What does Starbucks gold status get me? (Do Starbucks Gold members get free refills? + More information)

If you are a Starbucks regular and have not yet signed up for the rewards program, you are missing out on some great benefits. What does Starbucks gold status get me?

Starbuck gold status can help you receive free in-store refills, a free birthday drink, double-star days, and discounts on certain drinks. Though I used to buy my drinks from Starbucks, I did not know that the company had a reward program until I saw one of my friends with a gold card. She told me about it, and I signed up for the program.

Though many Starbucks customers like free things, not many understand how the program works. I created this post to help you learn more about Starbucks gold status. By the end of the post, you will also discover how to become a gold member.

How do you become Starbucks Gold?

You first have to sign up for the rewards program that Starbucks offers. Once you do, you will begin at the green level. You must earn a minimum of 300 stars in one year to get to the gold level.

Starbucks offers its customers a rewards program as a strategy to boost customer retention and reward customers for their loyalty. The gold level is the most prestigious level of the rewards program that many customers work hard to achieve. If you sign up for the rewards program, you will earn two stars for every $1 you spend on a Starbucks item.

If you get between 0 and 299 stars in a year, you will be on the green level. Surpassing this number of stars makes you a gold member. This status comes with a lot of benefits that we will discuss later. Once you accumulate a lot of stars, you can redeem them at participating stores.

Is Starbucks Gold status permanent?

Do Starbucks Gold members get free refills?

No. The gold status is not permanent since Starbucks resets the star count every year. Since it does not bring forward the stars you have accumulated within 12 months, you have to work hard to become a gold member again after the stars expire.

Starbucks considers the date you qualified for the gold status your anniversary date. The stars expire exactly one year from your anniversary date and are reset to zero. If you want to maintain your gold level status, you should work hard to earn 3000 stars to extend your membership for another year.

You can only manage this by being a frequent Starbucks customer. If you were a gold member but failed to earn 300 stars in 12 months, you will be taken back to the green level.

Do Starbucks Gold members get free refills?

Yes. Being a gold member can help you qualify for free refills. You can enjoy this as long as you don’t leave a participating Starbucks store after your original order. Starbucks offers free refills to gold members on low-priced drinks. Some of them include iced tea, hot tea, iced coffee, or brewed coffee.

Do not leave the store before getting a free refill since once you do, you may not be able to ask for one. Starbucks offers free in-store refills on such drinks of any size. If, for instance, you have bought a venti iced coffee, you can get a venti iced coffee-free refill.

According to the company policies, you must purchase the original beverage on a registered card to get a free refill when you have the gold status. What else can the Starbucks gold status get you besides free refills? Starbucks can also give you a free drink during your birthday.

If you prefer ordering drinks through the Starbucks app and are a gold member, you can redeem it a day before or after your birthday. Starbucks also has other benefits for gold members. For instance, it offers monthly double-star days. This means that on specific days, you can earn four stars on each $1 you spend instead of 2 stars.

If you want to get notified on double-star days, ensure you sign up for emails. You can also get other exclusive offers for being a Starbucks gold member. For instance, the company can give you a discount on specific food items or drinks. The company will also send you a personalized gold card by mail as soon as you qualify for the gold status.

FAQ section

Is the Starbucks Gold Reward Card Worth It?

Yes. This is worth it for Starbucks customers who buy many drinks from the company. Being a gold member comes with different benefits that you can take advantage of.

How can you lose Starbucks gold status?

You can lose the gold status if you earn less than 300 stars in a year. If the stars are not enough for the gold status, you will be taken back to the green level, and Starbucks will reset your star count.

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