How long are Starbucks birthday rewards suitable for? (What do you get for free at Starbucks on your birthday + More Information)

You can get a free drink at Starbucks on your birthday. However, have you ever thought, “how long are Starbucks birthday rewards good for?” read on to know more about this birthday reward.

Recently I celebrated my birthday and was amused when a Starbucks barista informed me that I had an option of choosing a drink or meal of my choice for free since they offer birthday rewards to each customer on their special day. Starbucks birthday rewards are good on your birth date, as they are only valid on that day. Of course, I had to order my all-time favorite coffee, and I can’t wait to enjoy another treat next year. Wondering how you can also enjoy this reward when your birthday comes, don’t worry, as I will explain in detail what you must do to be eligible for this reward.

What do you get for free at Starbucks on your birthday?

Are you a lover of Starbucks drinks and food, and your birthday is coming up? This is the best opportunity to enjoy a free treat at Starbucks, as you will be charged zero dollars for whatever you get at Starbucks on your birthday. However, you should note that to enjoy a free drink or meal at Starbucks, you must be a reward member of Starbucks and have at least one star for the reward to be legit.

On your birthday, you can enjoy nearly any food or drink item on the menu, which includes standard-sized drinks and food. You should also note that you cannot redeem a drink or food size not offered at Starbucks. This means that if the particular drink you want is only provided in tall and Venti, you cannot redeem it in a Trenta size. You cannot also redeem your birthday reward for multiple serve-sized items. This means that you cannot redeem or be rewarded drinks or food that can serve multiple people.

Where is the birthday reward on the Starbucks app?

What do you get for free at Starbucks on your birthday

You can have the Starbucks app and not be eligible for a birthday reward at Starbucks. This is because for you to be rewarded with a free drink or food at Starbucks, you must be a Starbucks reward member for at least seven days before your actual birthday date. If your birthday is coming up in two weeks and you have not signed up, do not worry, as the following steps will help you.

Starbucks’ birthday reward is found under your personal information on the app. To sign up, you will first need to download the Starbucks app, and the next step will be to fill in your name, email address, and a solid password to create an account. Upon creating an account, you will select the ‘personal info’ box and enter your birth date. Usually, an email or a message is sent days before your birthday, and all you have to do is show the barista your reward membership and get a drink of your choice.

Can you redeem Starbucks’ birthday after birthday?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem your Starbucks birthday after your birthday. This is because your birthday reward is only valid on your actual birthday date. Starbucks will send you an email two days before your birthday to remind you of the reward. I would advise you to get your treat on your birthday, to avoid inconveniences.

FAQ Section

Is it possible to alter my birthdate at Starbucks?

No, you are allowed to fill in your birth date on the Starbucks app once and cannot change it.

Can you have any size drink from Starbucks on your birthday?

Yes, as long as the size you want is available at Starbucks.

How long does Starbucks take to redeem my Starbucks rewards?

You can redeem your Starbucks rewards seven days after signing up as a reward member and earning a star.

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