Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories & More information

Summer is exciting because of the countless outdoor activities available. It’s also a fantastic time to try out drinks we’ve only heard about, like the Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher.

The Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher is a pleasant drink to look at and have. As I have discovered, you need to know how to pour it right, otherwise, you’ll ruin the look. It’s quite refreshing but will set you back by a pretty penny. This is a good enough reason to learn how to make your own at home, which I’ll be sharing momentarily. But first some tit-bits about the drink.

Brief History Of The Drink.

The Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher originated from This is a site that has a Facebook group referred to as a squad, which comes up with interesting Starbucks secret menu items from time to time. The refresher, which dates back to 2020, is touted as an excellent 4th of July drink, with the ombré colors matching those of the parade. It has a half-and-half ombre look, light color at the bottom, and a burst of red on top, altogether quite attractive.

Is Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Ingredients

Yes, the Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher is still available at Starbucks. You need to let the barista know the ingredients and quantities you want in your drink for them to make it, since it is a secret menu drink and not taught at barista ‘school’.

Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

What’s In A Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher – (Ingredients)

According to totallythebomb, the Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher consists of Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, Raspberry syrup, and Iced Passion Tea.

Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher: this Starbucks refresher is made up of a base and lemonade. The mango dragonfruit refresher base has water, white grape juice concentrate, sugar, natural flavors, natural green coffee flavor, citric acid, rebaudiside-a, and freeze-dried dragonfruit pieces. The lemonade has water, lemon juice, lemon oil, and sugar. For the Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher made off this drink, don’t add the freeze-dried dragonfruit pieces. You can easily make a version of the refresher at home using five ingredients: dragonfruit powder, natural green coffee, mango juice, lemonade, and white grape juice. Green coffee is optional if you are not too keen on having caffeine. All the ingredients are available at leading stores including Amazon.

Raspberry syrup: The Starbucks syrup is made up of water, sugar, natural flavors, and preservatives citric acid (E 330) and potassium sorbate (E202). For a homemade syrup, you need 3 simple ingredients: Raspberries, sugar, and water. Alternatively, get a bottle from any of the leading stores.

Passion Tea: Starbucks Iced Passion Tango Tea consists of hibiscus, apple, and lemongrass. You can easily create a replica at home, using passion tea, water, and ice. Since you can’t find the Teavana Passion tango tea that Starbucks uses anywhere to buy, use alternatives. My personal favorite is Tazo-iced passion tea. Mixed the concentrate with water in a ratio of 1:1 and pour over ice, and you have as good a glass of iced passion tea as Starbucks.

Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher: Sizes, nutrition, Caffeine & Calories

What Sizes Are Available

If you are a Starbucks fan then you are familiar with the available cup sizes for cold drinks- the 12 fl oz tall, 16 fl oz grande, 24 fl oz venti, or 30 fl oz trenta cups. This is one refresher that I can’t seem to get enough of. So I go for the venti, which gives me more calories than I should have in a day, but that’s a topic for the nutritional facts section below.

Nutritional Facts

Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Caffeine

The Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher is not only refreshing but has a low-calorie count too. For the sake of comparing with other drinks, we will use the 2,000 calories daily intake measure and the grande cup as standard. The grande cup of this drink will give you 160 calories. My preferred venti cup has 220 calories, and even then, I feel like it is a compromise I can happily take, as the number is not too high.

The calories are for the most part due to the sugar, and this drink has 36 grams of it in the grande, which is 72% of the recommended daily intake. With my venti, you get 100% of the daily sugar amount, so maybe I need to sweat it out with a long walk? – maybe. The grande has 39 grams of carbs which is 12 % of the recommended amount, and very little dietary fiber and salt.

This drink has no essential fats, proteins, or vitamins. This means it carries empty calories, and therefore you should not lose track of the need to have a balanced diet. You can have one occasional drink if you are on a low-calorie, but the carbs are high for anyone on a keto diet.

