60 coffee station setup ideas (Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar + more information)

 Having a dedicated location for your coffee can help keep your house organized. It helps if the location also looks good, so here are some of the best coffee station setup ideas around. 

With a home where more than one person is a coffee lover, the mess in the kitchen was getting out of hand. So, the other day, I decided to get organized for our sake and went looking for coffee station setup ideas. I was immediately impressed by two things: first, our problem is quite common (talk of comfort in numbers!). Second, the ideas are numerous. I created a list of the most compelling ones, which I’ll share to show you some great ideas you can also implement in your home. Read on.

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What items should be included in a coffee station?

You should include a coffee maker or machines, some coffee in a container, a mug rack, a creamer pitcher, sweeteners, clean or disposable stirrers or spoons, and some décor to warm up your station. I also find paper towels handy, especially when dealing with accidental spills.

Where should a coffee station be placed in a kitchen?

A coffee station should be set up on a separate counter or shelf that will not interfere with your other kitchen activities. If counter space is challenging, consider introducing a cart or dedicating one of your existing cabinets or drawers right above or below where you place your coffee maker to coffee activities.

How do you keep coffee stations clean?

You keep your coffee stations clean by consistently wiping with a dump cloth. This takes care of spills and dust, especially on items in the open.

How we choose the best coffee station setup ideas

The setups included here were picked based on how functional and visually appealing each one is. We used these criteria and eliminated any ideas interfering with the normal traffic flow in the kitchen. We also reviewed comments on the setups and included stations for different budgets. You can trust this post because it is based on extensive research and includes ideas from a cross-section of people, from homemakers to professionals, in kitchen layout and design.

60 coffee station setup ideas

Here are some of the best coffee station setup ideas for your home.

Day and Night Drinks Cart     

Coffee Bar Ideas - Drinks Cart

Set up a cart station that can be used from morning to night and have it stocked for morning beverages, nightcaps, and all-day beverages.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar Setup

coffee bar ideas farmhouse

Bring in the farmhouse vibe by using weathered tobacco baskets and galvanized metal storage bins.

 Narrow Coffee Cabinet

Coffee Bar Ideas - Coffee Cabinet

Transform an otherwise hard-to-use narrow cabinet into a coffee station, with the most-used items on the lowest shelf.

 Closet Coffee Bar

closet transformed into a bar

Convert a spare closet into a coffee bar with bold wallpaper background and decorative accents.

Corner Coffee Station

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Repaint and place an old dresser in an unused corner with some floating shelves overhead for the perfect morning cheer.

 Floating Shelves station

coffee bar ideas floating shelves

If you have limited floor space, go vertical. Hanging floating shelves for your mugs and keep your coffee machine close by.

Hallway Setup

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Transform your hallway into a chic home coffee bar by placing a cabinet in the hallway. I find it to have the advantage of saving everyone a trip to the kitchen, especially for nightcaps.

 Contrasting Cabinets set up.

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

To distinguish your coffee station from the rest of the cabinets, paint it or use a contrasting door color. It will pop and add intrigue to your kitchen.

Cabinet-built-in Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas built in cabinet

You can build a coffee bar in a regular cabinet and display mugs on its shelves.

 Storage Prioritized

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

The best coffee shops I’ve found always have plenty of storage space behind closed doors. You can use a variety of styles to achieve this.

Appliances Splurge   

If you have the budget, invest in your coffee station by installing the best appliances to make gourmet-level java in your kitchen.

Chic Coffee Bar           

Coffee Bar Ideas - Coffee Cabinet

To keep things neat, keep only your coffee maker and small tray on the counter and everything else behind closed doors.

 Concrete Countertop Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas concrete top

Give your coffee station an edge with a concrete top. This touch will accentuate it and give it—and your coffee experience—a unique vibe.

Tucked in a Cabinet

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Tuck the entire coffee station behind doors that blend in completely with the rest of the kitchen.

 Include an Organizer

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Add a handy-dandy organizer to your coffee station to keep everything organized.

