Does Tim Hortons have Poutine (Is Poutine available at Tim Hortons + more information)?

If you are a Canadian cuisine enthusiast, then you know that Poutine is one of the best Canadian cuisines that will leave you yearning for more. So, does Tim Hortons have Poutine?

Tim Hortons does not have Poutine on its menu, as it was discontinued in 2017. Having been a Tim Horton’s poutine fan for the longest time, I was dumbfounded when they decided to discontinue it out of the blue without a candid explanation to its customers. Being the curious cat I am, I decided to research to learn more about what happened to Tim Horton’s Poutine. If you were a devoted poutine lover like me, this article will interest you! In it, I explain more about what happened to Tim Horton’s Poutine, its alternatives, and much more.

What happened to Tim Horton’s Poutine

Tim Hortons discontinued Poutine in 2017 abruptly without any prior notice to their clients. It is speculated that the Canadian chain decided to discontinue it, as it no longer aligned with the other products it offered, primarily pastries and coffee. Seeing that Poutine is made from potato wedges and sprinkled with gravy and Quebec cheese, it was not aligned with the rest of the menu. After discontinuing it, they offered all-day breakfast in all their stores. However, the one in Quebec did not discontinue Poutine. The poutine donuts, dipped in honey and topped with Poutine, were also discontinued.

Will Tim Hortons bring back Poutine?

Is Poutine available at Tim Hortons

Since Tim Hortons discontinued Poutine, it aroused several reactions on the Internet, with many of their clients wondering whether they would bring it back. So, will Tom Hortons bring back Poutine? The actual answer to this question is not known. Following the backlash they received when they brought it back on the menu for a limited time in 2019, the chances of bringing it back are pretty slim. Moreover, Tim Hortons is no longer in the good graces of Canadians after pulling a publicity stunt of celebrating donut day only in America, where they only released the poutine donut at American stores. However, there might still be hope for Tim Hortons to bring it back on its menu for a limited time.

What are the alternatives to Tim Horton’s Poutine?

Worry not if you are a Tim Horton’s poutine fan, as there are still many exciting options that you can still take in the place of Poutine. They include roasted chicken, crispy chicken, chicken bacon ranch, spicy buffalo chicken, southwest chicken, and many more. They have a wide selection of buyers, bagels, chicken sandwiches, and soup. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to sweet beverages to accompany this delicacy.

FAQ section

Is Tim Horton’s poutine vegan?

No, Tim Horton’s Poutine is not vegan, as it contains cheese curds derived from milk. Hence a vegan diet cannot take it.

How much was Tim Horton’s Poutine?

The last time Poutine was on the menu, it was sold at $4:39.

What kind of fries did Tim Hortons use for their fries?

Instead of the regular French fries, Tim Hortons used wedge fries for their Poutine, which are a bit thicker.

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