snorted coffee has soluble chemical components such as acids, caffeine, sugars, and carbohydrates that require water to be fully extracted and saturated. The nose does not offer the same conditions for the coffee, thus a high chance of an infection. The respiratory disease caused by snorting coffee is called Sinus Infection, commonly known as respiration pneumonia.

Consequently, it might cause blocked or congested nostrils. Since coffee grounds do not dissolve in the nose due to lack of enough wetness, there is a high possibility of coming across them in your body and nose; this, in return, might cause blocked nasals, trigger throwing up, or even worse, cause expurgation. This happens when the snorted coffee does not dissolve but gets congested in your nostrils, thus bringing forth excessive pain and even destroying your nasal membrane. Not to mention that overdosing on snorted coffee might cause death.

Consumers of snorted coffee have often been heard lamenting how this act causes their hearts to pound in their chests. If it is consumed as an overdose, a high chance of mortality is an expectation or, instead, a possibility. Too much caffeine is bad for your kidney, so you should be vigilant about how much coffee you consume daily to avoid too much caffeine in your body and bloodstream.

What are some healthy ways to consume coffee?

What are the side effects of snorting coffee

Did you know that there are healthy ways to consume your coffee? This includes drinking plain coffee with nothing added to it, commonly known as black coffee. This is the most common and healthiest way to consume coffee.

Subsequently, you can drink your coffee with less milk and cream. This increases its chances of being categorized under the healthy ways of consuming coffee. Also, you can reduce the amount of sugar or any sweetener you add to your coffee if you intend to drink healthy coffee. You might as well do away with sugary flavors designed for your coffee and work with natural ones. These ingredients used in making natural flavors are readily available in any grocery store and thus shouldn’t be a problem to access and are also cheap to buy.

Another healthy way to make your coffee is by adding flavors before brewing. This reduces the number of calories present in the coffee after brewing. Additionally, you can use dairy-free creamers such as coconut and almond milk which have fewer calories and fats.

How to get caffeine without brewing coffee

The brewing of coffee means extracting soluble components from the coffee grounds, including bitter caffeine, sweet or sour acids, oil, fatty liquids, sugars, and carbohydrates. These brewing processes range from immersing coffee grounds in water to using an espresso machine where coffee grounds are put under pressurized water to extract more refined and concentrated solubles.

There are other means of getting caffeine without necessarily brewing coffee. You can opt for tea instead of coffee, as tea gives you a sizeable and manageable amount of caffeine which is typically healthy for your body as long as you do not drink it in large amounts.

Caffeine is also naturally present in things like leaves, fruits, cacao, and the Guarana plant. Other caffeine sources besides coffee include soda, energy drinks, protein bars, and many more.


Can Snorting coffee give me an energy boost?

Yes, like any other form of consuming coffee, energy is expelled into your body, whether drinking or snorting. However, in snorting, the energy boost is much more than the usual drinking of coffee.

How fast do I get energy when snorting coffee?

The snorting of coffee stimulates your way faster than you could think. This is because caffeine can get into your bloodstream through your nasal passageway faster.

When did snorting coffee start?

No specific dates have been put down in books of history of when people started snorting coffee, but a few speculations have been raised concerning the same. The snorting of coffee was officially brought to the public domain in 2017 after releasing the ‘Orange Is The New Black movie.

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