In the table below, I’ve summarized the facts discussed above:

Calorie count (2,000 calories daily intake diet) 160
Nutrient Content (Grande serving) % Of Daily Value
Total carbohydrates (39g)

Sugar (36g)

Dietary Fiber(1g)





Sodium (15mg)


Caffeine Information

The Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher contains 45mg of Caffeine in a grande cup. This is not an alarming amount, as it is just about 10% of the maximum caffeine an adult can have in a day.

So, What Does Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Taste Like?

The Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher is a delicious drink with a bit of tartness, perfect for a hot day. The lemonade sourness in the base drink barely comes through. The overriding taste is sweet berry fusion from the dragonfruit and the passion tea, with hints of mango aftertaste.

Ways to Customize a Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher at Starbucks–Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Variations

Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Sizes

When it comes to Starbucks beverages, variations are the order of the day. The regular menu is customizable by design, and Starbucks even goes out of its way to advise clients on how to customize the drinks. The result is hundreds of drinks and variations. So it is not a wonder that even a fan’s created drink, such as the Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher, has variations. I found at least one that I’d try, that replaces the mango dragonfruit lemonade refresher with the mango dragonfruit refresher, essentially removing the lemonade. A pump of classic syrup is added to balance the taste. Another variation involves replacing the lemonade with coconut milk.

Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher

How to make Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher at home -Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher Copycat Recipe.

Kai Jordan


  • Whisk


  • ¾ teaspoon freeze-dried dragonfruit powder
  • ½ teaspoon green bean coffee
  • ½ tablespoon raspberry syrup
  • ¼ cup white grape juice
  • ¼ cup mango juice
  • ¼ cup lemonade
  • ¼ cup
  • Passion iced tea (with water, 1:1 ratio)
  • Ice cubes


  • In a bowl, whisk the dragonfruit powder into the grape juice until no lumps of the powder remain. Add the green coffee and mix well then set aside.
  • In a glass filled halfway with ice, pour in the raspberry syrup and set aside.
  • Pour into the serving glass the lemonade, and then the mango juice.
  • Add into the glass the dragonfruit mix, then the ice with raspberry syrup mix.
  • Top the glass with the iced Passion tea


  • For the Dragonfruit mix, I used store-bought freeze-dried red dragon pitaya fruit powder.
  • I used White Grape Juice that I got from Walmart some time ago. I figured since I was going to use a small amount, juice from the store would do. You can use apple juice or any other fruity juice, as long as it's not a dark-colored juice.
  • I used homemade lemonade, as it is easy to make. All you need is 2 medium-sized lemons, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and ¼ cup of water. It is cheaper and healthier than store-bought lemonade.
  • The green coffee I used is from green coffee bean powder. This is optional but because I had some green coffee powder, I took ½ teaspoon of brewed coffee and used it in the mix. To brew a cup of green coffee from powder, put 1 teaspoon of powder in a cup. Add hot water. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then it's ready to serve.
  • I used store-bought raspberry syrup. I like it as it keeps longer than the homemade one and can be used to make other beverages. Starbucks raspberry syrup is available on Amazon
  • I also used store-bought mango juice because it is easily available. You can make mango juice at home, but if the season is not right the taste of mangoes from the grocery store might be more sour than sweet.
  • The passion iced tea is homemade. I used Tazo iced passion tea concentrate, which I simply diluted in equal parts with water. Tazo also has passion tango tea bags that come in a pack of 20 tea bags, which you can keep in your kitchen for longer and use to make more hot or iced teas.
  • As with the Starbucks Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher, how you pour your at-home drink matters- the iced passion tea needs to be poured after the ice, otherwise, the drink will mix and although the taste will not change, it will not look as picturesque.

Informative Section.

1. How to order the Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher at Starbucks?

Order a Venti cup Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher, without inclusions. Then, add 1 pump of Raspberry Syrup. Add in the ice. Then top with Passion iced Tea

2. Is Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher good?

Yes, it is good. It is a relatively low-calorie, sweet, and light drink with a bit of tartness. Perfect for a hot summer day.

3. How much is the Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher at Starbucks?

A grande Firecracker Ombré Drink Refresher will set you back $5.75. A venti is $6.15.

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