Starbucks Impossible Sandwich (What It Is, Nutrition, How To Order It At Starbucks + More Information)

The Starbucks menu has unique items, especially for individuals with dietary constraints. Such menu specials, like the impossible sandwich, often go unnoticed unless someone’s diet changes. So, what is a Starbucks impossible sandwich? Read on to find out.

A Starbucks impossible sandwich is a savoury menu item that has a plant-based patty instead of beef. If you’re looking for a vegetarian snack for breakfast, this sandwich pairs well with your favorite Starbucks drink. Recently, I grew allergic to meat; I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. This medical diagnosis sparked my interest in fun foods that met my dietary needs. I explored the impossible menu at Starbucks for any plant-based beverages and snacks I could enjoy. I discovered the impossible sandwich is ideal for vegetarians who want to enjoy a patty that tastes almost like the real deal. So, if you’re disappointed about a meatless diet, the impossible sandwich is an ideal start for several reasons.

What Does The Impossible Sandwich From Starbucks Taste Like?

The Starbucks impossible sandwich replicates the taste of a beef sandwich with a slight difference, but the compromise is worthwhile. The plant-based patty has spicy, salty flavors that contrast the gooey taste of the eggs and cheese in the sandwich. This sausage patty has a mildly spongy feel when hot; this texture sets it apart from beef. Although Starbucks claims the yellow cheddar cheese is aged, its taste feels fresh, and its thickness also compliments the snack’s overall feeling in the mouth. The bread is firm yet light enough to bite without spilling its contents.

Starbucks Impossible Breakfast Sandwich Nutrition

A Starbucks impossible breakfast sandwich has 420 calories, 22g of fat, 21g of protein, 4g of sugar, and 190mg of cholesterol. The sandwich also has 800g of sodium and 2g of fiber. A standard piece of this impossible menu item weighs 150g. Some people prefer a healthier option, so they skip the cheese since it accounts for half of the snack’s calorie count. It’s a high-protein sandwich because its plant-based sausage patty, cheese, and egg patty closely mimic the nutrition content of a Starbucks classic sausage; meat has more protein than plants. Avoid this menu item if you’re allergic to soy, eggs, wheat, or tree nuts.

What Is The Starbucks Impossible Sandwich Made Of?

How To Order Impossible Sandwich At Starbucks

Starbucks uses sesame ciabatta bread, cheese, cage-free eggs, and a vegetarian patty to make its impossible sandwich. The sesame seeds on these Italian-styled bread buns supplement the sandwich’s fiber content and makes you feel full. Starbucks fortifies its wheat flour with vitamins like thiamine and riboflavin. The plant-based patty in a Starbucks impossible sandwich is a soy concentrate mixed with salt, oils, vitamins, food starch, spices, and water, among other ingredients. This sandwich also has an egg patty of egg whites, yolks, citric acid, salt, and food starch to boost the sandwich’s protein content. Starbucks uses cheddar cheese to complete the layers in the sandwich.

How Do You Order Starbucks Impossible Sandwich At Starbucks?

If you want a taste of the impossible sandwich at Starbucks, ask the barista at your nearest store for one. Starbucks usually arranges the elements of the impossible sandwich in this ascending order; a bun, an egg patty, a plant-based patty, a cheddar cheese sheet, and another bun. The menu allows you to add sriracha sauce to your order for extra flavors. According to Starbucks baristas, the sandwiches are ready-made, packed, and frozen, so you can’t add other ingredients to your order.

However, if you still want to tweak your sandwich, Starbucks can remove the stuffing you don’t enjoy and serve you a sandwich that suits your preferences. You can also order the sandwich on the Starbucks app or its official website. The two digital platforms even allow you to customize your impossible sandwich before delivery.

FAQ Section

Is the Starbucks impossible sandwich vegan?

No, the Starbucks impossible sandwich isn’t vegan. The sandwich has eggs, cheese, and a bun made with butter that rules it out for individuals who follow a strict vegan diet. Most people think a vegetarian meal can substitute veganism. Notably, a vegetarian doesn’t eat fish and meat, while a vegan doesn’t eat any animal products.

How much does a Starbucks impossible breakfast sandwich cost?

A Starbucks impossible sandwich costs $5, but the price may be higher depending on your location. Like other plant-based Starbucks menu items, the meatless sandwich is more expensive than a classic beef sandwich by a dollar. Despite the disdain for the vegan tax, the sandwich is worth your buck. Most vegetarian Starbucks lovers argue that one piece isn’t enough, so you’ll probably spend more to sate your appetite.

Can you get the impossible breakfast sandwich without cheese at Starbucks?

Yes, you can enjoy an impossible breakfast sandwich without cheese. Your local Starbucks barista can remove the cheddar cheese in a ready-made sandwich on request.

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