Why does coffee taste like chemicals? (Where does the chemical taste in coffee come from + more information)

An unusual taste in your morning cup of coffee could make you worried, mostly if the taste is chemical-like. Have you wondered why coffee taste like chemicals? Read on to find out.

Some of the reasons that can make coffee taste like chemicals include; poorly fermented and extracted coffee, not thoroughly rinsing your coffee machine with water after descaling, and using water that has high chlorine and mineral to prepare your coffee, among other reasons.

I have had such an encounter where my coffee had a chemical taste. After in-depth research and consultations, I discovered that it was the water I was using. Once I changed to pure water, the chemical taste disappeared. Therefore, if you are in this shoe, stick around to know where your coffee gets the chemical taste and how to eliminate the taste.

Where does the chemical taste in my coffee come from?

Where does the chemical taste in coffee come from 
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There are several places where your coffee could have picked its chemical taste from. The first place is the water used to make it. If the water you used to prepare your morning cup of coffee has excess minerals and chloride content, your coffee will have a chemical taste. The purity and quality of the water you use to prepare coffee contribute largely to its taste.

Additionally, coffee that has been poorly extracted or fermented in an uncontrolled environment will have a taste almost similar to acetic acid. You will notice a vinegar-like flavor when having this coffee. Getting the best coffee beans or coffee for your consumption is key.

Furthermore, coffee that has been roasted extremely dark has a chemical-like taste that almost resembles that of Isovaleric acid. However, this taste is not that loud and should not be any cause for alarm. Mostly if you are used to this type of coffee, you will not even question it. However, if you are using dark roast and the chemical taste is a bit too loud than usual, there are underlying reasons that heighten the chemical taste.

Moreover, a new coffee maker can give your coffee a chemical-metallic taste. When preparing your coffee in a new coffee maker, it will absorb the metal ions in the machine and get the chemical taste. However, the metal ions issue is not that prominent unless your coffee machine has a refined palate.

Other than that, not properly rinsing your coffee machine after descaling would give your drink a chemical taste. When descaling your coffee maker, you use a descaling solution, cleaning solution, or vinegar to ensure all the dirt has been removed from your machine. After you are down, you are supposed to rinse the machine thoroughly and brew a few cycles with what before using it to ensure all the residue from the chemical solutions is removed. Failure to do, your drink will absorb the residue and taste like chemicals.

How can you eliminate the taste of chemicals in coffee?

Coffee that tastes great will definitely lift your moods, especially if you are a coffee lover like I am. Here are some ways to ensure your coffee does not have a chemical taste:

  • Ensure that you are using pure water with less chlorine or mineral content to prepare your coffee.
  • Go for high-quality coffee that has been extracted and fermented in a suitable environment.
  • Descale your coffee machine properly before use. Always ensure you have brewed a few cycles of water after descaling.

FAQ Section

Does decaf coffee taste like chemicals?

No, decaf coffee that has been prepared well should not taste like chemicals.

Does Dunkin coffee taste like chemicals?

Yes, Dunkin coffee is made with chemicals and hence has a chemical taste.

Is the chemical taste in coffee bad for you?

Depending on where your coffee got the chemical taste, it can sometimes be bad for your health.

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