What is a star code for Starbucks rewards? (How do you scan a star code on the Starbucks app + more information)

Are you a new customer at Starbucks and are confused about the star codes and how the whole reward system works? Are you wondering; what is a star code for Starbucks rewards? If you are, then you just got lucky!

Simply put, a star code for Starbucks rewards is a part of the Starbucks reward program, which functions by giving members who are in the reward program distinct codes that can later be redeemed into free coffees and other Starbucks products like pastries. Being a Starbucks regular, I always aim at collecting at least 150 stars by the end of each month, so I can get a free frappuccino or my favorite sandwich for free! This article will be sharing more on this.

How do you scan a star code on the Starbucks app?

After collecting enough stars at Starbucks during your purchases, you redeem them and get yourself free drinks and other lucrative offers. Now I know you are probably wondering how these stars are garnered.

They are obtained by scanning your star code every time you make a purchase using credit/debit cards, cash, or mobile wallets. By simply clicking scan on the home page of Starbucks, then clicking scan only, the QR code is scanned and then you can make your payment and earn 1 star per every dollar you spend.

How do I add stars to my Starbucks card?

How do you scan a star code on the Starbucks app

If you have a Starbucks reward visa prepaid card, you stand a chance of earning 1 star per every 10-dollar purchase you make. Also, if this card is registered regardless of whether it’s physical or in your mobile app, you earn an additional 2 stars for every dollar spent. In addition, when you reload your card, you earn 1 star for every dollar loaded. There you have it, hurry up and spike those stars on your Starbucks card!

How do you send a QR code from Starbucks?

Giving back to society is not something people often do, but is a quite kind gesture. If you are in a festive mood, you can treat a few friends to coffee, not necessarily physically but by sending them a Starbucks gift card.

All you have to do is click on the gift option in your Starbucks account, select the kind of message you want the gift card to contain, load the amount the gift will hold, and select send. You will receive an email from Starbucks asking you to redeem your E-gift, click on it to open the QR code that your friends will use to pay for their drinks. Take a screenshot of the code and share it with your friends or community by posting it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or directly sending it to them.

FAQ Section

What Starbucks products have star codes?

Starbucks bottled branded Frappuccinos, Starbucks canned double shots Starbucks packaged beans, 10- packed k-cup pods.

Can I get Starbucks stars with a receipt?

Yes, you can, provided you don’t lose your receipt. Simply start by initiating receipt validation using your email address via your Starbucks app. Then, take a snap of your receipt and upload it to get your stars.

Can you still get stars at Starbucks if you pay with cash?

Yes, you can earn stars at Starbucks even after paying cash.


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