Can I drink coffee with pizza? (What coffee goes well with pizza? + More information)

If you are a coffee lover and prefer hot spicy pizza, you might wonder if these two are compatible. You probably have asked yourself this question several times; does coffee pair well with pizza?

If you have been wondering whether you can take your favorite pizza with a cup of coffee, then the answer is you can. Pizza and coffee pair completely well, depending on the temperature of the coffee and the spiciness of your pizza. For example, if you are a big fan of hot, spicy pizza, then you can consider taking this drink with your preferred iced coffee. I am a big fan of coffee and pizza, and trying to pair this two was always on my list. One day when on a date with my cousin, she ordered iced coffee and pizza. Out of curiosity, I did the same because I used to take pizza with hot coffee, and I did not love how the two complemented each other. It was then that I was converted into an iced coffee and pizza lover. Therefore, if you want to try out coffee with pizza but you are skeptical, read on to find out more based on my experience.

Should I drink coffee with pizza?

Yes, you can enjoy your pizza with your favorite coffee drink as the two pair well. Most people are held back from taking these two because pizza contains cheese. If this is your worry, coffee and cheese pair completely well as people have for long paired coffee with sandwiches or cheesecakes. Additionally, coffee pairs well with meaty pizza as brewed, and ground coffee is often used as a meat tenderizer. Therefore, you can enjoy your coffee with any kind of pizza.

However, when taking spicy pizza, you can consider taking it with iced or cold coffee as cold drinks have a soothing effect hence complimenting spicy foods well compared to hot coffee. However, it would be best if you did not fall into the habit of having the combination of these two frequently, as both have high-calorie content that might have negative implications on your health.

Why is cold coffee better with pizza than hot coffee?

What coffee goes well with pizza?

There are several reasons why cold coffee is better when taken with pizza compared to hot coffee. One of the major reasons is that cold coffee has the ability to protect your esophageal lining when paired with hot, spicy goods like pizza. Cold coffee achieves this by soothing your esophagus and throat lining from potential inflammation that happens when you eat hot food.

Hot pizza and hot coffee will do the opposite, as this combination can potentially worsen the inflammation. Therefore, to minimize the risk of getting a throat-lining inflammation when having hot pizza and coffee, you should take your coffee at least an hour before having your pizza.

Additionally, you can sweat excessively when drinking hot coffee and spicy pizza as your body will heat up faster. Spicy foods contain compounds that stimulate the heat receptors of your body, like capsaicin. Therefore, when paired with hot coffee, your body is tricked that you are feeling extremely hot, which worsens the problem. Cold coffee, however, counters this problem and helps maintain your body’s temperature.

What kind of coffee should I choose when taking pizza?

There are several things to consider when choosing the kind of coffee to take with pizza. First, the number of calories present in your coffee is key. This is because pizza already has high-calorie content, and too many calories can jeopardize your health. Additionally, another factor to consider is if you are taking spicy pizza or not. As mentioned above, spicy pizza contains capsaicin, a compound that triggers your heat receptors into thinking you are feeling hot. Therefore, such pizzas will be paired well with an iced coffee prepared with dairy milk, as dairy is a good absorbent of the capsaicin compound. Therefore, consider pairing your pizza with cold coffee that has a low-calorie count.

Final thoughts

There is completely no harm in drinking coffee with pizza, but the calorie count in these two is generally high, and you should consider going for a low-calorie coffee drink when having pizza. Additionally, iced coffee or cold white coffee will be best paired with spicy pizza to help counter the spiciness and the effects of spicy food.

FAQ Section

What foods should I not drink with coffee?

You should avoid foods containing zinc before or while drinking coffee. This is because the body takes a lot of time to break these foods and take them with coffee or before coffee can lead to the zinc that you could have otherwise absorbed later being excreted because coffee is a diuretic. These foods include red meat, nuts, beans, oysters, and poultry.

Can I drink hot coffee with spicy pizza?

It depends on your preferences. However, hot coffee with spicy pizza is not the best combination as cold coffee will give you a soothing edge and soothing effects when taken with spicy pizza, unlike hot coffee. Additionally, hot coffee with spicy pizza will make you sweat excessively as your heat receptors are tricked into thinking you are feeling hot.

Which coffee blend goes well with spicy pizza?

Cold coffee or iced coffee blends well with spicy pizza since it has soothing properties. Additionally, dairy milk is a great absorbent of capsaicin, a compound present in spicy foods; hence iced coffee with dairy will pair well with pizza.

Is coffee with milk better with pizza than black coffee?

Health-wise, black coffee will be best for pizza because it has a significantly low amount of calories. Both pizza and coffee with milk have relatively high amounts of calories that can be detrimental to your health. However, when having spicy pizza, iced coffee with milk is better.

Why do people prefer pizza with cold drinks?

Most people prefer pizza with cold drinks mainly because of the soothing effects that come with the cold drink, mainly when taking spicy pizza.

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