Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer: Which One should you get?

For months, things haven’t felt great; but I’ve also been aware of my high sugar consumption. But then, things went awry when I received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis on top of my declining mental health status. I had to act quickly, and one of the changes was opting for a healthy, sugar-free, or low-sugar creamer I was using. After researching the healthiest coffee creamers, my last two options were Super Creamer and Prymal Coffee Creamers. In this guide, I’ll compare these creamers, their differences, and which of the two is the best.

What are the differences between Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer?


Super Creamer

Prymal Coffee Creamer

What it’s made of (ingredients).

Purified Water, Pea protein or Milk Protein Isolate, Cream, MCT Oil, Monk Fruit, Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Gellan Gum, Gum Arabic, and Natural Flavors.

MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Gum Acacia, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Oats, KetSweet (Erythritol, Stevia Leaf Extract, Monk Fruit Extract, Chicory Root Extract), and flavor.

Taste profile

Subtly sweet and comes in 7 flavors

Sweet and comes in 10 flavors

Dairy content/nutritional value (where applicable).

Each serving contains 5-15 calories

Each serving contain 45 calories

Availability/ Accessibility

Not readily available on Amazon

Readily available on Amazon


More than $28

Less than $25

Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer – How They Compare

Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer
Super Creamer. Image source: Pinterest

What it’s made of (ingredients)

For the longest time, Super Creamer coffee creamer has been touted as one of the healthiest varieties of coffee creamers on the market. It’s regarded as a keto-friendly coffee creamer and safe for individuals struggling with diabetes.

Some of the ingredients that make this coffee creamer an excellent option for most people is that it’s made of only 4 main ingredients – MCT Oil, monk fruit sweetener, purified water, and either pea protein or milk protein isolate. Therefore, if you are lactose intolerant and looking for the best coffee creamer option, this pea protein Super Creamer Coffee Creamer would be an ideal solution.

On the other hand, you have the Prymal Coffee Creamer, which is also keto-friendly and known for its primary sweetener, Ketosweet. Also, the coffee creamer is recommended for individuals struggling with type 2 diabetes and on a keto diet.

The Prymal coffee creamer is a blend of three main natural sweeteners, Ketosweet, chicory root extract, and inulin, a prebiotic fiber source. It also contains Gum acacia. Gum acacia and inulin are often added to the Prymal coffee creamers as oil carriers. The other ingredients incorporated in Prymal creamer are erythritol, stevia leaf extract, and monk fruit extract, all regarded as the healthiest sweeteners. To make the creamer a creamer, Prymal coffee creamer’s base consists of organic coconut milk powder and coconut oil, not to mention the healthy MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) added to the creamer separately. Other ingredients include natural flavors, calcium, and potassium.

Super Creamer Coffee Creamer wins in this category. It contains fewer ingredients than the Prymal coffee creamer which has more added sweeteners like erythritol. .

Taste profile

Super Creamer Coffee creamers taste sweet but not overly sweetened, thanks to the monk fruit sweetener, which adds just the right amount of sweetness and isn’t overly sweet. Aside from the sweetness of this creamer, Super creamer also stands out because it comes in different flavor options that make it very tasty. These flavors include the original flavor. French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, sweet cream, vanilla, and coconut mocha flavors. These flavor options are uniquely and carefully created, allowing you to enjoy the perfect level of healthy sweetness expected from the creamer.

Prymal coffee creamers are also tasty, but the added sugars make them extra sweet. They come in different sweet but staple flavors like cacao mocha, French Vanilla, Italian sweet cream, butter pecan, birthday cake, and salted caramel. The other available flavors that enhance their taste include cinnamon dolce, blueberry pancakes, pumpkin spice, fruit loops, and cookie dough, but remember that these flavors are limited editions, and they often come and go.

If you prefer creamers that aren’t too sweet, Super Creamer coffee creamers would be ideal for you, albeit without the many sweet flavor options to choose from.

Dairy content/nutritional value (where applicable).

Super Creamer coffer creamer has a relatively low caloric content and is considered the healthiest option for persons with diabetes. Every serving of this creamer contains between 5 and 30 calories per serving, and a serving with three tablespoons contains 2 grams of saturated fats and 1g of protein.

Each serving of the Prymal coffee creamer contains 45 calories and an additional 4g of saturated fats, 5g total carbs, with 1g net carbs. However, it has no added sugars, and the erythritol sweetener has no carbohydrates.

Super Creamer coffee creamer is slightly healthier than the Prymal coffee creamer with between 5 and 15 calories per serving, against 45 calories per serving of the Prymal coffee creamer.

Availability/ Accessibility

While both the Super Creamer and the Prymal coffee creamers are sold on leading online stores like Amazon, it’s worth noting that the Super Creamer tends to run out of stock, and you may have to shop from other sites like Super Creamer’s official site. You could also try shopping from local retailers online or from their physical stores.

