Starbucks cucumber lime refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More Information)

ummer is here and the good news is, that you can make your favorite Starbucks cucumber lime refresher at home. Read on for a simple recipe and all the other fun facts you need to know about the drink.

Summer is all about a cool cup of Starbucks cucumber lime refresher. I do love juices and refreshers that you can chill with on a hot day at the beach but cucumber lime refresher is on a higher notch. It is like it was made specifically for the season. It is sweet, minty, and has an awesome cooling effect on the body. After one sip, it keeps you yearning for more and more.

For this reason, knew I had to find out a way to make it without necessarily stopping at a Starbucks store. So I did some research and not only found a simple recipe but a ton of other amazing information that I’m going to share with you. But first, let’s look into the history of the drink.

Brief History of the Drink

I’m a curious cat so obviously, I had to snoop around to find out about the history of Starbucks cucumber lime refresher. Starbucks refreshers officially became available on July 9, 2012. Among the first of the refreshers was cool lime. It attracted people due to its minty and fresh flavors. The original intention of Starbucks for the refreshers was to create an energizing low-calorie beverage that would make the summer experience better.

All I can say is that they nailed it. The drink has been appreciated over the years for its inclusivity. The customers and baristas have since found new variations for the drink to make it more memorable. One thing is certain, this drink is here to stay.

Is a Starbucks cucumber lime refresher still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher Caffeine

Sadly, Starbucks discontinued its cucumber lime refresher. Not to worry though, the recipe still lives on. Though you can’t find the drink on the Starbucks menu board you can easily make it home and enjoy it just as much. Starbucks has also introduced other refreshers that might not be as good as the cucumber lime refresher but are worth trying.

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories)

What is in a Starbucks cucumber lime refresher – (Ingredients)

From the name itself, you’ll know that the first ingredients of the refresher are cucumber and lime. Others include mint leaves, sugar, lime, and water. Pretty simple, right? These ingredients are readily available and are not complex at all. You’ll hardly forget any since they all complement each other. Now, let’s look at each ingredient individually.

  • Cucumber: This is an important ingredient for your refresher. It has several health benefits including hydration and lowering blood sugar levels. It contains minerals like potassium and magnesium that maintain the fluid balance in your body. It is also rich in antioxidants that boost your immunity.
  • Lime juice: it’s summer and one thing you need is an element in your drink that rejuvenates your skin. Lime juice does way more than rejuvenate your skin. It also reduces heart diseases and improves immunity. Adding great flavor to your refresher is just the icing on top.
  • Sugar: this is used as a sweetener for your drink. You can substitute it with honey or classic syrup for an equally good outcome.
  • Lime: You can use this as a garnishing option though it is optional. It gives your drink a fresh and tasty appearance.
  • Mint leaves: They should be finely chopped. They add a mint flavor that is irresistible to your drink.
  • Water: this is an important part of your refresher. It dilutes the flavors of cucumber, lime, and mint to give you the perfect taste.
  • Starbucks cucumber lime refresher: Sizes, nutrition, caffeine & calories

What sizes are available?

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher  Calories

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher is available in four sizes: tall, Grande, Venti, and Tentra. Tall is 12 fl oz, grande 16 fl oz, venti 24 fl oz while Tentra is 30 fl oz. if you are a first-timer then it is advisable to start with a tall size. I usually go for a grande size but it is all a matter of fulfillment. Once in a while when I am famished I treat myself to a venti and it does the trick amazingly well.

Nutritional facts

I can’t count how many times I have heard about how unhealthy Starbucks is. Everyone seems to have this assumption based on a bad experience they had with a particular Starbucks drink. Some people draw this conclusion from what they saw on the internet. I disagree. No drink that is put out to the public is unhealthy. It is all a matter of choosing what is suited for you and leaving what is not. Here are some nutritional facts about Starbucks cucumber lime refresher to help you decide whether or not it suits your dietary requirements.

