What Is a Paper Traveler Starbucks? (Can You Reheat Starbucks Traveler? + More Information)

Occasions that call for coffee need you to have enough coffee and the right flavors to serve your group. The paper traveler Starbucks is the best option for an individual serving or group gathering for coffee. What is a paper traveler Starbucks? 

The paper traveler Starbucks is a convenient coffee carrier with boxes filled with 96 Flounce Ounce of brewed coffee. Also, it contains cups, cup lids, sugar, milk, stir sticks, and napkins. If you want a caffeine fix, order these easy-to-carry and spill-free paper traveler Starbucks for your gatherings. Before every work meeting, my colleagues and I always get some coffee, and the Starbucks coffee traveler always comes in handy. The paper traveler comes fresh and at a reasonable price. So, if you are looking for a convenient coffee pack, the paper traveler Starbucks is the best option. In this article, you will learn more about the paper traveler Starbucks.

What does the Starbucks coffee traveler have on it? 

The Starbucks coffee traveler has 96 fluid ounces of brewed coffee, the same as twelve 8 flounce ounce cups. Also included are cups, lids, sugar, coffee cream, napkins, and stir sticks. It can be customized to your liking for individual or group needs. So, when you are ready to order, remember it comes in various sizes, shapes, tastes, and add ons. You can request milk alternatives and sweeteners, but you pay extra for them and any other add-on you may want. Plus, the Starbucks coffee traveler comes well insulated, and the coffee stays hot for two to three hours, depending on the current weather in your area.

What does the Starbucks coffee traveler taste like?

Can You Reheat Starbucks Traveler?

The Starbucks coffee traveler tastes vary. There are various flavor taste sets and coffee bean roasts to choose from for your group when you order your paper traveler pack. The taste variations depend on the coffee beans used and the roast type. The four roast types are Blonde roast, Dark roast, Decaf Pike Place roast, and Pike Place roast. Also, when you make the order, you can change it a little bit to suit your taste or the option of the majority of the group for a satisfying experience. However, some options may not be available in certain Starbucks shops. Therefore, check the Starbucks app or website to see the choices available in your locality and confirm the flavor and roast you prefer for the people in the group. 

How do you order the coffee traveler at Starbucks?

Ordering coffee traveler at Starbucks is easy and fast. You can use their app or log in to their website. Order in the comfort of your home or office and specify what you like. Confirm the price, and place the order. As part of making the order, you have the option of choosing the cup sizes you want, and you can tweak the order to suit your taste preference or that of others if you are a group. If you forget to choose the cup sizes or any other changes to your order you get the standard order. In addition, if you prefer different milk or sugar alternatives and other add ons, you will pay extra, but you have to request it as part of the order. Finally, you can choose the option for pick up or delivery. 

What Is the Nutritional Value for Starbucks coffee travelers?

The nutritional value for the Starbucks coffee traveler is 5 calories, 0g fat, 0g sugar, and carbohydrate and protein are also 0g. The caffeine content depends on the roast type you choose. For instance, the Pike Place roast is 155mg, and the Dark roast is 130mg. Starbucks calculates the nutrition information based on standard recipes. Where you change the drink size, it will update the information on the website or app, but other customizations will remain the same. Also, the nutrition amount depends on how you prefer your coffee. If you opt for other nutritious add ons to the milk and sugar alternatives, the nutritional profile changes. 

Final Thoughts

The paper traveler Starbucks pack will give you value for your money. You get a reasonable price for good-tasting coffee. You get four types of blends to choose from, and the box has everything you need to serve at a corporate meeting, picnic, or any other gathering you may be hosting. Order a Starbucks coffee traveler today to enjoy a great alternative to group coffee from buying individual coffee for everyone. 

FAQ Section 

Can you reheat Starbucks traveler?

Yes, you can reheat the Starbucks traveler coffee, but transfer it to a microwave-safe container or mug. However, you can avoid reheating by consuming the Starbucks traveler coffee within the 3 hours after purchase, for it will still be hot. 

How long will Starbucks travelers stay hot?

The Starbucks traveler will stay hot for two to three hours, depending on the weather of your location. 

Is Starbucks Coffee Traveler insulated?

Yes, Starbucks coffee traveler is well insulated. When you purchase the coffee traveler, it will keep your beverage hot for up to three hours. 

How many ounces are in a Starbucks traveler?

The Starbucks traveler contains 96 ounces of brewed coffee of your choice. It is equivalent to 12 eight ounce cups. 

How Much is a Starbucks Coffee Traveler?

The standard Starbucks coffee traveler box is between $15.95 to $19.95, regardless of the coffee blend you prefer. If you ask for sweeteners and milk alternatives apart from what comes with the traveler pack, you will pay extra. 

How many options of Starbucks coffee traveler are there?

There are 4 roast options for these coffee travelers.

Can I order a Starbucks traveler a head of time?

Yes. Starbucks encourages ordering an hour to time of delivery or pick up to give the coffee makers enough time to prepare and have it still hot upon delivery.

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