What pumpkin spice syrup does Starbucks use? (Does Starbucks sell their pumpkin spice syrup? + More information

Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is the most famous beverage during the fall season, but what makes it so special? Most people say it is their syrup. So, what pumpkin spice syrup does Starbucks use? Read on to find out more.

Let us correct this error that we often make, Starbucks uses pumpkin spice sauce and not syrup to make their famous fall beverage, pumpkin spice latte. It is easy to confuse the pumpkin spice sauce and the pumpkin spice syrup because what is provided on their website is a recipe for the pumpkin spice syrup. I know I did. But when I used their pumpkin spice syrup recipe to make my own pumpkin spice latte, the taste was very different. Clearly, there is a reason why Starbucks prides itself in using the sauce.

What brand of Pumpkin Spice Sauce does Starbucks use?

Starbucks uses their own Pumpkin Spice Flavored Sauce. The pumpkin spice sauce is made up of sugar, condensed skim milk, pumpkin puree, potassium that serves as a preservative, salt, Annato that gives it its color, Natural and Artificial flavors. The amount of sugar that Starbucks uses to make their pumpkin spice sauce has oftentimes come under criticism. Yet, Starbucks continues to reaffirm to their consumers that coming up with healthier, less sugary beverages is one of their main goals.

One of those healthy goals Starbucks has worked to adhere to since 2015, is the elimination of caramel color (class IV) from their pumpkin spice sauce.

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Flavored Sauce container label

Does Starbucks sell their pumpkin spice syrup?

What pumpkin spice syrup does Starbucks use?
Pumpkin spice syrup. Source: Pinterest

No, Starbucks does not sell pumpkin spice syrup. But they have provided instructions on their website on how to make a homemade pumpkin spice syrup. If you have sugar, water, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger, ground nutmeg and pumpkin puree then you can easily follow their recipe and make your own pumpkin spice syrup.

In addition to their recipe, Starbucks uses Fontana as their official manufacturer for sauces and syrups including their Pumpkin Spice Flavored Sauce.

Is pumpkin spice sauce the same as pumpkin spice syrup?

Does Starbucks sell their pumpkin spice syrup?
Pumpkin spice sauce. Source: Pinterest

No, pumpkin spice sauce is different from pumpkin spice syrup. The main difference is that pumpkin spice sauce distinct ingredient is condensed milk while the pumpkin spice syrup is water. Also, the pumpkin spice sauce is thicker and smoother than the pumpkin spice syrup. The process of coming up with a pumpkin spice sauce is a bit expensive as the ingredients are costly. That is why most homes result in using pumpkin spice syrup.

It is worth noting that most online food blogs use pumpkin spice sauce and pumpkin spice syrup interchangeably. There are certain recipes where either of the two can be used. But in case you want the authentic pumpkin spice latte experience, stick with the pumpkin spice sauce.

FAQ Section

What does Starbucks use for their pumpkin spice latte?

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is a combination of whole milk, Starbucks Brewed Espresso, whipped cream, a dash of pumpkin spice topping and their signature pumpkin spice sauce.

What is the pumpkin spice topping at Starbucks?

The pumpkin spice topping at Starbucks is a blended mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Garnishing your pumpkin spice latte with this topping will give you a full PSL experience.

How many grams of sugar does one pump of pumpkin spice sauce contain?

One pump of pumpkin spice sauce contains approximately 5 grams of sugar. This translates to roughly 30 calories.

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