7 Best Home Coffee Roasters (our top choices for home coffee roasters + more information)

Do you love the taste of coffee prepared from fresh coffee beans? If not, try getting a home coffee roaster. So, what happens if I want the best home coffee roasters?

Many people always look for the best home coffee roasters, especially those who love fresh coffee. I had a similar challenge for a couple of years until my brother-in-law suggested some home coffee roasters I should try. Let’s just say I was spoilt for choices since I found so many best home coffee roasters you can use. It is because of this reason that I decided to come up with this article to aid you in learning about the best home coffee roasters.

Here are the best Home Coffee Roasters:

Is it worth roasting your coffee at home?

Yes. It is worth roasting your coffee at home if you are an avid coffee drinker. If you understand how delicious and savory fresh coffee tastes, you will find it worthwhile your time. Being in a position to roast your beans will guarantee you crisp coffee flavors with genuine experience.

When you roast your coffee at home, you will get to know where the beans are coming from and what the beans underwent before reaching your cup; you will also get to know what the base flavors are in your coffee. Another benefit that comes with roasting your coffee at home is that since you are the one to pick the roast level, you have the power to control your coffee flavor. In addition, you will also learn some new skills, which will come in handy when you want to use less time to roast your coffee.

Moreover, it will allow you to control the caffeine levels in your coffee. Darker roasts tend to have less caffeine than their light roast counterparts. So, yes, it is worth roasting your coffee at home.

How we chose the best home coffee roasters

The products on our record were chosen based on their potential to roast coffee at home to any level required by the user. These criteria effectively allowed us to evaluate home coffee roasters’ advantages and disadvantages effectively. In addition, our team established that not all home coffee roasters would roast coffee at home.

Furthermore, our team sought the opinions and feedback of several individuals who have used the home coffee roasters. We considered the size of the coffee roasters, the ease of cleaning, and the heating and cooling of the coffee roasters. You can fully trust this article because it has incorporated the feedback and inputs of several users together with other experts.

7 best home coffee roasters

Below are the best home coffee roasters which you can find very useful.

RankHome Coffee RoastersBest For
1Fresh Roast SR540Small batch roasting and Beginners
2Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy RoasterBudget-friendly
3DYVEE Gas BurnerGreat gas roaster
4Jiawanshun Home Coffee RoasterBest Electric
5Behmor 2000AB Home Coffee RoasterBest for alert
6Kaldi Home Coffee RoasterGood air roaster
7Mixfin Home Coffee Roaster MachineLarge capacity

Fresh Roast SR540

Best Home Coffee Roasters 
Fresh Roast SR540. Image source: Roastmasters

The Fresh Roast SR540 will amaze you with its capacity to turn raw coffee into a flavorful beverage that you will find sweet. The good side is that the entire process will take you 10 minutes. In addition, it is compact and small. It operates very well with minimal noise making, thus suitable for home use.

The Fresh Roast SR540 is simple and classic, making it to be used by many users. It features 9 temperature settings, a roast time change button, and a fan adjustment dial. All these guarantee flexibility in your roast profiles.

The home coffee roast can hold up to just 4 ounces of coffee beans. This provides an excellent use for personal use at home. However, if you want to roast more beans, you have to do that in batches for you to achieve your goal. Why are you delaying? Get the Fresh Roast SR540 home roaster and enjoy a delicious cup of freshly prepared beans. You can order this coffee roaster here.

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster

our top choices for home coffee roasters
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster. Image source: eBay

If you are the kind of person that appreciates old-school methods, you will love this coffee roaster. This machine allows you to prepare your cup of coffee through the old-school fire-roasting procedure. This process is easy as all you need to do is to place it over a gas stove, electric cooktop, and campfire for about 15 minutes. However, this may vary.

While using the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster, you should exercise precaution by wearing gloves. Additionally, do not place the hot roaster on a cold surface or even consider immersing it in water. Since this roaster is beautiful, you can use it as your home decoration when it is not in use. I love this coffee roaster since it is budget-friendly, easy to use, and makes delicious coffee. You can order this coffee roaster here.

