Is black riffle coffee gluten-free? (Do black rifle coffee contain gluten? + More information)

Black rifle is a well-known premium coffee brand that produces high-quality coffee that is rich in flavor. However, what if you are allergic to gluten? Can you enjoy this coffee? Is black rifle coffee gluten-free?

Yes, black rifle coffee is gluten-free as it is made of coffee beans that are entirely free from any form of gluten.

I am a huge fan of black rifle coffee. Though pricy, black rifle offers me value for my money as their coffee is flavorful and with a rich taste. However, when I went on a gluten-free diet, I had to cross-check everything I consumed. I consulted with my nutritionist to ensure that I am on an entirely gluten-free diet. I was so happy when my doctor gave me the go-ahead with black rifle coffee, as I was not willing to switch coffee brands. If you have celiac disease or any other allergies, keep reading to find out if black rifle coffee has any allergens.

What makes black rifle coffee gluten-free?

Black rifle coffee is gluten-free because the coffee beans used to make it do not contain gluten. However, some flavored versions of coffee are not utterly gluten-free as they have some ingredients that are not completely free from gluten. Therefore, it is always important to carefully examine the ingredients list of the flavor of black rifle coffee you consume to ensure it is free from gluten if you are allergic.

Can you have any drink made with black rifle coffee while following a gluten-free diet?

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Black rifle coffee. Image source: Black Rifle

As mentioned above, coffee is naturally gluten-free, and so is the plain version of black rifle coffee. Therefore, you can consume any drink made with plain black rifle coffee when following a gluten-free diet as long as you ensure that the other ingredients in your drink are also gluten-free. Furthermore, you should also be careful with some flavored blends of black rifle coffee, as some contain ingredients that are not entirely free from gluten. Therefore, if you are following a gluten-free diet, do not consume things blindly before inspecting their ingredients.

Can you have any black rifle coffee when you have celiac disease?

You can consume any plain black rifle coffee because it is gluten-free. However, some flavored versions of black rifle coffee may contain ingredients that are not entirely free from gluten. Therefore, if you are sensitive to gluten, you should examine the ingredients list on you’re the black rifle coffee you have purchased before consuming your drink. Furthermore, though black rifle coffee is generally free from gluten, the company is not a completely gluten-free facility; hence there are some chances of cross-contamination despite the company striving to reduce any risks of cross-contamination.

FAQ Section

Does black rifle coffee contain other allergens?

Black rifle coffee is generally allergen-free, as the company does not indicate the presence of common allergens on its website or products. However, it is key to check the ingredient list of the type of black rifle coffee you purchase to ensure it is free from any allergens if you have existing allergies.

Are all drinks with black rifle coffee gluten-free?

Though black rifle coffee itself is gluten-free, you need to ensure that the other ingredients in your drink are also free from gluten. Some companies make their syrup from gluten ingredients which might contaminate your black rifle coffee drink.

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