Starbucks employee salary (How Does Starbucks Pay per Employment Category? How Much Does Starbucks Pay an Hour? + more FAQs)

Starbucks is the largest coffee giant in the world and it couldn’t be what it is today without its incredible workers. Since these workers do such an excellent job, they must be compensated generously, so, what is the average starting Starbucks salary?

It is clear that we are in a recession and the cost of living has significantly gone up. This has prompted many people, myself included to find alternative ways to make more money. Since I had been a loyal Starbucks customer for a long time, I decided to try getting a job there. Besides, I always thought the baristas were cool.

I learned that Starbucks employees not only enjoy great perks but also competitive salaries. Starbucks baristas earn an average of $17 per hour, shift supervisors earn an average of $18 per hour, and part-time employees earn an average of $17 per hour like baristas. If you have ever been curious about how much Starbucks employees earn and the benefits they enjoy, keep reading.

Starbucks shift supervisor

A Starbucks shift supervisor will make an average of $16 to $19.

A shift supervisor works under the store manager. They are required to assist the store manager to execute store operations during the shifts. A Starbucks shift supervisor is required to work a minimum of 30 hours a week.

To become a Starbucks shift supervisor, one needs to have one year of experience in customer service in a restaurant or retail environment.

Starbucks barista

A Starbucks barista is paid an average of $7 to $22.

A Starbucks barista is the face of Starbucks as a whole. This is because they are the staff that customers engage with the most.

A Starbucks barista greets customers at the door, or via the drive-thru. They also take customers’ orders and prepare quality drinks and food items as they have been instructed. They also work the cash register and maintain the Starbucks store by cleaning and organizing it. They are also responsible for stocking the store, to ensure enough essential items are available.

To become a Starbucks barista, the basic requirements include being at least 16 years of age, have a flexible work schedule, and possess excellent people and communication skills, since they would be engaging with customers directly. They also need to be energetic since they’d likely be on their feet throughout their shift while performing their tasks.

Baristas are required to work a minimum average of 40 hours a week. A shift can range from 4 hours to 8 hours.

Starbucks part-time workers

How Does Starbucks Pay per Employment Category

Starbucks part-time workers are paid an average of $7 to $22, just like full-time Starbucks baristas.

Starbucks part-time workers are just like full-time workers, only that they work fewer hours, but are entitled to similar employee benefits.

For example, Starbucks full-time baristas work a minimum average of 40 hours a week while part-time baristas will work about 20 hours a week.

Starbucks Employee Benefits

Starbucks employees enjoy a wide array of benefits. The benefits they enjoy include the following;

Competitive Salary- Starbucks offers one of the most competitive salaries in the restaurant or retail business. On average, store managers make $37,551 per year.

Health Coverage – Starbucks offers their workers multiple health covers including vision, dental, and even life insurance. They also offer disability and accident coverage.

Paid Time Off – Starbucks pays their workers during their vacation days and during partner and family sick time. They observe seven paid holidays, and if a worker happens to work during these days, they are paid one and a half times their base hourly rate for the hours worked.

Stocks and Savings – All Starbucks workers are offered a competitive 401 k retirement plan and a discounted company stock. They also have access to participate in their equity reward program, known as Bean Stock.

Education – Every Starbucks employee can gain 100% tuition coverage for their first online bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s top-ranked online degree program. They can also get coaching, counseling, and advice from the same university.

Parental Leave – Eligible workers can receive time off and pay replacement through parental leave. They may also be provided a reimbursement of $10,000 per surrogacy, adoption, or intrauterine insemination.

Partner Assistance – Starbucks has a Caring Unites Partners (CUP) fund which helps workers financially in the occurrence of natural disasters, sudden illness, and death in the family or other extreme circumstances.

Commuter Benefit – Workers can get transit passes, funded by pretax payroll deductions. This makes their commute to and fro work easier and more affordable.

Free drinks and food items during shifts – Every worker is allowed free food items and drinks during working hours. They don’t have to buy meals during breaks or lunch as it is provided.

In-store discounts – Every worker is given a 30% discount on any purchase they make from Starbucks.

Spotify Premium Subscription- Every U.S Starbucks store worker is given a free Spotify premium subscription. This enables them to listen to their favorite music and podcasts without advertisement interruptions. They can even access to Starbucks in-store playlists.

On-site gym, daycare and dry cleaning- Workers can enjoy these benefits for a healthy work-life balance.


How Much Does Starbucks Pay an Hour?

Starbucks has different pay rates per hour depending on a worker’s role and the store location. A Starbucks shift supervisor is paid an average of $18 per hour. A Starbucks barista is paid an average of $17 per hour. A Starbucks part-time worker is paid an average of $17 per hour.

Do Starbucks Baristas Make Good Money?

Baristas make an average of $17 per hour. Therefore, it depends on the individual and their needs, as well as the minimum wage and cost of living of the Starbucks store location.

Do you get paid sick days at Starbucks?

Yes, you do. Starbucks observes seven paid holidays.

Do you receive overtime pay for your role at Starbucks?

By law, Starbucks is required to pay overtime if you work for more than 40hours a week.

How often do you get pay raises at Starbucks?

They occur once or twice a year. Your salary could be raised by at least one percent per year.

They also occur if you happen to get a promotion.

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