Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy content & more information)

What is contained in Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino to make it so delicious? Well, read on to find out.

The first time I came to know about Starbucks oat milk cappuccino was during thanksgiving in 2021 when my mother told me to order her the drink. As a person who loves to try new things and caffeinated drinks, I ordered two to share the drink over a small mother-daughter talk. After having the drink, I became fixated on it. I have been having it every morning as I go to work and most evenings after work. I was curious about what it is made of, so I could also try making it, and I decided to do some research. I have written this article to give you all the information you may need about Starbucks oat milk cappuccino, so read till the end.

A brief history of Starbucks oat milk cappuccino

Oat milk cappuccino was made available at Starbucks in 2020 as a testing drink. This is after they announced that they wanted to test the creation of drinks with plant-based milk. At first, the drink was only available in Starbucks in Europe since they were the only ones supplying oat milk. In 2021, all Starbucks got all the ingredients, and the Oat milk cappuccino became Starbucks’ official drink and was made available on their menus. The person that came up with the Starbucks oat milk recipe and idea is unknown, but it’s a barista from Starbucks.

Is Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino still available at Starbucks?

Yes, Starbucks oat milk is available in Starbucks. The drink is available all day throughout the year. You can order it at any Starbucks store or through their website on Starbucks website and go pick it up later. The drink can be a hot or iced cappuccino. The drink is offered in four sizes and is very suitable as a morning drink.

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy Content)

What’s in a Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino – (ingredients)

What is contained in Starbucks oat milk cappuccino? The ingredients found in Starbucks oat milk cappuccino include Oatly Barista Edition oat milk, Enzymes, whipped cream, flavors, and brewed espresso. The drink contains only five ingredients. Let’s talk about each ingredient.

  • Enzymes: Starbucks adds some enzymes in its barista oat milk to alter the structure of its plant-based proteins and enable it to perform well while making hot cappuccinos.
  • Oatly barista oat milk: this is oat milk that has been incorporated with fat to make it creamier and suitable when making cappuccinos.
  • Flavors: at Starbucks, you can choose the flavor of the Oat milk cappuccino you desire by choosing the syrup flavor you want.
  • Brewed espresso: the espresso used is from Starbucks. It is caffeinated to make the drink an energy-giving drink.

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine, Dairy Content & Calories

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino Ingredients

What sizes are available?

The drink is available in short (8 ounces), tall (12 ounces), Grande (16 ounces), and venti (24 ounces) sizes. For a beginner, you can order the short or tall size to determine whether you love the drink. Afterward, you can order the drink size according to your desire. However, due to the high-calorie content in the drink, it’s advisable not to have the drink on a daily basis as it may cause weight gain.

Nutritional facts

Starbucks oat milk cappuccino is packed with nutrients and is very healthy. It is dairy-free, though not gluten-free, since it contains cream topping. Also, the drink is vegan. It contains many calories that are hard to burn if drunk regularly.

Calories ( out of 2000 daily intake) 101
Nutrition value ( serving size Short(227 g) % daily value
Sodium 70 mg 3%
Sugar 8 g 5%
Protein 2 g 3%
Total fats 3.4 g 4 %
Total carbohydrates 15 g 9%

Caffeine information

The short and tall sizes contain 75 mg of caffeine, the Grande contains 150 mg of caffeine, and the Venti size contains 225 mg of caffeine. There is only one short of espresso in a short and tall size of Starbucks oat milk cappuccino, two shorts in a Grande size, and three shorts in a Venti size. The caffeine content is perfect for reducing fatigue and stimulating brain functionality.

Dairy content

The drink is a dairy-free cappuccino. Starbucks uses Oatly oat milk when making the drink naturally free of lactose. The drink is safe for people who have dairy product allergies. The amount of oat milk used when making the drinks varies with the size of the drink.

So, what does Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino taste like?

Starbucks oat milk cappuccino has a delicious super sweet oat taste. The oat taste does not overpower the espresso, but it is kind of dominant. It also has a creamy taste from afar. It also has some added taste from the syrup that you use.

Ways to Customize a Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino at Starbucks – Starbucks Oat milk cappuccino variations

To customize your Starbucks Oat milk cappuccino, you can order it in-store or via the app. You can customize the flavor of the drink that you would like by choosing the syrup you want to use. Syrups can be sugar-free to minimize your sugar intake. Also, you can choose not to add whipped cream topping to reduce the amount of sugar in the drink.

How to make Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino at home – Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino Copycat Recipe

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino Copycat Recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Milk frother
  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee mug
  • Microwave
  • Blender


  • Oat milk
  • Coffee grounds
  • Hot water
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Whipped cream


  • Add Oat milk to a coffee and put it in a microwave for about 10 minutes.
  • Froth the Oat milk in a milk frother until it forms a creamy foam.
  • Put the Oat milk so that you can make espresso.
  • Set up your coffee maker and brew the espresso with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and ½ cup of hot water.
  • Pour the espresso into a coffee mug and add the frothed oat milk.
  • Pour the mixture into a blender and add vanilla syrup.
  • Blend the mixture for 4-5 minutes till they mix entirely.
  • Pour the mixture into a coffee mug and add whipped cream on top.


  • To get the best-made espresso, you can buy it from Starbucks instead of making it at home.
  • The best oat milk to use is the barista oat milk which you can buy at Starbucks.
  • It does not have to be vanilla syrup only; you can choose any flavor of syrup that you like.
  • Whipped cream topping is optional.
  • Another simpler way to make this drink is to buy the barista oat milk and espresso. Starbucks and mix them in a coffee mug by stirring gently.

Informative Section

How do you order a Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino?

There are two ways you can order Starbucks oat milk. The first one is that you can walk into Starbucks and order an oat milk cappuccino from the barista. The second one is that you can order the drink online and pick it up after a while.

To order online, log into the Starbucks website or app, choose the option cappuccino, go to customization, choose the milk option and edit it to oat milk, choose flavors and edit the flavor of your choice, include toppings if you want it with toppings and finally add to order.

How much is the Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino?

The average price of Starbucks oat milk cappuccino is from $2.50 to $5, depending on the size you order. The price varies depending on the location of Starbucks though the difference is minimal. It is most expensive in Starbucks, located in New York, where the price varies from $3 to $6.

Is Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino Good?

Yes, Starbucks oat milk cappuccino is excellent and healthy. Being a dairy-free drink, it is suitable for most vegan people and does not have dairy product allergies. Also, it contains nutrients that are good for one’s body.

Is Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino healthy for pregnant women?

No, the drink is highly caffeinated, which is unhealthy for the fetus. Caffeine may penetrate the placenta, which may cause health issues to a fetus; hence it is not recommendable for a pregnant woman to have a Starbucks oat milk cappuccino.

Is Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino healthier than Starbucks regular milk cappuccino?

Starbucks Oat Milk Cappuccino has fewer nutrients compared to the cappuccino they make using regular milk. Most of the nutrients in Oat milk are added during its manufacturing.

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