10 Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands (Top Rated Organic Flavored Coffee Brands You Should Spend Your Money On + More Information)

Organic, flavored Coffee makes up the perfect cup of Coffee. And these are the best organic flavored coffee brands that you could try.

I have been thinking long and hard about what I consume, and after some eye-opening documentaries, research papers, and articles, I’ve been making some changes.

The Organic Farmers Market has since become my best place to be, and it was while there I learned about life-changing coffee brands that aren’t only organic but also flavored. And I’m here to put you on the best organic flavored coffee brands. Read on!

What are organic flavored coffees?

Organic flavored coffees are a specialty coffee category that meets the highest safety and nutritional standards. These coffees go through special roasting conditions, which leave you with a flavorful coffee that’s also quite clean and healthy.

Note that organic Coffee is grown without the use of chemical-based or synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. After the Coffee is certified as organic, it may be processed and some flavors added. Often purist coffee drinkers opt for plain old Coffee, but the rest of us appreciate a bit of flavor from time to time. So, sugar, spices, and other delicious coffees would be added to the original Coffee to make organic flavored Coffee. The common coffee flavors include pumpkin, blueberry, caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, and caramel.

Toxic Chemicals in Flavored Coffee to Watch Out For

Though flavorful, it is essential to remember that the flavors added to the Coffee are artificial and unsafe. The common toxic chemicals in Coffee may include:

  • Myotoxins like Ochratoxin A or Aflatoxin B1
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Acrylamide
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH); a mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Are organic flavored Coffee organically grown?

While we’d all like to believe that organic coffee options are grown organically just because the pack they come with says so, most organic Coffee isn’t grown organically. This is because most farmers still use fertilizers and pesticides to some extent.

To ensure that your Coffee is safe, opt for the certified organic Coffee with the USDA certification seal and a ‘Certified Organic’ incorporated alongside the product name.

How is organic flavored Coffee made?

Organic flavored Coffee is processed the same way as other types of Coffee, but the flavor is added to the selected Coffee after roasting the beans. Flavoring after roasting is necessary because adding flavor to the Coffee would render the flavors useless, with the flavors dissipating from the heat before the flavors are absorbed in the beans fully. The flavor is added when the beans are warm, not hot, to prevent the loss of valuable coffee flavors. Also, the flavoring syrup isn’t added to cold beans because the flavor will not penetrate the beans as well with the hardened coffee bean skin.

Where can you buy organic flavored Coffee?

You can buy organic flavored Coffee online from Amazon, eBay, or any other store, including specific brand and retail store websites. Additionally, you could buy the Coffee from retail stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Costco, among other retailers – their online stores also stock these products.

How we choose the best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands

The coffee brands listed here were selected based on specific scientific and industry-based standards.

We recognize that Coffee grown without pesticides, synthetic or chemical fertilizers, and no GMOs is an appealing option. Still, we noted that most of the coffees dubbed organic aren’t organic and may have some pesticides added. We only listed certified organic coffees, as they are the safest. The other important aspect we looked out for in organic flavored Coffee was that the Coffee was further certified as shade-grown, Fair-Trade certified, or that the coffees met the standards of the Rainforest Alliance. The criteria also considered the Coffee’s bean types, roast, and flavor profile.

10 Organic Flavored Coffee Brands

Amazon Brand’s Happy Belly

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands
Amazon Brand’s Happy Belly. Image source: Pinterest

First on the list is Happy Belly, an Amazon brand that offers one of the best flavored organic coffees. Happy Belly Hazelnut-flavored coffee has received the Rainforest Alliance certification, which is proof that the Coffee is grown and processed using sustainable methods that not only mitigate the effects of climate change but also improve the farmers’ livelihoods. This brand also prides itself in its product’s Kosher-friendliness. Some of the organic coffee flavors include French Vanilla and hazelnut coffee flavors. Check out the price here.

Copper Moon Coffee

Top Rated Organic Flavored Coffee Brands You Should Spend Your Money On
Copper Moon Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Copper Moon Coffee is the other renowned brand of organic flavored Coffee. Copper Moon stands out as a family roastery whose primary goals include the creation of high-grade, evenly roasted, and uniquely roasted organic Coffee with the most satisfying taste. Theirs is a premium coffee blend of complex, clean, and luscious coffee varieties that are USDA-certified.

Copper Moon World Coffee’s Coffee is locally roasted and flavored in Lafayette, Indiana, under safe and sustainable conditions that improve the farmers’ well-being.

Their flavored varieties include Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee, Medium Roast Southern Pecan, and Medium Roast Pumpkin Spice. Check out the price here.

Organic Coffee Co.

