Does Starbucks have honey? (What can you substitute for honey at Starbucks + More information)

Starbucks has become a preferred coffee stop, especially because you can easily order your favorite drink on a phone app. You want to drop the sugar, and would like to know, Does Starbucks have honey?

Yes, it does. Starbucks carries regular honey as an add-in on the list of available sweeteners. The regular honey comes in a packet. Honey is a good alternative to sugar, Splenda, stevia, honey blend, classic syrup, or cane sugar. Being a coffee lover myself, my morning coffee routine is pretty standard: a tall flat white latte, milk foam, 3 pumps of vanilla, and no sugar. I wasn’t aware I could get honey until my colleague her drink with a honey blend, and I decided to get mine with honey. Both drinks tasted fabulous, but I must say I’ll stick with honey, the honey blend taste was not as exciting to me. Starbucks has made these options available so that you can enjoy your sweet treat, whichever taste you fancy.

Does Starbucks have honey?

Yes, it does. Starbucks honey is listed as a sweetener on the customization menu. The regular honey is supplied to the coffee shop in long straw-like packets. By all accounts, this honey is natural with no additives and tastes as such. Starbucks regularly serve honey with their teas, but you can also have it in your customized order.

To get honey, all you need is to make your order and state you want honey instead of sugar. If using the app, select “add honey” under the sweetener options. Regular honey has a lot of sugar of its own, a packet will go a long way. In fact, a packet of Starbucks honey has 11 grams of sugar.

Does Starbucks have a honey syrup?

Does Starbucks have a honey syrup?

Yes, Starbucks has a honey syrup, it is referred to as the Starbucks honey blend. It is a honey-water mix. The honey syrup is made up of 64% Honey, water, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, citric acid, and natural flavors. The additives are meant to extend the blend’s shelf life and keep the mix stable. Just like other syrups in the Starbucks stable, the honey blend is dispensed using a pump, which makes it easy for the barista to work with.


Some of the Starbucks drinks, such as the Iced Honey Oatmilk Latte come with the honey blend by default. To get honey syrup in your drink, state you want the honey blend at the physical shop. If you are using the Starbucks App, go to customize, then sweeteners, then liquid sweetness, then select honey blend.

Starbucks honey blend debuted on the menu in 2021.

Is honey free in Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks honey is free. If you ask for packets of honey as a substitute for sugar, it will come at no extra cost. Honey is typically available for tea, but you can request it as an alternative to sugar for your Latte, for example.

How do you order honey at Starbucks?

How do you order honey at Starbucks?

To order Starbucks honey on your app go to “customization” then “sweeteners” then “add honey”. You can also make the selection while at a physical store. Most people miss it on the app or online by looking for it in under the “flavor” or even the “toppings” menu.

What can you substitute for honey at Starbucks?

You can substitute other sweeteners including sugar, raw sugar, Splenda, or stevia. You can also use honey instead of the honey blend, classic syrup, or cane sugar in your iced tea. Honey is an excellent substitute as it is a natural product devoid of preservatives and artificial flavors.

Is the Starbucks Honey healthy?

Starbucks Honey has a lot of health benefits such as antibacterial properties. If you prefer to use healthier sweeteners, consider adding honey to your drinks rather than any refined or artificial ones. Use honey sparingly though: Starbucks honey has 43 calories per packet.

Final Thoughts

A sweet treat once in a while is good for your taste buds. Starbucks offers quite a selection of sweeteners, honey being one of the natural ones on the menu. However, managing calorie intake can be tricky, especially if you need a sweetener on a regular basis. One of the sure ways to low-calorie is to order fewer packets of honey or reduce the number of honey blend pumps.

FAQ Section

Does Starbucks use honey for coffee?

Not as standard. You can however get honey in coffee as customization.

Does Starbucks sweeten their drinks with honey?

Yes, they do. Honey is available for teas and as a customization option for other drinks.

How many calories are in Starbucks honey syrup?

A pump of Starbucks honey syrup contains 20 calories.

How many calories are in a Starbucks honey packet?

The 0.5-ounce packet of Starbucks honey has 43 calories


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