How Many Starbucks Stores does Starbucks Have? (How Many Starbucks Stores are there Worldwide +More Information)

Almost every major city in the world has a chain of Starbucks stores. It is undoubtedly the largest coffee chain in the world. How many Starbucks stores does Starbucks have?

At the close of 2021, Starbucks had 33,833 stores in the world. In all my travels to various cities in the world, I have been to a Starbucks store. I always wondered just how many there are in the world and the figure above was not stunning. From Asia to Europe, America to Canada, Starbucks is everywhere. What is fascinating is that the stores retain their quality and standards worldwide. In all the major cities, the Starbucks logo is on every corner of the streets. Starbucks has made its mark and continues to expand worldwide. The immense success of these stores has cemented their position at the top of the market.

When did Starbucks Launch its first store?

The first Starbucks store was launched in 1971 in Seattle, Washington, where Starbucks has its headquarters. The Pike Place Market in Washington state is where it all began. Three gentlemen namely Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl had a dream.

With little money and no business experience, they rented a store near the Pikes market and started a small coffee shop. March 30th, 1971 will be remembered as the beginning of a multinational corporation. The company has spread its wings to the world and has become a favorite brand to many.

Is Starbucks the largest coffee chain in the world?

Starbucks Stores Worldwide

Yes, it is. Starbucks has over 33,000 stores worldwide, making it the largest coffee chain worldwide. Starbucks is famous for its delicious coffee brews and food items. It generates revenue from its stores and its licensed partner worldwide.

The licensed stores pay royalties to the coffee giant. In China alone, there are 5,400 stores making it the second-largest market coming closely after America. In the UK, Starbucks had 1089 stores countrywide with 791 of the stores franchised.

How Many Stores Does Starbucks Have Worldwide?

As mentioned above, the coffee chain had 33,833 stores worldwide. The stores are either company-owned or franchised. In Europe, the end of the first quarter saw Starbucks’ stores stand at 2509. The stores are distributed in Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, Russia, and other European countries.

Shanghai, China has the most Starbucks stores in a single city in the world. The city closed in 2021 with 600 stores distributed all over. Asia has a whopping 10,000 stores distributed in some of the major cities on the continent. Starbucks is found in Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand among others. Starbucks has penetrated the African market as well with 25 stores in Cape Town, South Africa.

How Many Starbucks Stores are in the United States?

How Many Starbucks Stores are there Worldwide

America is the largest Starbucks market with a total of 15,328 stores across the country. The company operates 8,941 and licenses 6,387 partners. This is unsurprising a Starbucks headquarters are in America and it is where it began its operations fifty years ago. California is the state with the largest number of Starbucks stores. At 2,786 stores, it shows that there is a Starbucks store for every 14,126 people.

Final thoughts

Starbucks is a force to reckon with when it comes to the coffee market. It continues to show tremendous growth worldwide with more stores expected to open in the coming years.

FAQ Section

Which cities in the US have the largest number of Starbucks?

Number one is New York City with 240 establishments followed closely by Chicago with 184.

What percentage is there in Starbucks stores in China?

China has a 36.4% Starbucks market share.

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