Is Bulletproof coffee gluten-free? (Do bulletproof coffee contain gluten? + more information)

Bulletproof coffee is a popular breakfast option among those following a ketogenic diet. However, is bulletproof coffee gluten-free?

Yes, bulletproof coffee is typically considered gluten-free. All the ingredients used to make this coffee do not have any form of gluten or wheat in them. Though bulletproof coffee is said to have high-fat content compared to other coffees, it still remains my favorite. I love how this drink tastes like a latte but makes me full for hours before I need another meal. However, recently after I decided to go on a gluten-free diet, I had to cut several drinks and foods from my diet. Thank goodness I retained this coffee because I discovered it is entirely free from gluten. Keep reading to find out if this coffee contains other allergens.

What makes bulletproof coffee gluten-free?

Bulletproof coffee is free from gluten because the ingredients used to make it are gluten-free. It’s made from coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil, which are all naturally gluten-free ingredients. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the ingredients and ensure the specific brand you’re using doesn’t contain any gluten-containing additives or has been processed in a facility that also handles gluten.

Can you have any drink made with bulletproof coffee while following a gluten-free diet?

Do bulletproof coffee contain gluten? 
Bulletproof coffee. Image source: Pixabay

Yes, you can have drinks made with bulletproof coffee while following a gluten-free diet, as long as the ingredients are all gluten-free. Some popular bulletproof coffee drinks include lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. When ordering these drinks, it’s essential to ensure that the coffee, butter, and MCT oil used are gluten-free and to check if any syrups, flavorings, or other ingredients contain gluten.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some coffee shops may use gluten-containing ingredients, such as barley or wheat, in their syrups or whipped cream. If you’re following a strict gluten-free diet, it’s best to inquire with the coffee shop or cafe before ordering to ensure that your drink is free of gluten.

Can you have any bulletproof coffee when you have celiac disease?

Yes, people with celiac disease can have bulletproof coffee as long as it’s made with gluten-free ingredients. However, it’s essential to be mindful of cross-contamination, as even trace amounts of gluten can cause harm to those with celiac disease. If you’re making bulletproof coffee at home, use gluten-free ingredients and thoroughly clean all utensils and equipment to avoid cross-contamination. If you’re ordering bulletproof coffee at a coffee shop or cafe, it’s best to inquire about the ingredients and preparation methods to ensure the drink is free of gluten.

FAQ section

Does vanilla extract contain gluten?

Most pure vanilla extract is considered gluten-free, as it is typically made from vanilla beans, alcohol, and water. However, some vanilla extracts may contain additional ingredients that contain gluten, such as caramel color, which is sometimes made from barley malt. Furthermore, some vanilla extracts are produced in facilities that also handle gluten-containing products, increasing the risk of cross-contamination.

Does bulletproof coffee contain other allergens?

Yes, bulletproof coffee contains allergens other than gluten, as its ingredients may contain dairy and nuts, which may cause an allergic reaction in those with a dairy allergy.

Are all drinks with bulletproof coffee gluten-free?

Not all drinks made with bulletproof coffee are gluten-free. While bulletproof coffee is gluten-free, adding other ingredients or flavorings could make the drink contain gluten.

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