Do Starbucks Lattes come with classic syrup? (What is classic syrup at Starbucks + All you need to know)

Starbucks lattes are not prepared with classic syrup unless a customer requests it. Starbucks lattes are, however, prepared with flavoured syrups. My sister and I love Starbucks lattes and after learning that the Starbucks classic syrup is the default syrup in several Starbucks beverages, we wanted to know if that also applied to their lattes. After extensive digging and chatting with Starbucks baristas, we gathered everything worth knowing about this syrup at Starbucks and how it is used. In this article, we have shared everything we discovered, so keep reading to learn more about the Starbucks classic syrup and whether it is used in their lattes.

Does Starbucks latte come with classic syrup?

No. The Starbucks lattes are not made with classic syrup unless a customer asks the barista for it. The syrups used in lattes are typically flavoured like vanilla syrup and cinnamon dolce syrup. Usually, Starbucks doesn’t prepare their lattes with syrups. It is the customers that usually request their lattes be sweetened and flavoured with these syrups. So, if you’d like your latte with the classic syrup, be sure to make that clear to your barista.

What is classic syrup at Starbucks?

What is classic syrup at Starbucks + All you need to know)Detach

The Starbucks classic syrup is a liquid sweetener that is unflavoured and is manufactured with natural flavours, preservatives like citric acid and potassium sorbate, water and sugar. This syrup provides Starbucks drinks with sweetness without introducing a new flavour. One pump of the Starbucks classic syrup has around 5g of sugar and 20 calories and the number of pumps used will depend on the drink size.

Does Starbucks automatically add classic syrup?

Starbucks doesn’t automatically add classic syrup. They usually ask their customer the type of syrup they’d like in their drink if at all they’d like any. However, in drinks that use the classic syrup as an ingredient, Starbucks ensures that they have listed the syrup in the ingredients list. The company has numerous other syrups that customers can choose from whenever they are ordering a drink, be it at the store or via the app.

What drinks at Starbucks come with classic syrup?

Do Starbucks Lattes come with classic syrup?

Starbucks typically uses their classic syrup in iced teas, some iced coffees, iced shaken espresso, strawberry Frappuccino and matcha Frappuccino. However, upon the customer’s request, the classic syrup can be added to any drink of their choice. Note that Starbucks lattes and mochas do not have classic syrup as an ingredient, not unless a customer has asked for it.


Do lattes come with liquid sugar?

No. Starbucks lattes are not prepared with liquid sugar. However, a customer has the freedom to customize their latte to have liquid cane sugar. The default Starbucks latte has no liquid sugar or any type of sugar in it so, if you’d like your latte sweetened with liquid sugar, be sure to let your barista know.

What drinks does Starbucks put classic syrup in?

Starbucks prepares their iced teas, iced shaken espresso, matcha Frappuccino, strawberry Frappuccino and some of their iced coffees with the classic syrup. Also, as mentioned earlier, a Starbucks barista can incorporate the classic syrup into any drink, upon the request of a customer. So, the classic syrup is not limited to only the above-mentioned drinks.

Does a Starbucks iced latte have classic syrup?

No. The Starbucks iced latte is not prepared with classic syrup. Both Starbucks hot and iced lattes have no classic syrup in them. But if a customer prefers their iced lattes with classic syrup or any other syrup, they can request the barista to add their preferred number of syrups pumps into their latte.

Why are Starbucks lattes so sweet?

Typically, the Starbucks lattes on their own are not sweet. What makes the Starbucks lattes sweet is the added sugar or syrup. The majority of Starbucks customers flavour their lattes with syrups and then add sugar to sweeten the latte. What most customers don’t realize is that the flavoured syrups also contain sugar thus adding both sugar and syrup, sweetens your latte even further. So, the Starbucks latte you tasted and felt like it was very sweet, was most probably sweetened at least once because, again, the default Starbucks latte isn’t that sweet.

Is the classic syrup at Starbucks just liquid cane sugar?

The Starbucks classic syrup and liquid cane sugar are not the same things but, they are both used as sweeteners. These two only sweeten your beverage and do not add extra flavours. The major difference between the Starbucks classic syrup and liquid cane sugar is their contents. The classic syrup is prepared with water and sugar while the Starbucks liquid cane sugar is prepared with sugar and turbinado cane sugar. Also, the colour of the two syrups is different. The Starbucks classic syrup is clear while the liquid cane sugar is brown.

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