Does Starbucks break $100s (Starbucks policy on breaking $100s and $50s + more)

Are you craving a Starbucks drink but not sure if your 100 dollar bill will be able to purchase it from the store? This article will tell you whether it is possible to break $100s at Starbucks.

Before I started paying at Starbucks using the Starbucks Card from their Application, I got frustrated for using larger bills to cater for my drinks. When this happened, I was furious but later on, I got to understand why Starbucks discourages large bills and it made sense.

Starbucks may fail to break $100s to avoid the risk of counterfeit bills or when they do not have smaller bills to give back as change.

Can you use a 100-dollar bill at the Starbucks drive-thru?

Yes, you can use a 100-dollar bill at the Starbucks drive-thru. If your purchase amounts to the full bill, that will be even more convenient. However, if your purchase demands a balance, you will be given it in ones and fives. In the case that there is no loose change for the bill, you will have to use a smaller bill. On one of your lucky days, a barista may opt to cover the expense. Not a guarantee though.

Why Starbucks does not have change for 100

Starbucks policy

Starbucks may not have the change to break $100 because they never have so much cash at hand. This is to minimize or discourage theft both for employees and customers. Sometimes breaking the $100 bill may not be worth the hassle, considering the value of your purchase.

Can Starbucks break a 50? Why Starbucks does not have change for a 50?

When they have loose change, meaning cash at hand, Yes Starbucks can break a $50 bill. The only exceptions to Starbucks not being able to break any large bill lies in the available cash at hand and the possibility of a fake currency.

Alternatives to paying with a $100 bill at Starbucks

Does Starbucks break $100s

Apart from cash payments, Starbucks accepts other forms of payments including their Starbucks card, Debit and credit cards, and mobile payment platforms. Alternatively, you can mix your payments in such a way that if you have a smaller bill, you first use it and then top up the difference with another form of payment.

Passing by a convenience store or grocery store that can break a 100-dollar bill should come to the rescue too. Most grocery stores will be able to sort this out.


Does Starbucks have change for 100?

They do sometimes they don’t. when available, Starbucks will serve you and hand you your loose change. However, there may be exceptions. When Starbucks does not have enough cash at hand, they won’t have change for 100. Also, when there is a rise in fake currency, they will refrain from accepting 100-dollar bills.

Why I can’t get change for $50 at Starbucks

The store not having enough smaller bills to give back as change is one of the main reasons that Starbucks may not be able to get change for $50. other times, it is just not worth the hassle considering the value of the purchase being made.

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