7 Dutch Bros Iced coffees (top-ranked iced coffees at Dutch bros you should get + more information)

If you are not sure of the iced coffee to get when you visit Dutch Bros, try any of the 7 Dutch Bros iced coffees listed in this article. Continue reading to get to learn more about them.

I am not a big fan of iced coffees, but summer forces me to get out of my box and enjoy some of the best-flavored iced coffees at Dutch Bros. Just like anybody else, it was easy for me to get an iced coffee that works for me (one that is healthy and I love its flavor).

However, after trying out the different flavors of iced coffees offered by the coffee house, I discovered my go-to flavors. Some of my best-iced coffees offered at the coffee chain include the vanilla cold brew and the caramelizer. I love these drinks because of their distinct flavor, which makes them more refreshing when paired with coffee. By the end of this article, you will have known the best iced coffees offered at Dutch Bros.

Can you get decaf iced coffees at Dutch Bros?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers decaf iced coffees. Most mocha drinks offered at Dutch Bros have low caffeine content, hence are the best options for someone looking for decaf iced coffee. Aside from the decaf iced coffees Dutch Bros offer, you can customize your drink to have less caffeine. Simply ask your barista to make it with less espresso or coffee.

How can you order healthy iced coffees at Dutch bros?

There are several ways you can order a healthy iced drink at Dutch Bros. First, the cold brew and iced Americano offered at Dutch Bros are healthy. To customize your iced coffee to make it healthy, substitute dairy milk with almond milk or any plant-based milk available, do not top your drink with whipped cream, and use half the syrup pumps required when making your drink. That will significantly reduce the calories and fat in your iced coffee, making it healthy.

How much are iced coffees at Dutch Bros?

Iced coffee Price
Nitro cold brew$5.85
Americano (small)$2.00
Americano (medium)$2.50
Americano (large)$3.00
Golden eagle (small)$3.75
Golden eagle (medium)$4.25
Golden eagle (large)$5.25
Caramelizer (small)$3.00
Caramelizer (medium)$3.50
Caramelizer (large)$4.50
Annihilator (small)$3.00
Annihilator (medium)$3.50
Annihilator (large)$4.50
Dutch freeze$4.25
Vanilla bean latte$5.25
Vanilla cold brew$3.75
French toast latte$3.75
White chocolate mocha (small)$3.00
White chocolate mocha (medium)$3.50
White chocolate mocha (large)$4.50

How we choose the best iced coffees at Dutch Bros

The criteria for choosing the best iced coffees at Dutch Bros were not based on marketing strategies or the best-selling coffee. We carefully analyzed the flavor of the coffee and its nutritional content. The flavor or taste of coffee is key; most of the time, it is usually a reflection of the quality of coffee.

The roast of the coffee usually plays a huge role in determining its flavor and acidity content in your drink. Therefore, the drinks listed in this article are smooth with less acidity. Additionally, nutrition content was a key aspect to consider as we chose a drink that is at least healthy or can be easily customized to become healthy.

Seven best iced coffees at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Vanilla Bean Latte

Dutch Bros Iced coffees

If you love a drink with a taste profile that perfectly combines vanilla flavor and hints of coffee, then the vanilla bean latte is for you. This is one of my favorite drinks at Dutch Bros because of its flavor. The iced vanilla bean latte offered at Dutch Bros has a richer flavor than other vanilla lattes. It is beautifully delicious, with enough caffeine to keep me alert all day. Therefore, if you love drinks that are not overly sweet, with just the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back, I recommend the vanilla bean latte from Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros golden eagle

Another iced coffee that could not miss from this list is the golden eagle. This drink combines both caramel and vanilla flavors, making it sweet. The golden eagle, creamy as Dutch Bros, uses breve milk, a combination of whole milk and half-half. This beverage is topped with caramel drizzles, enhancing its caramel flavor. However, if you love a drink that is not extremely sweet, ask your barista to make your golden eagle with sugar-free syrups. This will also reduce the calories in your drink, making it healthy.

Vanilla cold brew

top-ranked iced coffees at Dutch bros you should get

Unlike the vanilla bean latte, vanilla cold brew has a sweet flavor that is not too powerful. You will feel the slightly bitter taste of coffee when having this drink. It is therefore made for people who love beverages with a coffee taste.


This iced coffee has a uniquely refreshing flavor, which makes one feel like they have cookies in a beverage form. When topped with a soft top or whipped cream, the smooth finish of this beverage makes it even more refreshing. If you love highly caffeinated drinks, ask your barista to serve your snickerdoodle with white coffee. This makes it stronger and smoother, hence can be enjoyed if you are looking for a pick-me-up drink on a hot day.

Dutch Bros campout cold brew

If you love marshmallows, then you will love this fantastic iced coffee. Its taste resembles that of a toasted marshmallow inserted in an iced mocha. When I want a drink with some chocolatey flavor, I go for this drink. This beverage combines milk, cold brew coffee, and toasted marshmallow syrup and is topped with chocolate drizzles. If you do not mind the calories in your drink, request an extra soft top topping, and you will thank me later. However, when having this drink, I order it with oat milk instead of dairy milk. Though the flavor is slightly different when prepared with oat milk, the chocolatey and marshmallow blended flavor is still bold.


Dutch Bros Iced coffees

Though simple, this drink made it to this list as it is pretty healthy. The largest serving of this drink which is 32 ounces, has only 20 calories and 0 grams of fat. That is perfect for someone who is on a weight loss journey. The Americano offered at Dutch Bros will work best for people who love their drink free from any type of milk and with a strong coffee taste. This drink simply combines coffee and water. Dutch Bros uses their signature private reserve coffee to prepare their Americano, hence its unique flavor that combines mild cocoa and nutty notes. Additionally, I love this drink a lot as you can easily customize it to meet your preferred taste. I order my Dutch Bros Americano with classic syrup to enhance its sweetness.


If you love a drink with a flavor combination of chocolate and caramel, then the caramelizer from Dutch Bros should be your favorite drink. This beverage is made with Dutch Bros’ signature chocolate milk giving it a smooth texture and soft, consistent flavor. The caramel added to this drink blends well with the chocolate, providing a consistent flavor. To get a smooth finish, top your drink with chocolate-flavored whipped cream or a soft top. However, if you are trying to keep this drink’s calories low, top it with chocolate drizzles and, as your barista, make it with soy milk if it’s available.

Informative Section

How big is a large iced coffee at Dutch Bros?

A large iced coffee at Dutch Bros carries 32 ounces of fluid. A small serving is 16 ounces, while a medium is 24 ounces.

Can you get iced coffee in a small cup at Dutch Bros?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers its iced coffees in three sizes; small, medium, and large.

Does Dutch Bros deliver iced coffees?

Yes, Dutch Bros does deliver any type of food item or beverage you order from their website, including iced coffees.

Will Dutch Bros’ iced coffees make me fat?

Not all iced coffees at Dutch Bros will make you fat. Some are pretty healthy, while some are unhealthy, with high fat and calorie content. Therefore, before ordering a drink at Dutch Bros, check its nutritional content on Dutch Bros’ official website to ensure you choose healthy options.

Are there vegan iced coffees at Dutch Bros?

Yes. There are some iced coffees at Dutch Bros that use almond milk instead of dairy milk; hence they are vegan. You can also easily customize those that use dairy milk to make them vegan by simply substituting the dairy with almond milk.

Are there gluten-free iced coffees at Dutch Bros?

Yes, most iced coffees offered at Dutch Bros are gluten-free since there are made of ingredients that do not contain any form of gluten or wheat.