Starbucks Undertow (what is it, how to make it, how to order + more information)

Are you having a crazy day, and you are looking to enjoy a fun little coffee drink at Starbucks? If yes, have you checked the Starbucks secrete menu for Undertow? But what is Starbucks Undertow?

Starbucks has included a little coffee drink called the Undertow in its secret menu which you can enjoy. In my early days at Starbucks, I would only order drinks on the regular menu. But after my barista friend recommended the Undertow drink which is a secret menu drink, I now enjoy it more. Since I have more experience with the undertow drink, I developed this article to help you find out Undertow’s ingredients, recipe, nutritional information, how to order it, how it tastes like, and how to drink it. Welcome!

What is in Starbucks Undertow (ingredients)?

If it is your first time getting a mouth feel of the Starbucks Undertow, I am sure you are wondering what this drink contains to warrant such a nice taste. Well, Starbucks Undertow has the following ingredients milk, 1-2 pumps of vanilla syrup, and 2 shots of espresso. As you have noticed this is not a complicated drink since its ingredients are very simple. I know by now; you are thinking of getting this drink at Starbucks.

What if I want to have a healthy Undertow, what should I do? It is simple, just find a non-dairy milk choice such as almond, coconut, or oat milk. You can also swap the espresso with ristretto and have yourself get treated to a sweet experience

How to make Starbucks undertow (Copycat recipe)

Starbucks Undertow

Starbucks undertow copycat recipe

Kai Jordan
If you taste this drink and find out how sweet it is, you will be addicted to it. But if you find it hard going to Starbucks every other day, you can make it at home. Below are the requirements for you to make this drink perfectly.


  • Coffee maker
  • Small cup
  • Cold spoon


  • Vanilla or sugar syrup
  • 2 Ounces of cold half and half or Milk
  • 2 of Ristretto or espresso


  • Add about two ounces of cold milk into a cup (if you get some homemade sweet cream use it because it’s the same as half and a half and the good this is that it is sweetened already)
  • Add one tablespoon of simple syrup or vanilla and stir
  • Hold the spoon upside down slightly above the milk


  • To avoid the spoon heating quickly and burning your hands when pouring the espresso
  • pour the fresh espresso shots gently onto the spoon so that it may help in making espresso floats above the milk. Enjoy!

What is the nutritional information for Starbucks Undertow?

Now that you have known what components make up the Starbucks Undertow, it will be wise if you also get understand the nutritional information of this drink. Starbucks Undertow drinks have 182 calories, 150 mg of caffeine, 7.0g of Total fat, 22. 5 mg of cholesterol, 69.0 mg of potassium, 98.0 mg of sodium, 21.0 g of sugars, 7.0 g of protein, and 21.8 g of Total carbohydrates per single serving.

The daily percent values are based on the 2000 daily calorie intake an adult can consume. As you have observed the daily values may be lower or higher depending on your calorie needs.

How to order Starbucks Undertow

Starbucks Undertow coffee is on a secret menu, and some baristas may know nothing about this drink. so, knowing how to order it is very key for proper results. Well, you can order this drink in-store.

Begin by asking the barista for Undertow coffee, to gauge if they know the drink. If you get lucky and find that barista knows the drink, that will be your joy. But if they don’t know go ahead and explain to them that you wish to have 2 ounces of milk with two pumps of vanilla and then get two espresso shots that are poured on the up-side down cold season. Make sure you insist to the barista that you be bled into your milk.

If you are wondering if you can order for Starbucks Undertow on the app, the answer is no. This is because this drink is not on the regular menu. Again, when you are ordering this drink, chose a time when the store is not busy so that your order will not delay the queue

How to make Starbucks Undertow at home

How to make Starbucks Undertow

Making this sweetened coffee should not be a complicated affair, but you need to follow some simple steps so that you can have a good outcome. Begin by pouring an inch of cold milk or (half-and-half) into a glass or small cup, then add into it 2 pumps of Madagascar vanilla syrup. After that, you should prepare espresso and leave it to brew. Then using an upside-down spoon pour over so that the hot espresso shots will be in a position to float atop the milk or cream.

I am sure by now you are saying that’s a ridiculous over-the-top process! If you follow these steps, you will be surprised by how delicious the drink can turn out to be.

What does Starbucks Undertow taste like?

Delicious! That is the term that you can use to describe the taste of this drink once it hits your mouth. You will want to take everything in the cup down your throat all at once. The vanilla will provide a sweet flavor to the Starbucks Undertow. Nevertheless, you also get to enjoy a bitter-sweet taste that is contributed by the two shots of espresso.

What are you waiting for? Grab this drink at Starbucks or make one at home and let the journey of happiness begin.

How should I drink Starbucks undertow?

Are you wondering how to drink your Starbucks Undertow? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with that. Here is an amazing way to drink the Undertow coffee. Hold the cup in front of your mouth, tilting it to about 45 degrees while letting the cup’s rim touch your mouth. When you do this, you allow the cold milk and the warm espresso to flow into your mouth together without them having to mix. You will get to experience the cold and warm sensation in your mouth. However, if the Undertow sensation is not up to your Standard, consider mixing the two layers then drink it in two gulps


Is Starbucks undertow good?

Yes. It is. You can never go wrong with a cup of Starbucks Undertow, the sensation you will feel in your mouth is magical. Try it yourself and be the judge.

How much is Starbucks Undertow?

You will pay $ 3.53 for a cup of Starbucks undertow, however, if you add extra shots of espresso to your drink you will be charged extra 80 cents for each extra shot.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks Undertow?

The Starbucks Undertow contains 150 mg of caffeine, with much of it coming from the shots of espresso contained in the drink.

How many espresso shots are in Starbucks Undertow?

The Starbucks Undertow contains 2 espresso shots. However, if you want to get a strong espresso taste in your drink you can add extra shots to your desired taste.

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