Customized Cabinet Doors

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Custom cabinet doors for your station should match the metallic feel of your appliances, such as the fridge.

Sleek Coffee Corner Setup

coffee bar ideas cabinet

Keep all your coffee basics behind cabinet doors. Use ceramic bowls on a shelf for storage.

Mid-century Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas midcentury flair

To achieve the mid-century vibe, you’ll need a retro bar cart, a punchy-hue coffee maker, and vintage serving ware.

Concealed coffee station

coffee station setup ideas

Best for small spaces. Have your cabinet designed with folding wood pocket doors to hide the entire coffee station against the wall.

Space-saving coffee station

Coffee Bar Ideas - Hanging Mugs

Affix a dark-colored, copper-accentuated shelving display unit to the wall. You can hang your coffee mugs on the metallic hooks.

 Style by layering

coffee bar ideas styling

If you already have a coffee bar with floating shelves, make it look good by layering in color-coordinated mugs, plates, and teapots. Add a houseplant for a pop of green.

Luxe Coffee Bar

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

If you have the budget for it, elevate the look of your coffee center by including a shade of red paint, glossy espresso tiles, brass hardware, and any luxe details that will match your kitchen and taste.

Antique Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Ideas - White Waxed Bar

This DIY setup involves coating an antique cabinet with a glossy finish and covering imperfections using jars, baskets, and a variety of monochromatic mugs.

Pegboard coffee bar

coffee bar ideas pegboard

Set up your pegboard behind the station for shelving and hooks, then organize your mugs and measuring spoons.

Artwork Coffee Bar facelift

coffee station setup ideas

Get to the wall behind the bar and include a printable coffee-themed gallery.

 Keurig Wall Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Ideas - Kcup Organizer

Decorate with coffee pods, K-Cups, and mugs on the wall, and give yourself room to fix your coffee on the counter.

 Patterned Mugs décor

Coffee Bar Ideas - Mugs

Add patterned mugs to make your coffee bar more interesting.

 Modern Coffee Bar

coffee station setup ideas

Clean lines, updated equipment, and some house plants for a modern coffee station at home.

 Mat Décor Coffee Bar

coffee station setup ideas

Mats can do double duty for your coffee bar: in addition to taking care of spills, get ones that have burlap detailing and an exciting phrase to decorate your station.

 Mobile Coffee Cart

Coffee Bar Ideas - Outdoor Cart

A mobile coffee cart is a good idea when you are entertaining. Service is made easy by rolling the cart from one room to another.

 Printable Labels Facelift

coffee bar ideas printable labels

Label your bottles to make your coffee station look well-organized. Get unique but clear prints to make it interesting.

Tea Tins Display

coffee bar ideas tea tins

If you are a tea drinker, display tea tins at your bar. They’ll act as decor while keeping your preferred tea flavors covered and within easy reach.

 Craft a Coffee Cart

Coffee Bar Ideas - Coffee Bar Cart

Feeling crafty? Build your coffee cart by using brass poles and wooden shelves, and place an acrylic tray.

 Personalized Cute Sign

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

One of the ways I plan to change up our coffee station is by hanging a tailored sign. I’m considering using the family name just like a coffee house would.

 Tiered Wall Shelving

Coffee Bar Ideas - Mutli-level Coffee Bar

Hanging shelves of dissimilar sizes and shapes to fit mugs and other accessories is a creative and space-saving idea you can try.

 Hutch Coffee Bar

coffee bar ideas hutch

A hutch will also make an excellent piece of furniture for your coffee bar. It has lots of storage and a tabletop.

 Minimalist Coffee Cart

Coffee Bar Ideas - Minimalist Bar Cart

Keep everything, from the coffee maker to the mugs and bowls, the same color. Then dress the coffee station with a framed sign and faux flowers to achieve this look.

 Industrial Look Coffee Station  

coffee bar ideas industrial style coffee station

Achieve this design by using pipes for poles and wood; keep it black, grey, and brown.

 Rolling pour-over Coffee Cart           

Coffee Bar Ideas - Rolling Cart

This mobile coffee cart is a good option if you like pour-over coffee. You will not need to keep it near a power outlet.