These facts are based on a grande size and all the percentage daily value figures are based on a 2000 calorie diet. The cucumber lime refresher has very low calories. A grande serving has 60 calories which are all contributed by the 15g of carbohydrates. This makes up 5% of daily intake. The refresher is sweetened and therefore has 14g of sugar. There are insignificant amounts of fat and cholesterol that do not contribute to any percentage of the daily intake. Other than that there is 10mg of sodium that does not affect the daily intake.

From these facts, you can conclude if the cucumber lime refresher is good for you or not. Either way, moderation and customization of the drink are key ways of ensuring it does not affect your health negatively.

The facts above have been summarized in the table below:

Calorie count (out of 2000 calorie intake) 60
Nutrient content

(per Grande serving)

% daily value
Total Fat(0g)

Trans fat(0g)

Saturated fat(0g)

Total carbohydrates (15g)


Dietary fiber(0g)



Proteins(0g) 0%
Cholesterol (0mg) 0%
Sodium(10mg) 0%

Caffeine information

Starbucks refreshers contain caffeine from the green coffee extract. The extract is made from unroasted Arabica beans. This adds energizing properties to your drink. If you want a caffeine-free cucumber lime refresher you can exclude the green coffee extract. I normally switch between caffeinated and caffeine-free depending on the time of day.

So, what does Starbucks cucumber lime refresher taste like?

Fresh, minty, and delicious. These are the three words that can summarize such an amazing taste. The deliciousness of the fruit juice blends nicely with the minty flavor and fresh taste of cucumber. This drink is so refreshing I doubt if anyone can claim to have enough of it. The taste soothes the soul and calms the mind making it the best refresher anyone can have.

Ways to customize Starbucks cucumber lime refresher – Starbucks cucumber lime refresher Variations

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher Variations

Starbucks has been around for as long as I can remember. Throughout that time it has invented ways to ensure its customers’ needs are catered for to the fullest. This includes ensuring flexibility in their orders to enable customization. This way one drink can be ordered in different varying ways. The same can be done with Starbucks cucumber lime refresher.

You can start by choosing a cup size that suits you then you can specify the inclusions you want for your drink. Other than that you can choose the type of sweetener and amount of add-ins. The add-ins in the case of this refresher include ice and garnish lime.

Starbucks cucumber lime refresher

How to make Starbucks cucumber lime refresher at home – Starbucks cucumber lime refresher copycat recipe

Kai Jordan


  • Pitcher
  • strainer
  • Cups


  • ¾ cup of cucumber
  • ¼ cup of finely chopped mint leaves
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 cups of lime juice
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • Chopped limes for garnish


  • Pour the 3 cups of water into a pitcher and add mint leaves and chopped cucumber.
  • Allow the ingredients to sit in water for up to 20 minutes to allow the flavors to infuse.
  • Use a strainer to remove the mint leaves and cucumber from the water. This ensures most of the flavors remain in the water.
  • Add lime juice and sugar then stir.
  • Pour the ready drinks into caps and add lime to garnish and ice to keep it cool.


  • Adding lime to garnish is optional and you can choose to exclude it.
  • You can add green coffee extract to your refresher if you want to make it caffeinated.
  • Ensure that your cucumber and lime are chopped well to increase the surface area of infusion with water.
  • You can substitute the strainer with a slotted spoon.
  • You can use small amounts of the ingredients if you want to make a single cup of the drink. The above directions are for making a strainer-sized cucumber lime refresher.

Informative section

How do you order a cucumber lime refresher at Starbucks?

You can order the drink in-app or at the Starbucks store. All you have to do is tell the barista the name and specify any special customization you prefer. When ordering through the app, you click on the drink, choose your preferred customizations, and select a store.

Is sour Starbucks cucumber lime refresher good?

As I said, it depends on preference. If you prefer your refresher sour then yes, sour Starbucks cucumber lime refresher is good for you.

How much does a Starbucks cucumber lime refresher cost at Starbucks?

The prices differ depending on the cup size of the drink. The maximum size; tentra is sold for $4.45.

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