Why does my coffee taste like cigarette (what makes coffee taste like cigarette + more information)

Coffee is an excellent drink, but its taste varies significantly depending on several issues and may sometimes taste like chocolate, berries or ashes, among others. But have you ever wondered why coffee sometimes tastes like cigarettes?

Coffee tastes like cigarettes because roasting coffee beans cause compounds and acids in coffee beans to produce various smells and tastes, including the scent and taste of cigarettes. The type of coffee beans used also determines the taste of coffee. Poor quality Robusta coffee will occasionally have a cigarette taste. Coffee that smells or tastes like cigarettes can be disastrous, especially to those who are beginning to take the beverage.

I once took my friend for coffee at a local coffee shop but unfortunately for us that day, the coffee had an intense smell and taste of cigarettes. He could not have it, but I had several such experiences and knew that such was normal. In this post, I will tell you why your coffee might have the taste of cigarettes or ashes.

Why does my coffee taste like tobacco?

Your coffee tastes like tobacco because, during the coffee bean roasting process, some compounds and acids in coffee beans burn to produce various smells and tastes, including tobacco. According to Healthline, coffee beans have compounds that contain sulfur. When such compounds burn during the roasting process, they produce an aroma and a taste like that of tobacco. Coffee beans also contain acids that have various scents when they burn. In most cases, coffee will taste tobacco if the beans are roasted at medium-dark or dark levels. At such roast levels, most compounds burn or react to high temperatures producing various aromas. At the same roast levels, coffee has its intense characteristic coffee aroma.

Does black coffee taste like cigarettes?

Sometimes black coffee tastes like cigarettes. Black coffee is made with coffee beans roasted medium-dark to dark roast. Experience coffee drinkers find such a roast level to be the most delicious and intense in the pleasant coffee smell. However, roasting coffee at such levels does not only produce a delicious coffee taste. It also produces the cigarette taste. You should, however, note that black coffee does not always have a cigarette taste.

In most cases, you will not notice the cigarette taste. Most arabica coffee beans do not produce coffee that tastes or smells like cigarettes. Some Robusta coffee beans always have a cigarette taste.

Can coffee make your breath smell like cigarettes?

Why does my coffee taste like cigarette

No, the cigarette smell and taste are not strong enough to cause your breath to smell like cigarettes. However, coffee can contribute to bad breath. Coffee has high quantities of caffeine, which causes your mouth to dry up. Caffeine is dehydrating and hence causes your mouth to dry up. When such happens, you are likely to produce foul breath, or if you usually have bad breath, the situation may worsen. The bad breath is not the same as that of someone who smokes. Another reason why coffee may contribute to foul breath because it contains a compound known as Tannins. Tannins make your mouth feel parched, in a sensation known as astringency. Such may increase the bad breath but not necessarily the smell of cigarettes.

Why does coffee taste like ashes?

Coffee may taste like ashes for four reasons: the heat of brewing water, the condition of beans, the roast level, and the length of brewing time. In most cases, coffee tastes like ashes depending on the roast level. A dark roast level causes the coffee beans to burn and to have an ash taste. Another reason for the ash taste in coffee is the temperature of the brewing water. Brewing water that is too hot produces coffee that tastes like ashes. The reason is that the water starts to change the chemical compositions of some compounds, causing them to have such a taste.

Additionally, when the coffee is brewed for an extended period, the compounds in coffee, such as sulfur begin to produce the ash taste. Finally, the condition of coffee may contribute to the taste it produces. For instance, stale coffee is known to have an ash taste.

Why does coffee make my breath smell like cigarettes?

Coffee may make your breath smell like cigarettes if it has a strong cigarette taste and smell, caused by the type of coffee and the roast level. In most cases, poor Robusta coffee is attributed to the cigarette smell and taste. If the taste and smell are strong and you take such coffee for a long time, you will likely have a cigarette breath. The burning of compounds in coffee causes such. Such compounds include sulfur and tannins. When coffee is roasted at medium-dark or dark roast levels, it also produces the cigarette taste and smell caused by burning coffee compounds and acids.

What should I do if my coffee tastes like a cigarette?

If the coffee tastes like cigarettes, you should have a light roast, reduce the temperature of brewing water, avoid keeping the coffee warm for a long time, or change the coffee beans you use for your coffee. Roasting the coffee beans to a dark level causes the coffee to taste like cigarettes. Therefore, roasting your coffee beans, only roast them at light or medium roast levels. Secondly, when brewing coffee, avoid using too hot water as such burns the compounds in coffee, resulting in the cigarette taste. Also, avoid keeping the coffee warm for a long time. Only warm the coffee you want to drink. Finally, change the coffee beans you are roasting for your coffee. Some coffee beans have a strong smell and taste of cigarettes.

Final thoughts

Cigarette-smelling or tasting coffee is unpleasant. If you get such from your coffee shop, ensure you provide feedback to rectify it. Coffee that tastes like cigarettes may also contribute to foul breath, so you should avoid it.

FAQ section

How should I roast my coffee to avoid the taste of cigarettes?

Roast the coffee at light or medium roast levels.

Should I drink coffee that tastes like a cigarette?

It is not advisable to drink coffee that tastes like a cigarette. It is not only unpleasant but may cause you to have a foul breath

Should I dispose of coffee beans that make coffee that tastes like cigarettes?

You can dispose of them or add natural flavors to coffee made from such coffee beans.

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