 Hang a Shelf-Meets-Organizer

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

This design for small spaces involves a floating shelf and mug hooks.

 Coffee and Tea Cabinet

Coffee Bar Ideas - Coffee Cabinet

Do you have tea-takers in the house? Convert an old cabinet into a coffee and tea cabinet by putting in labeled baskets and organizers with basics for the two drinks.

 Kitchen Counter Coffee station

coffee bar ideas kitchen set up

If your counter space is limited, consider converting just one corner of your kitchen, setting only the coffee maker and small plant on top.

 Repurposed Liquor Bar Cart

Coffee Bar Ideas - Bar Cart

If ever there was a ready-made coffee cart, it was a liquor trolley. Place the coffee maker on the top shelf and the mugs on the lower shelf.

 Build your Cabinet

coffee bar ideas build a coffee cabinet

If you know your way around woodworking, you can also build your coffee station. There are several easy-to-follow tutorials online.

 Breakfast Goods Bar

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Make it an entire breakfast bar and include other items where everyone can easily locate their morning coffee.

Decorate with Festive Themes          

coffee bar ideas seasonal decor

Match the appearance of your coffee station to the season by using festive touches such as artwork or candies.

In-Built Coffee Bar In The Cabinet

coffee bar ideas built in cabinets

This one, too, is for the seasoned DIY’er. Create a coffee bar in a dedicated cabinet where you can keep everything.

Coffee Maker Garage

coffee station setup ideas

The doors open and slide into the cabinet to reveal the espresso machine for use, but hide it and free up the space when it’s not in use.

Accent Wall Showcase

coffee bar ideas accent wall

Simply decorate with wallpaper behind your coffee station to set it apart.

Booze and Coffee Walk-In Pantry     

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

Dedicate a section of your walk-in pantry to coffee. For a posh home coffee bar environment, dress it up with metallic wallpaper and stained wood cabinets.

Tiered Tray Setup

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

If you don’t have drawers or cabinet space, create a coffee bar with a tiered tray next to the coffee maker.

Convert a Closet

coffee station setup ideas

Do you have or can you get a moveable closet? Set it up in a nook or kitchen and outfit it as a coffee station.

Coffee Buffet 

coffee bar ideas dining area coffee bar

Set up a station on the buffet near your dining table, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier.

Showcase With Light

kitchen coffee bar idea

Install a feature light over the floating shelf at your coffee station to give it a cozy feel.

Make It Using A Dry Sink

coffee bar ideas dry sink

Transform a dry sink into a coffee bar. Spray-paint it a light color to make it pop.

Butler’s Pantry coffee bar

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

If you live in a house that has a butler’s pantry, consider turning it into a home bar. These pantries are usually perfectly located and have suitable cabinets.

Decorate for the season

coffee bar ideas colorful

Decorate your coffee station in pastel colors for spring or yellows and oranges for fall, from the mugs on display to the sweet treats.

 Home Bar Upgrade

home bar ideas

Equip your home bar in the lounge area with coffee bar essentials. This will make service much easier when you are entertaining.

DIY Coffee Bar

coffee station setup ideas

Everything- from cute storage baskets, wall shelves and consoles are DIY projects.

Small space/office Coffee station

Station setup ideas for your home coffee bar

With clever storage ideas and organization, even a small space in the kitchen or office will do

Informative Section

Are colors important when making a coffee station?

Yes, colors are essential, as they accentuate the coffee station and make it look more inviting.

Do you need high chairs at your coffee station?

No, high chairs are not always necessary at coffee stations because they may not fit in the space or match the style.

What kind of furniture is used for coffee bars?

The furniture used for coffee bars includes cabinets, carts, and tables.

Does a coffee station have to be in the kitchen?

No, a coffee station does not need to be in the kitchen. It can also be set up in the dining area, lounge, hallway, nook, or pantry.

Can you set up a coffee station at work?

Yes, you can put a coffee station at work for yourself, colleagues, and visitors.

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