On the other hand, Prymal coffee creamer is often readily available on Amazon, among other sites and physical stores.

Prymal coffee creamer is more readily available than Super Creamer because you’d have to look for the creamer in alternative stores besides amazon.


Super Creamer coffee creamer is slightly more expensive than the Prymal coffee creamer, but the price difference is less than $10 per unit.

The price difference between these creamers is small, and both offer great value for money depending on what you’re looking for. This gives us a draw.

Production process

Both Super Creamers and the Prymal coffee creamers are produced under high-quality and hygienic conditions that involve mixing the ingredients listed above to create the best creamer whose consistency and texture make for the best quality coffee creamers to enhance the flavor profile of your coffee.

Both companies win since they adhere to the highest quality standards in producing and processing coffee creamers.

Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer: A comparison overview

Prymal Coffee Creamer – Overview

Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer
Prymal Coffee Creamer. Image source: Prymal Coffee Creamer

Prymal coffee creamers consist of a healthy blend that will enhance your coffee’s taste, thanks to the fact that the creamer is made of an array of ingredients like 100% coconut oil, organic coconut milk, and MCT oil. These ingredients are then sweetened by plant-based derivative sweeteners like monk fruit, erythritol, and stevia extract, and all these enhance the creamer’s sweetness. Additionally, Prymal coffee creamer’s base is made of hydrogenated soybean oil, vegetable oil, and corn syrup. And to enhance its sweetness, it also contains artificial sweeteners and flavors. You may also like this coffee creamer because it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

What I liked;

  • It’s sweet, with excellent flavor options for you to choose from
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Keto-friendly sugar-free
  • Impressive flavor profiles to choose from

What I didn’t like;

  • Not ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant

Who it’s best suited for

  • Prymal coffee creamer is ideal for individuals on the keto diet and those struggling with diabetes.

Super Creamer – Overview

Super Creamer Vs. Prymal Coffee Creamer
Super Creamer. Image source: walmart

Super Creamer coffee creamer is one of the best coffee creamers you may like if you are on a keto diet and struggling with diabetes. It is also wholly dairy-free and sugar-free. In terms of ingredients, this coffee creamer contains the least amount of ingredients, which is why it’s a winner in most people’s books.

Super creamer coffee creamer contains MCT oil, monk fruit sweetener, and purified water. The main protein used in this creamer is either the pea protein or the milk protein isolate.

What I liked;

  • Zero carbs, natural, plant-based sweetener
  • No aftertaste
  • Added minerals like calcium, potassium, and healthy natural flavors
  • Low-calorie amounts per serving

What I didn’t like;

  • Plant-based options aren’t gluten-free

Who it’s best suited for.

The Super Creamer coffee creamer is ideal for individuals looking for keto-friendly and non-GMO, and diabetic individuals.

Final Verdict: So, Which is Better? – Super Creamer or Prymal Coffee Creamer

While these two creamers are ideally made for individuals looking for the best keto-friendly creamers, the Prymal coffee creamer contains more artificial sweeteners and more calories than the Super Creamer Coffee Creamer, which is why we’d recommend Super Creamer over the Prymal Creamer, especially if you are watching your calories. That said, the plant-based creamers from both brands aren’t 100% gluten-free.


Which is stronger between Prymal Coffee Creamer and Super Creamer?

It’s generally hard to determine which of the two creamers is stronger than the other, mainly because they are both caffeine free and contain MCT Oil and coconut oils. The difference may lie in the strength or amount of sugars in each creamer – Prymal contains more sugars than the Super Creamer, and this may make Prymal feel like a stronger coffee creamer than the Super Creamer.

Which one is bitterer between Prymal Coffee Creamer and Super Creamer?

Neither of the creamers are bitter. Both Prymal and Super Creamer Coffee Creamers are sweet, with no bitterness.

Which is darker, Super Creamer or Prymal Coffee Creamer?

The color difference between the creamers’ colors is subtle, but the Super Creamer appears slightly darker than the Prymal creamer because of the high creamer plant-based creamer bases incorporated in the creamer.

Is Super Creamer less healthy than Prymal Coffee Creamer?

No. Super Creamer is much healthier than Prymal Coffee Creamer because it contains fewer natural sugar sweeteners than the Super Creamer, which contains more added sugars, making it less healthy. Also, Super creamer has fewer calories per serving than Prymal Coffee creamer, with 15-30 calories and 45 calories, respectively.

Does Super Creamer taste better than Prymal Coffee Creamer?

Both creamers taste great, and Super Creamer tastes good, but depending on your taste buds, Super Creamer isn’t as sweet as the Prymal Coffee Creamer. Also, the Prymal Coffee Creamer comes in many more flavors.

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