How many calories are in a Starbucks croissant? (What is in Starbucks croissants + more information)

You have probably had a couple of Starbucks croissants for breakfast and are wondering, “how many calories are in a Starbucks croissant?”. Read on to find out more.

There are different numbers of calories in Starbucks croissants, depending on the type you order. However, these croissants’ calories range from 250 to 520 calories. As a Starbucks barista, customers always approach me, wanting to know more about the food and drink they are about to order. One time, a little girl came to me and inquired how many calories were in a Starbucks croissant, as she wanted to have it for breakfast, but her parent was Strick about the number of calories it carries.

I explained to her and her mother how many calories each of our croissants carries, and they got two croissants. Are you in the same position, wondering how many calories these beautiful snacks contain? Please read to the end to learn more about their nutritional value and how they are made.

What is in Starbucks croissants?

Starbucks has four significant croissants it offers its customers; each is baked with different ingredients. The Starbucks croissants are the Ham & Swiss Croissant, the Butter Croissant, the Almond Croissant, and the Chocolate Croissant. We will be looking at each croissant to see what is in it.

Ham & Swiss Croissant

How many calories are in a Starbucks croissant?

The Starbucks ham & cheese croissant has a total of 320 calories and weighs about 102 grams a piece. This delicious Starbucks bakery item is usually prepared by mixing enriched wheat flour, uncured ham, Swiss cheese, butter, milk, sugar, and eggs. The croissant is then nicely baked and served when warm. When you buy a single piece of ham & Swiss croissant, it contains 17 grams of total fat, 65 milligrams of cholesterol, 490 milligrams of sodium, 28 grams of total carbohydrates, and 14 grams of protein.

Butter croissant

This croissant is among the most ordered croissant on Starbucks’ menu, as you cannot deny its delicious menu. This croissant is perfectly prepared by mixing butter, water, sugar, enriched wheat flour, eggs, whole milk powder, yeast, sea salt, sourdough, and dough conditioner.

The butter croissant carries two hundred and fifty calories and weighs 62 grams. This croissant also contains 14 grams of total fat, forty-five milligrams of cholesterol, three hundred milligrams of sodium, twenty-six grams of carbohydrates, and five grams of protein.

Almond Croissant

What is in Starbucks croissants

The Starbucks almond croissant weighs 97 grams and carries 520 calories. This delicious breakfast item and snack are usually prepared by mixing enriched wheat flour, canola oil, dried whole eggs, natural flavor, salt, water, sugar, and a croissant roll. Almonds can then be sprinkled on this croissant to act as a topping. The almond croissant’s nutritional value consists of 25 grams of fat, 60 milligrams of cholesterol, 370 milligrams of sodium, 40 grams of carbohydrates, and nine grams of protein.

Chocolate Croissant

You can never go wrong with a chocolate snack, and this chocolate croissant is no different. This fantastic Starbucks bakery item contains a total of 300 calories and weighs about 80 grams . It is usually prepared by mixing enriched wheat flour, water, butter, sugar, eggs, dry whole milk, yeast, sea salt, sourdough, and semisweet chocolate.

The mixture is perfectly mixed and baked in an oven to produce this tasty croissant. When you eat a piece of this croissant, your body will get an additional nutritional value of 18 grams of fat, 50 milligrams of cholesterol, 34 grams of carbohydrates, 300 milligrams of sodium, and five grams of protein.

What do Starbucks croissants taste like?

Starbucks croissants taste differently depending on the ingredients used to make each croissant. The ham & cheese croissant tastes like a combination of ham and cheesy, which is very good. The butter croissant is flaky and tastes sweet. The almond croissant is a tender one and also tastes sweet. The almonds also give it the required almond crunch that you will enjoy. Finally, the chocolate croissant tastes mostly like chocolate because of the chocolate used. It also generally tastes a little too sweet.

Are Starbucks croissants gluten-free?

No, Starbucks croissants are not gluten-free because they contain wheat. Any food item that has wheat products cannot be gluten-free.

FAQ Section

Where does Starbucks get its croissants?

Starbucks does not bake most of its bakery items like croissants but gets them delivered to their shop after being made by the famous bakery company, La Boulange.

Are Starbucks croissants healthy?

Starbucks croissants can be considered healthy as they contain relatively low calories and some nutrients that are good for your body.

How much do Starbucks croissants cost?

The price of a Starbucks croissant will depend on which one you are ordering. The price usually ranges from $2.45 to $2.75.

Are Starbucks croissants good?

Yes, Starbucks croissants are delicious; you should try them out if you haven’t.

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