How to order white coffee at Dutch Bros (cost, sizes, and flavors of white coffee at Dutch Bros)

Looking to spice up your Dutch Bros coffee experience? You should probably know how to order white coffee at Dutch Bros.

To order white coffee, ask your barista to swap your regular espresso for white coffee shots when making your drink. Alternatively, you can order a white coffee-based drink from the Dutch Bros menu, which will be listed in this post.

When Dutch Bros introduced white coffee, I didn’t take much interest until my co-worker brought an extra to work. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I could tell it was different, but it was intriguing. Since I was new to this experience, I experienced some challenges when placing an order at my local Dutch Bros. Thankfully, the baristas were kind to me and took me through the ordering process. Almost a decade after its introduction, many people still aren’t sure how to have the perfect cup of white coffee. You still haven’t tried it? Well, I’m here for you 😎. Keep reading to find out how to order white coffee from Dutch Bros. You will also discover some tasty combinations you can try the next time you get your coffee.

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What does Dutch Bros’ white coffee taste like?

The Dutch Bros white coffee tastes nutty and creamy. It has a lighter coffee taste than regular espresso. White coffee has a nutty and earthy taste that will excite your taste buds 🔥. The nutty taste is from half-roasting the coffee beans. It also does not have that bitter aftertaste that is in regular espresso. That’s because the beans are roasted for a shorter period, and the natural sugars in the coffee beans do not caramelize. It also has a lower acidity level but more caffeine than regular coffee. Dutch Bros white coffee has a smooth and creamy texture that makes the drink mouth-watering.

What are the ingredients of Dutch Bros white coffee?

How to order white coffee at Dutch Bros 
Dutch Bros white coffee. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

The main ingredient is white coffee made from half-roasting beans in low temperatures. The rest of the ingredients depend on the combination you prefer. A white zombie, for example, consists of white coffee, milk, white chocolate, and vanilla-flavored syrups. A white coffee cookie, on the other hand, consists of white coffee, milk, white chocolate sauce, and chocolate macadamia nut syrup. You can request the ingredients you prefer, like the type of milk and syrups.

How to order Dutch Bros white coffee?

To order, request your usual espresso-based drink but swap your regular espresso for white coffee shots.

  1. Start by selecting your size.
  2. Choose if you want your drink hot, iced, or blended.
  3. Choose your preferred combination with white coffee shots, including the type of milk. It can be whole, skim, or plant-based milk.
  4. Finally, select your preferred sweetener like sugar, honey, or syrups. Add any toppings and extras.

Better still, you can check out the available white coffee drinks on the menu and give it a go! I recommend asking your barista for suggestions if you aren’t sure what you want.

What are the available sizes of Dutch Bros white coffee?

Dutch Bros white coffee is available in small, medium, and large. The volume depends on whether it is hot, cold, or blended. For hot drinks, a small is 12 ounces, a medium is 16 ounces, and a large is 20 ounces. For cold and blended drinks, a small is 16 ounces, a medium is 24 ounces, and a large is 32 ounces. The small and medium have 2 espresso shots, while the large has 4.

What are the available flavors of Dutch Bros white coffee?

Dutch Bros has variety when it comes to white coffee. They include:

  • White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha: This delicacy combines the earthy taste of white coffee with chocolate milk and hazelnut flavor.
  • White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve: This is a sweeter option with strawberry and hazelnut flavors. You should try it in a Dutch Freeze and thank me later.
  • White Coffee Coconut Chai Latte: This delicious treat is a unique blend of the nutty taste of white coffee, some aromatic chai, and coconut flavor.
  • White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte: For your sweet tooth, this drink combines chocolate macadamia nut with vanilla flavor to even out the nutty white coffee taste.
  • White Coffee Jelly Donut Oat Milk Latte: With salted caramel, almond, and raspberry flavors, you could pass it off as a real jelly donut.

Can you customize your Dutch Bros white coffee?

How to order white coffee at Dutch Bros
Customize your Dutch Bros white coffee. Image source: Dutch Bros Coffee

Yes, you can customize your white coffee at Dutch Bros. First, you can customize the ingredients, like the type of milk. You can add in your preferred syrup, like lavender or caramel. You can add some cinnamon and any extra flavors that you like. For a healthier option, swap to plant-based milk and maybe skip the whipped cream. You can also choose if you want the coffee hot, cold, or blended, so have fun 💃.

How much is Dutch Bros’ white coffee?

Dutch Bros white coffee is about $3.00 to $4.50, depending on the size. A small Dutch Bros white coffee is about $3.00. A medium is about $3.50, while a large is about $4.50.

FAQ Section

How long does Dutch Bros’ white coffee last?

Generally, coffee starts losing its flavor about 30 minutes after being left out. Dutch Bros white coffee can last up to about 24 hours at room temperature, but it will probably taste stale.

Can I order my white coffee at Dutch Bros on the app?

Yes, you can order a Dutch Bros white coffee on the app.

  1. Open the Dutch Bros app. Once on the home screen, select Order Now. It will take you to the Drink Menu.
  2. To order a white coffee, select an espresso-based drink and modify it. Choose white coffee shots instead of espresso, specify your size, preferred temperature, and any other additions you may have.
  3. Select a pickup location. You can choose whether to pick it up or get it delivered to your desired location. Select Place order and enjoy your Dutch Bros white coffee 😃.

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