How much is cold foam at Starbucks? (Can you add cold foam to any Starbucks drink + All you need to know)

If you enjoy iced cappuccino from Starbucks, you should consider ordering it with cold foam the next time you visit the store. So, how much is cold foam at Starbucks?

Adding on a cold form to your drink at Starbucks will only cost you 50 cents. Though many customers have heard about Starbucks cold foam, some are intimidated to try it since they don’t know where to start. I can relate since I did not know the correct type of cold foam for my cold beverages. Since I now have experience with this, I created this post to help you learn everything regarding cold foam. You will learn the cost and which drinks go well with cold foam.

What drinks can you add cold foam to?

You can add cold foam to drinks such as Iced Americano, Iced Salted Caramel Mocha, Iced Mocha, the Pink drink, Toffee Nut Iced coffee, and Iced Vanilla latte. These are just a few beverages that go well with cold foam.

Before ordering them, you should find out the best type of cold foam to order with either of the drinks. For instance, while Iced Americano goes well with Vanilla sweet cream cold foam, Iced Mocha pairs well with Raspberry cold foam. If you are trying to add cold foam to a drink for the first time, do not be afraid to experiment since this can help you discover a good combination that you enjoy the most.

What is Starbucks cold foam made of?

How much is cold foam at Starbucks?

Unlike regular foam, which is created by frothing milk with some hot steam, Starbucks cold foam is made by frothing non-fat milk without using steam or heat. It is a creamy and thick topping that layers nicely on top of cold Starbucks beverages. The delicious foamy topping has some tiny bubbles.

Since this foam is light and airy, it has a similar appearance to whipped cream. Starbucks cold foam was introduced in 2014 as one of the components in Americano con Crema. By 2017, it was already being offered in most Starbucks stores in the US.

Does cold foam cost extra at Starbucks?

Yes. At Starbucks, ordering a drink with cold foam will cost you an extra 50 cents if the drink does not come with the topping. This is a small price considering how much of a boost the topping can give your beverage. The cost sometimes varies based on the Starbucks location. If the iced coffee you want to order already comes with this topping, you will not have to pay the extra cash.

How much is sweet cream cold foam at Starbucks?

Sweet cream cold foam at this coffee shop is around 50 cents if it does not form part of the beverage you wish to order. This is one of the most popular types of cold foam available at Starbucks. You can order it with most Starbucks beverages, such as iced vanilla latte and iced americano.

Can you order just cold foam at Starbucks?

Can you add cold foam to any Starbucks drink

No. This is not possible since Starbucks offers cold foam as a topping for iced coffee beverages and not as a stand-alone item. Ordering just cold foam from this coffee shop is also not advisable since the foam will soon convert to liquid.

Ordering cold foam alone at Starbucks can also make you pay a large amount for this topping. If you only want cold foam, the best alternative would be to learn how to make it at home. You only need the right equipment, such as a blender, to make it in your home.

What Starbucks drinks are good with cold foam?

Some of the drinks that go well with this topping include Nitro cold brew, blonde iced cappuccino, and regular cold brew. If, for example, you enjoy Nitro cold brew, you can order it with pumpkin cream cold foam or cascara cold foam. On the other hand, blonde iced cappuccino goes well with vanilla sweet cream cold foam or salted caramel cream cold foam.

Can you add cold foam to a hot drink?

Though this is doable, it is not recommended. It is not the best way for you to enjoy your beverage since the cold foam can melt fast into it and lower its temperature. You may not get sufficient time to enjoy the delicious cold foam before it begins melting into your Starbucks beverage.

Though it is not unsafe, adding cold foam to a hot beverage can compromise the flavor of brewed coffee. Starbucks baristas discourage customers from adding cold foam to hot beverages due to such issues.

Can I get pumpkin cold foam on any drink?

How much is cold foam at Starbucks?

No, since not all Starbucks drinks pair well with this type of cold foam. It, however, goes well with certain drinks like cold brew and Nitro cold brew. Pumpkin cold foam can add a unique flavor to such beverages.

Starbucks makes this type of cold foam by blending pumpkin spice sauce with vanilla sweet cream, then sprinkles a topping of pumpkin spices on the drink.

How does Starbucks make cold cream foam?

Starbucks makes cold cream foam from non-fat milk, which is poured into a blender that contains a special blade. This results in a creamy and thick topping that you can add to different cold beverages. To make flavored cold foam beverages, Starbucks adds pumps of flavorings to the non-fat milk before it is frothed.

FAQ section

What is the cold foam at Starbucks?

This refers to aerated non-fat milk, which is whipped to make a creamy and dense topping that you can add to iced coffee. Many Starbucks customers are impressed with the rich texture of the cold foam.

Can you add cold foam to any Starbucks drink?

Yes. You can add cold foam to any beverage at Starbucks. However, some drinks pair better with cold foam compared to others. You should, therefore, find out what other customers have to say regarding the taste of certain beverages with cold foam before placing your order.

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