How much is a medicine ball at Starbucks? (does Starbucks sell medicine ball everyday + more information)

Are you looking to enjoy a great cup of hot drink at Starbucks, more so during the cold season? What will happen if I want a medicine ball? Does Starbucks have a medicine ball?

Well, if you are looking to get a medicine ball at Starbucks you should be ready to part with anything above $ 3.15. If you want a hot drink at Starbucks and you feel you are not ready Coffee you can order for a medicine ball. I was not aware of this until a couple of months back when I was looking to get something to relieve me of my cold, and my dad suggested I get the Starbucks medicine ball. Let’s just say it worked! So, if you want something great to work on your cold, order for medicine ball at Starbucks.

How much is Starbucks medicine ball?

If you are looking to get the Starbucks medicine ball, you probably are wondering how much this magical drink Costs. You will have to pay $ 3.15 for a short, the Tall (12 Ounces) will cost you $ 3.50, the Grande (16 ounces) will cost you $ 3.75, and you will have to cough up $ 4.25 for a Venti (24 ounces). You should also take note that these prices will vary depending on the region you are generally in.

Can I buy Starbucks medicine ball from the Starbucks app?

does Starbucks sell medicine ball everyday

Yes. You can. Starbucks has made things easy for you, by allowing you to get your medicine ball using the Starbucks app. To buy the medicine ball using the app, open the Starbucks app, go through the menu look for herbal teas, then select the Honey citrous Mint Tea, after doing choose your drink size, add some extra customization that suits you, and choose your location then place your order

How do I get medicine ball from Starbucks?

Don’t get confused while getting your medicine ball. You can get your medicine ball at Starbucks in-store, drive through, or have it delivered to you through a third party such as UberEats. If you getting it in-store, ask for Honey Citrus Mint Tea or Medicine Ball, make sure to let the barista know the size of the drink you want, and the customization that will suit your needs. if you are feeling sick you can send a friend or a loved one to pick it up for you.


Does Starbucks medicine ball cure cold?

Yes. It Does. Starbucks medicine ball is a good remedy for colds since it is an herbal tea.

Does Starbucks have the medicine ball all year round?

Yes, it does. You can get your medicine ball at Starbucks all year round.

Is medicine ball a secret menu item at Starbucks?

No. medicine used to be a secrete menu at Starbucks but in 2017 it was added officially to Starbucks Menu

What is the right time to drink Starbucks medicine ball?

You can take medicine anytime, but it will serve you great when you are feeling under the weather.

Can I buy Starbucks medicine ball when am pregnant?

No. You should keep away from medicine ball when pregnant since the active components in this drink can hurt the fetal membrane.

Is the Starbucks medicine ball discontinued?

No. the medicine ball at Starbucks is still available and was not discontinued

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