DYVEE Gas Burner

top choices for home coffee roasters 
DYVEE Gas Burner. Image source: Pinterest

What better way to get your morning started other than roasting your coffee with DYVEE Gas Burner? The roasting process for DYVEE Gas Burner is hands-on compared to the electric models. This coffee roaster comprises sturdy quartz glass that allows you to observe how the beans change colors while they are roasting. It is also made of stainless steel and features a wooden handle which you will find great in providing an elegant touch.

This roaster can roast coffee to around 11 oz all at once. You will also find out that its operation is simple, as all you need to do is place it over the burner and turn it on. Since this roaster does not come with temperature readings, you must observe the roast and adjust the burner. So if your goal is to find a proper gas roaster go for this model. You can order this coffee roaster here.

Jiawanshun Home Coffee Roaster

top choices for home coffee roasters 
Jiawanshun Home Coffee Roaster. Image source: Pinterest

If you love to roast your coffee at home with an electric roaster and are on a tight budget, you can get this roaster. With Jiawanshun Home Coffee Roaster, you will say no to complications since it will charm you with its ease of use. An added advantage is that it can also pop popcorn to snack on your coffee.

I love that it has a large capacity, which is a plus for avid coffee drinkers. With the large capacity, it takes close to 20 minutes to get your dark roast done. It has a temperature dial that you can adjust between 100 and 240 degrees. This will allow you to get access to a wide range of roasts ranging from blond to Italian. You can order this coffee roaster here.

Behmor 2000AB Home Coffee Roaster

Best Home Coffee Roasters 
Behmor 2000AB Home Coffee Roaster. Image source: Pinterest

The Behmor 2000AB Home Coffee Roaster is known for its alert feature. It is in between a serious coffee kit and a hobby machine. Though you will have to pay more for this roaster, it will help you get features that are found in high-end machines. So, it is a win for you and your family and friends.

This machine boasts of having five pre-programmed roast profiles. Again, it has a cool-down function which is automatic. Over and above that, this machine lets you program your temperature, time, and drum speed manually. This is the roaster for you if you have a soft spot for a home coffee roaster with high-end features. You can order this coffee roaster here.

Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster

our top choices for home coffee roasters
Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster. Image source: Amazon

Have you been roasting your coffee at home traditionally and looking for a serious home roaster that will make you perfect your skill? Then Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster is what you should think of getting. It has incorporated the use of air-roasting technology, and on top of that, it comes with some fantastic roasting accessories. When it is operational, you will hardly hear whistles and bells. You should be aware that though this model is excellent, it does not come with smoke equipped with smoke suppression technology. You will be required to use it in a place that has strong ventilation. You can order this coffee roaster here.

Mixfin Home Coffee Roaster Machine

Best Home Coffee Roasters
Mixfin Home Coffee Roaster Machine. Image source: Pinterest

The Mixfin Home Coffee Roaster Machine will address your needs if you are looking for a home roaster with a large capacity. This roaster can hold 1.6 pounds of coffee beans. With this great capacity, your morning cup of coffee will be worthwhile.

Mixfin Home Coffee Roaster Machine is user-friendly and easy to clean since the inside of this roast is composed of non-stick material. I liked it because you will find that it is simple to adjust the temperature since it has a dial that is from zero to 240 degrees. In 30 minutes, you will have your roasted coffee ready for perfect enjoyment. You can order this coffee roaster here.


How long do home coffee roasters last?

The home coffee roaster can last from a few years to decades. However, this will depend on the type of machine, how well it is maintained, and the quality of construction.

What is the best roast level when roasting coffee at home?

Medium and darker roasts are the best roast levels when brewing coffee at home.

Can you use home coffee roasters for commercial purposes?

No. You cannot use home coffee roasters for commercial purposes since they have been designed for home purposes.

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