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands 
Organic Coffee Co. Image source: Pinterest

The other coffee brand known for its healthy, USDA Organic-certified organic coffee is Organic Coffee Co., a brand that prides itself in believing that they can think about things differently by using its patented, clean, and unique EcoRoast Coffee roasting technology, as well as profile blending for the artisanal coffee roasts that are certified as organically grown. Organic Coffee Co. boasts three main coffee blends: the Organic Eco Echo, Organic Dark Roast, and Organic Decaffeinated Coffee options. Check out the price here.

Ethical Bean

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands 
Ethical Bean. Image source: Pinterest

Ethical Bean also prides itself on being one of the best organic and flavored coffee varieties brands. The company prides itself in its Fair Trade and USDA Organic-certified 100% Arabica coffee grown and processed sustainably.

Ethical Bean was founded in 2003 by Kim and Lloyd, and the company’s philosophy is to create and run on a Fair Trade model and use the best organic coffee beans that are fair trade certified. The Sweet Espresso Medium-Dark Roast Fairtrade Organic Whole Bean Coffee is one of their best-flavored organic coffee options. Check out the price here.

Java Planet

Top Rated Organic Flavored Coffee Brands You Should Spend Your Money On
Java Planet. Image source: Pinterest

Java Planet is the other highly regarded brand of flavored organic Coffee that is USDA-Certified. It also has a Fair Trade Certification, which shows that Java Planet only uses 100% organic Arabica Beans grown in high-altitude regions. Additionally, their flavored coffees are infused with high-quality flavors extracted from plant, fruit, and vegetable oils, with no added synthetic additives or flavors.

Their best-flavored coffees include cinnamon vanilla, coco haze, pumpkin spice, and chocolate almond bliss. Check out the price here.

Death Wish Coffee

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands 
Death Wish Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Death Wish Coffee is an infamous coffee brand known for one of the best French Roast Coffees and also the best ethically-sourced Coffee. They sell the strongest coffee varieties in the world and some cult-favorite flavored coffees. Their best flavors include sweet Vietnamese cinnamon, luscious Vanilla, and homemade blueberry jam. Check out the price here.


Top Rated Organic Flavored Coffee Brands You Should Spend Your Money On
EKOCUPS. Image source: Pinterest

EKOCUPS also makes the best of ethical and organic coffee options, including their infamous burnt caramel-flavored dark roast. Unlike other coffee brands, EKOCUPS stands out because it’s a brand that specializes in offering organic, high-quality, and flavored Coffee in coffee pods for use in Keurig and other espresso coffee machines. EKOCUPS is committed to excellence in the quality of their Coffee, and they are Fair Trade certified, meaning that the farmers and all workers handling the Coffee are well-paid and the business improves their lives. Also, the Coffee is organic and sustainably produced. Check out the price here.

Cameron’s Coffee

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands 
Cameron’s Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Cameron’s Coffee also offers a variety of flavored or Coffee blends that meet exceptionally high-quality standards. It is a family-run brand offering superior quality, organic Coffee. Their flavored organic coffee options include the light-roasted Blueberry Muffin, White Chocolate Peppermint Ecopods, Brandy Old Fashioned, and the dark-roasted Scandinavian Blend, among others. Check out the price here.

Copper Cow Coffee

Best Organic Flavored Coffee Brands
Copper Cow Coffee. Image source: Pinterest

Copper Cow Coffee is known for its premium-quality organic specialty coffees ethically sourced from Vietnamese farmers. And the company doesn’t just source ethically; they also pay twice the market rates to enhance the livelihoods of the farmers and their families.

The flavored coffee options by Copper Cow Coffee include low-acid salted caramel, ginger, and lavender flavors. Check out the price here.

Thrive Market Organic

Top Rated Organic Flavored Coffee Brands You Should Spend Your Money On
Thrive Market Organic. Image source: Pinterest

For affordable and good quality organic coffee, try Thrive Market Organic Coffee, whose reputable flavors include toasted caramel coffee, blonde roast, and vanilla nut. However, the market is membership-based and is made up of people looking for a healthy, affordable lifestyle with a preference for ethically-sourced products. Check out the price here.


Are organic flavored coffees healthy?

Organic Coffee isn’t necessarily healthy, and unless it’s certified by USDA, Fair Trade, or other renowned organizations, it may be unsafe. The certified organic Coffee is free of mycotoxins and mold, among other ingredients, and because the coffees are mostly keto, kosher, and gluten-free, the Coffee is generally healthy.

Can you make organically flavored Coffee?

Yes, you could make your organic Coffee flavored by adding the preferred flavors. Also, if you understand the roasting process, you can add the flavors to the beans while the beans are warm. The last option would be adding ground spices to the coffee grounds before brewing.

Is Coffee organically infused with flavor?

There are few cases where Coffee is infused with organic flavors, but in most cases, the Coffee isn’t organically infused with flavors. Instead, the warm, roasted coffee beans are infused with highly concentrated, intense flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, caramel, and hazelnut.

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