Why does my instant coffee taste bad (why is my instant coffee bad + more information)?

If you’ve tried instant coffee and noticed a weird taste, then you’re probably asking yourself the same question that everyone who has experienced the same taste is asking; why does my instant coffee taste bad? Read on to find out.

Instant coffee taste bad because it is made of Robusta beans which are not the best quality. Also, the process of dehydrating the coffee during manufacturing leads to a burned and bitter taste, among other reasons. I love enjoying a cup of coffee every morning, but because I am an impatient person, I don’t enjoy the whole process of brewing coffee. So I prefer instant coffee that is convenient and easy to prepare. Unfortunately, its taste does not please me, so I always try out different ways of having it just to improve its flavor. I understand that many coffee lovers are interested in solutions for improving the flavor of instant coffee, and this is the reason for my article.

What makes instant coffee taste bad?

Low-quality beans

This is the main reason why your instant coffee tastes bad. You should understand that instant coffee is made up of Robusta coffee beans which are of poor quality and have an earthy flavor with a grainy and bitter aftertaste.

Stale Coffee

Coffee tastes best when it is brewed and consumed immediately. However, instant coffee is coffee that is roasted and ground before it is sold. By the time you buy it, it has lost its flavor and aroma and tastes very bad. Remember that even with foods, freeze-dried foods never taste better than freshly made ones.

Production Process

How instant coffee is made also contributes to its bad taste. It is roasted and then ground before the beans are used to make a brew. The brew is then dehydrated until the solid granules remain, known as instant coffee. Unfortunately, this process takes away the flavor leaving the coffee with a bitter, unpleasant taste.

How do you fix instant coffee that tastes bad?


Why does my instant coffee taste bad?
Creamer instant coffee. Image source: Pixabay

This might sound cliche, but adding a creamer to your instant coffee can make a difference. The creamer will do away with the watery consistency and replace it with a richer, thicker taste. It will also neutralize your brew and remove the excessive bitter taste.

Cold Water

Why does my instant coffee taste bad?
Cold Water. Image source: Pixabay

Additionally, you can add cold water to your instant coffee and then stir before pouring the contents into hot water. The cold water will allow the coffee to form a paste and dissolve the granules gently. Remember that instant coffee has a substance called amylum which hardens when hot water is poured on it and eventually forms a powdery and consistent taste. When cold water is used instead, the amylum does not harden, and you get an almost perfect cup of coffee.

Sugar or alternative sweeteners

why is my instant coffee bad?
Sugar for coffee. Image source: Pixabay

Although this will not give a completely perfect cup, adding sugar to your instant coffee can improve the taste. You can add two more spoonfuls of sugar to your instant coffee if you are not too keen on watching your sugar intake.

Cocoa Powder

Why does my instant coffee taste bad?
Cocoa Powder. Image source: Pixabay

Alternatively, you can add cocoa powder to your coffee. This will indeed change the flavor. The nice aroma of chocolate makes everything better. You can always decide if sweetened or unsweetened cocoa works for you.


Why does my instant coffee taste bad?
Cinnamon. Image source: Pixabay

This is also a good idea to improve the taste of your instant coffee. Sometimes what your instant coffee lacks is flavor. Thanks to its spicy taste, cinnamon will take away the sour flavor and replace it with a pleasant one. Just add the cinnamon powder to your instant coffee, then add hot water and enjoy.


Why does my instant coffee taste bad ?
Butter block. Image source: Pixabay

This sounded odd the first time I heard about it. I know it will, but you will be surprised at its results. Just add a slice of butter to your instant coffee. In return, you will get a silky smooth texture, and the bitter taste will be reduced.

Final Thoughts

Instant coffee has a very bitter, unpleasant taste that most people do not enjoy. There are reasons why this is so, but luckily, there are ways mentioned above that you can improve the flavor and taste of this coffee.

FAQ Section

Does instant coffee taste bad when cold?

On the contrary, instant coffee tastes better when cold. When the substance in the coffee called amylum comes into contact with hot water, it gets hard and produces a powdery yucky taste. However, when it is cold, the substance gently dissolves and leaves your drink with its nice texture and good taste.

Can sugar make instant coffee taste better?

Yes indeed. We all know that sugar makes things taste better. It also applies to instant coffee. Just add sugar to your drink and notice the difference. Of course, the bitterness of instant coffee won’t fully go away, but there will be a notable difference.

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