When was the Starbucks app created? (why did Starbucks introduce the mobile app?)

The creation of the Starbucks app has made life easier for many Starbucks customers and has made Starbucks more successful. So, when was the Starbucks app created?

The Starbucks app was created in 2009. It was first launched in 16 stores and gradually became popular. From 2009-2023, the app has faced major improvements to personalize the customer experience and make it easy for them to use the app.

My love for Starbucks got me so focused on their success rate. I was reading an article about the revenue that Starbucks collects yearly, and from 2009, the curve only went down once. I decided to research the things that made Starbucks continuously succeed, including introducing the Starbucks app. I use my Starbucks app to pre-order most of the time and customize my orders, and I am 😁 happy to say that it has made life easier for me. In my continuous use, I realized that the app has so many new features. There is no doubt that it has transformed ever since its introduction. So, I researched when the app was created and how it has succeeded and impacted Starbucks. I am writing to inform you when the Starbucks app started and its success.

Who created the Starbucks mobile app?

Benjamin Vigier created the Starbucks mobile app. Vigier used simple technology to come up with the app. He used the 2D barcode but changed the use case, which most companies were using. He changed the use case from the user scanning the 2D barcode to making the register scan the barcode. It is known that Vigier had come up with the system a while before the invention of Crinkle, square wallet, and PayPal. The key reason for the success of Vigier’s technology used in the making of the Starbucks app is its simplicity in it. The Starbucks app technology only requires a display of a custom 2D Barcode.

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Why did Starbucks introduce the mobile app?

The mobile app was introduced to make it easy for customers to pre-order and pay ahead so that they do not line up. The app is also part of their loyalty program because it helps increase customer loyalty through features like their Reward program. The reward program allows customers to earn stars that they can use to get free coffee and other products. In this manner, Starbucks obtains important data about customers and their orders, and it increases sales and revenue. Ever since I discovered it, I have escaped the endless queues in the morning. I simply pre-order and pick my ready order on my way to work.

How has the Starbucks app developed over the years since its launch?

When was the Starbucks app created?
Starbucks App for iPhone and Android. Image source: Starbucks

The Starbucks app has improved to offer more and better services. It was launched in 2009, and in 2011, the app was improved to make it easy for customers to pay for their purchases through in-app payments.

In 2014, the pre-order and payment feature was introduced to the app. The feature was particularly helpful to customers who were at work or home and would want to avoid coming and lining up to wait to place their order.

In 2016 the Starbucks app was integrated with other platforms like Spotify and Lyft. The Starbucks and Spotify integration improved the Starbucks app experience by allowing customers who are music ❤️ lovers to identify the music that plays at the stores and save their favorite on Spotify.

Also, the 2016 integration with Lyft offered ride-sharing people a chance to earn stars for each ride by connecting their Starbucks account to their Lyft account.

In 2018 Starbucks and JP Morgan Chase integrated and started offering a Starbucks Reward Visa card that is directly connected to the Starbucks Reward Loyalty Program.

In 2023, the app was improved to allow customers to use their reward points to order ahead.

How has the Starbucks app helped the coffee chain to grow?

The Starbucks app has caused an increase in sales at Starbucks, which has grown the coffee chain. The app has made it convenient for users to order and pay for their products through the improved functionalities of the app. This gradually attracts many customers.

Also, the Starbucks app acts as a digital marketing tool because customers can see new products on the menu ahead of time. It makes the customers develop an interest in the items before getting to the store and feel them with curiosity to taste. Eventually, many customers buy the item as soon as it is available, increasing sales. I have fallen victim to this sales strategy every time.

Also, the app has made the customer relationship 💪 stronger than before. Strong customer relationships amplify the brand image and consequently affect its growth. Through the rewards and discounts on the Starbucks app and allowing customers to track their orders in real-time, their brand image grows.

What made the Starbucks app so successful?

why did Starbucks introduce the mobile app?
Starbucks Easy Mobile & Online Ordering & Delivery. Image source: Starbucks

In my opinion, the Starbucks app is so successful because of four key things;

  • Its design is user friendly
  • It has the most engaging loyalty program
  • It allows customers to pre-order and pay, saving them time.
  • It is integrated with other platforms like Spotify and services like Lyft that improve customer experience.


How many people use the Starbucks app today?

Approximately 31 million people in the US use the Starbucks app today.

How much revenue does Starbucks generate via its app?

The exact amount has yet to be discovered, but approximately 4 million mobile payments are made weekly via the app.

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