5 Best Starbucks drinks with apple juice (Hot and Cold Starbucks Apple Drinks you should try + Extra information)

If you are looking for a comforting drink during fall, you should consider ordering one with apple juice from Starbucks. Proceed to find the best Starbucks drink with apple juice.

Some customers wonder whether Starbucks serves beverages with apple juice. This is one of the beverages I look forward to. Since I have loved apple juice from a young age, I have tried different Starbucks beverages with apple juice. I created this post to help you learn everything regarding the Starbucks drinks that you can order with apple juice. You will also learn more about what they contain.

Is there any kind of apple juice at Starbucks?

Yes. Apple juice at Starbucks is available in different forms, including regular apple juice, extra apple juice, and light apple juice.

How healthy is Starbucks apple juice?

Though apple juice is delicious, it is not very healthy due to its calorie content. 12fl oz of apple juice at Starbucks has 170 calories, 44 grams of carbs, and 39 grams of sugar.

How to order Starbucks drinks with apple juice

Hot and Cold Starbucks Apple Drinks you should try

You can either order such beverages with apple juice from the store or through the app. You can specify the name of the drink you wish to order, then customize it by adding flavors like cinnamon syrup or caramel sauce. Specify the cup size while placing your order.

How we choose the Best Starbucks drink with apple juice

The best Starbucks beverages with apple juice were chosen and ranked based on how good they are and their popularity among customers. We not only talked to Starbucks customers before ranking them but also ordered different drinks with apple juice to find out for ourselves which ones stood out. You can also trust this article since it includes details on what each beverage contains.

5 Best Starbucks drinks with apple juice

1Caramel Apple spiceWhipped cream, steamed apple juice, cinnamon syrup, and caramel sauce
2Spiced Apple piePassion tango tea, whipped cream, steamed apple juice, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, graham cracker, and cinnamon dolce syrup
3Apple Pie FrappuccinoCream base, apple juice, whipped cream, cinnamon dolce syrup, and caramel syrup
4Peach apple lemonadePeach syrup, apple juice, and lemonade
5Caramel Apple FrappuccinoGreen tea, coconut milk, caramel sauce, and apple juice

Caramel Apple spice

Cold Starbucks Apple Drinks you should try

This beverage may not be coffee or tea, but it is among the most delicious beverages that you can get from Starbucks. It contains caramel sauce, whipped cream, cinnamon syrup, and steamed apple juice.

You can personalize this drink by adding any sweetener you prefer, like sugar or Splenda. A grande of this beverage has 380 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 70 grams of sugar. It is therefore not best for people who watch their calorie intake. Feel free to order this beverage in any other cup size like a tall, venti, or short for kids.

Spiced apple pie

Hot Starbucks Apple Drinks

Do you like the taste of hot apple cider? If yes, you will likely enjoy this Starbucks beverage. It is a comforting drink that can come in handy during a chilly day. This drink is a combination of passion tango tea, cinnamon dolce syrup, and steamed apple juice. If, for instance, you are ordering this beverage in a tall cup, you can ask for three pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup.

Starbucks also gives you the liberty to personalize this drink in different ways. For instance, you can make it creamier by ordering the drink with whipped cream. Feel free to ask the Starbucks barista to add some graham crackers and cinnamon sprinkles for a more delightful beverage. This beverage is also great for someone who is not much of a coffee drinker. It falls under the Starbucks secret menu.

Apple pie Frappuccino

Best Starbucks drinks with apple juice

This Starbucks beverage reminds one of the Apple Pie, which is common during holidays like Thanksgiving. Since you may not find this drink under the main menu, you can order it by telling the barista the ingredients it contains. It is made of a cream base that is topped with some apple juice, cinnamon syrup, and caramel syrup.

As you order this beverage, you can tell the barista to add some whipped cream on top for a more delicious taste. Do not take this drink every day due to its high-calorie content.

Peach apple lemonade

Hot and Cold Starbucks Apple Drinks you should try

If you are looking for a refreshing beverage with apple juice that you can take on a hot day, you can order peach apple lemonade from Starbucks. This is made up of apple juice, peach syrup, and lemonade. This is a great beverage for Starbucks customers that don’t like caffeinated drinks.

Another good thing about this fruity Starbucks drink is that it is friendly even for kids. Feel free to order it with three pumps of peach syrup for a tall cup and five pumps of this syrup for a grande.

Caramel Apple Frappuccino

Cold Starbucks Apple Drinks you should try

This is also one of the best Starbucks drinks with apple juice. It contains green tea, coconut milk, caramel sauce, and apple juice. You can order it in either light apple juice or extra apple juice, depending on your preference.

If you want to give it a better flavor, feel free to ask the barista to add caramel syrup to the drink. You can also order this drink with whole milk and top it with whipped cream.

Informative section

What do you put in a Starbucks Apple juice drink?

You can put cinnamon syrup, caramel sauce, or whipped cream in an apple juice drink.

What Starbucks drink has apple juice?

Different Starbucks drinks have apple juice, such as caramel apple frappuccino, peach apple lemonade, and spiced apple pie.

What’s in Starbucks steamed apple juice?

This is a classic fruit drink that is mainly made from apples.

Does Starbucks have an apple drink?

Yes. This coffee chain has an apple drink like the Apple Crisp Macchiato.

Can you get a venti apple juice at Starbucks?

Yes. You can order apple juice at Starbucks in a venti.

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