Can I drink coffee with a banana?

We all love bananas and coffee. However, have you ever wondered, “can I drink coffee with banana?” Read more to find out

It is perfectly fine to eat a banana with coffee. During my last visit to Starbucks, I came across a couple enjoying their cup of coffee with these incredible fruits they had bought at a nearby store. I was amused initially, as I didn’t know if you could mix the two. I did some research later and will share interesting facts about drinking coffee with bananas.

Can I drink coffee before having a banana?

There is no scientific evidence of harm to the body when you drink coffee before eating your banana. Drinking coffee first before eating this fruit has several health benefits to the body. There is no tangible impact in decreasing the level of potassium when you take a few cups of coffee. However, too much coffee before bananas may pose the risk of reducing the levels of potassium electrolytes which would have been lost through sweat.

Can I drink coffee after having a banana?

There is no harm in how you consume your coffee and bananas. Eating this fruit first is healthy because it will help increase the potassium level in the body. The potassium will help reduce the risk of heart disease in the body. It will also help maintain the functions of the kidney in the body.

Do bananas even out the effect of coffee?

Can I drink coffee with a banana?

Coffee is acidic, while bananas are alkaline. Due to this fact, it is believed that one can even out the effect of coffee on the body by consuming bananas. There is medical evidence that the consumption of caffeine can lower potassium levels in the body; therefore, treating yourself to this delicious fruit immediately after taking coffee can help raise potassium levels. This is because bananas are rich in potassium. The potassium that is depleted in the body after taking coffee is negligible. This implies that if you take a banana after taking coffee, the lowered potassium levels will be replenished as soon as possible. This will eventually even out the effect of the coffee taken.

Can I have bananas and coffee before working out?

Yes, you can have them both before working out. This is because coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that will give you the boost you need for the work out. On the other hand, these fruits are known to contain potassium and magnesium tryptophan which incredibly gives you an energy boost that is important during the day. Apart from the energy boost they provide your body with, they contain carbohydrates, which also provide adequate strength that the body needs. When this two are combined, they give you the required energy to not only get through the day comfortably but do extra exercises like working out. Do not worry about falling asleep at the gym or eating bananas before working out, as the food that helps with sleeping is much less, and you will not be affected by it.

What are the effects of eating a banana with coffee?

Eating bananas combined with coffee has no adverse health effects on the body. Bananas can help you to be alert and energized, and at the same time, they can help you sleep. On the other hand, the caffeine found in the coffee helps keep you awake and alert. Bananas also have fibres and vital vitamins that will keep one feeling full and satisfied for a long when eaten. The potassium found in these widely loved fruits helps in fluid balancing and muscle contractions and may help lower the body’s blood pressure. The carbohydrates in the bananas boost one’s energy, and the caffeine helps to keep one alert.

Do bananas and coffee help in weight loss?

Bananas provide natural sweetness and creaminess, whereas coffee helps boost your metabolism and burn fats. The high fibre content in the bananas helps reduce appetite, while coffee has caffeine that keeps you up and focused. The combination of the two can help you feel full and satisfied for the better part of the day. This prevents you from eating other foods and snacks which would have otherwise increased your weight, and they are also fat-free, which means they don’t promote weight gain. Eating coffee and bananas provides a low calory and nutritious diet that is very important for those trying to lose weight.

FAQ Section

Are bananas okay for an empty stomach?

It is not recommended. Bananas have high contents of magnesium and potassium, which can be harmful when consumed in large amounts on an empty stomach. Eating bananas on an empty stomach can result in the breakdown of these essential nutrients in our bodies, putting our health at risk. This makes it unhealthy to eat bananas on an empty stomach.

What fruits can I have with coffee?

There are no specific fruits to be taken with coffee, as one can have coffee with a wide variety of available fruits. However, it is advisable to use fruits low in phosphorus, calcium, zinc and iron.

What is the best time to eat bananas?

There is no specified time for one to eat bananas. However, it is more beneficial to eat bananas in the morning just as taking your breakfast. This is because the carbohydrates in the bananas will help boost your energy which is needed to keep you active throughout the day.

Do bananas help people sleep?

Bananas help people be alert, and at the same time, they help people sleep. The potassium, magnesium and tryptophan present in the bananas help in sleeping. However, the high amount of carbohydrates in bananas boosts the energy levels in the body. This neutralizes the effect of assisting people in sleeping by keeping them alert.

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