What Is VriendenLoterij? (Did Starbucks Change its Name to VriendenLoterij + More Information)

An interesting notification left Starbucks fans wondering if their favorite company had rebranded. Did Starbucks change its name to VriendenLoterij?

One evening, I got bored at work and decided to login into my Facebook for a little break. As I scrolled through my feed, I got a strange notification. It read that Starbucks had changed its name to VriendenLoterij. I was shocked! I immediately shared the information with my workmates. None of us believed it, so we flooded Twitter to see what everyone else had to say. If you received the same notification, you probably asked if it was true. Read on to discover what happened.

VriendenLoterij is a brand name for a Netherlands gambling company. The company offers both lottery and gaming services. Its sole purpose is to raise money for charity. In English, the name translates to ‘Friend’s Lottery.’

What Is The Meaning Of VriendenLoterij?

When translated into English, ‘Vrienden’ means ‘Friends’ while ‘Loterij’ means ‘Lottery.’ In full, it translates to ‘Friends Lottery.’VriendenLoterij is a people-centered gambling company based in the Netherlands. It supports the local culture by funding the preservation of museums, festivals, and concerts. Raising money for charity is key for VriendenLoterij.

What Is The Story Behind Starbucks VriendenLoterij?

Did Starbucks Change its Name to VriendenLoterij
Starbucks official page, VriendenLoterij. Source: Pinterest

Many Facebook users who follow the Starbucks official page received a notification that the company had changed its name to VriendenLoterij. However, the Starbucks official name was back within a minute. It seems that the change of names occurred in seconds.

Interestingly, the news spread across the globe. The reasons behind the change of name are unclear. The most legible reason is that there might have been a mix-up within Facebook.

We cannot rule out that it might have been a marketing strategy. The one-minute event got everyone talking about Starbucks. I bet the company received lots of consequential orders.

As most people would have it, it is unlikely that it was a hacking attempt. This is because VriendenLoterij is the name of an already existing company. Besides, Starbucks did not report any damages afterward.

Final Thoughts

We were all caught off-guard when Starbucks’s name briefly changed to VriendenLoterij. All social media platforms flooded with curious inquiries, not to mention interesting theories about what could have gone wrong. Read through the article to learn what VriendenLoterij is and what happened.

FAQ Section

Did Starbucks Get Hacked?

No, it is very unlikely that the coffee giant got hacked. The brief change of name could have resulted from a mix-up within Facebook, or it could have been a marketing strategy.

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