Why Does My Coffee Taste Like Popcorn (What Makes Coffee Taste Like Popcorn+ More Information)

Have you ever wondered, “why does coffee sometimes taste like popcorn?” Stick to the end to learn why this happens and how you can prevent this from happening.

Your coffee can taste like popcorn due to several reasons which will be discussed in this article. Every evening after work, I love to make my favorite cup of coffee as it helps me relax my mind. However, I noticed that my coffee this evening tasted a bit unusual as I could taste the popcorn flavor. I immediately realized something was wrong with my coffee and quickly discarded it. I later learned different reasons might lead to this. I will share some reasons and how you should go about them.

What makes coffee taste like popcorn?

Stale coffee beans

Your coffee may taste like popcorn because of stale coffee beans. The main key ingredient to a good coffee is its beans. However, the same beans can make your coffee taste like popcorn if not taken care of or stored correctly. When roasted beans get exposed to the air, they tend to oxidize, meaning that they react with oxygen resulting in them going bad. You can avoid this by ensuring that your coffee beans are tightly stored in a container. Your coffee beans can also go stale if they overstay without being used. To prevent your coffee from tasting like popcorn, you need to normalize using freshly ground coffee beans to ensure that you get the freshest taste possible.

Roasting process

Why Does My Coffee Taste Like Popcorn

You may want to blame yourself if your coffee tastes like popcorn, thinking it is all your fault. No, one of the top reasons coffee may taste unusual is because of the poor roasting process. Nothing beats perfectly roasted coffee, as it gives us an amazing taste we all look forward to. However, over-roasted coffee beans will lead to a bitter taste, as the quality will have been tempered with. You can find your right preference coffee by testing out different coffee to see which one is perfect for you. If you love making your coffee from scratch, make sure you roast your coffee beans at the right temperature to avoid over-roasting.


Another primary reason your coffee may taste like popcorn is because of your storing techniques. Good coffee beans should be stored in a cool, dry place like in the pantry. They should also be stored in a tight container to prevent them from getting in contact with oxygen, moisture, heat, or the light. This is because these four agents are the reasons why your coffee beans can go bad in a short period.

To ensure that your coffee beans are stored perfectly to avoid your coffee tasting like popcorn, I can advise that you store the coffee beans in the original package they came in. This is because these specific coffee bags come with high-barrier polyester valve and zipper bags, or the high-quality metalized aluminum barrier Quadro seal bags, that are more sustainable and convenient and rarely pass air into the beans.

What should I do when my coffee tastes like popcorn?

What Makes Coffee Taste Like Popcorn

Although there is little to none you can do with an already made cup of coffee that tastes like popcorn, there is a lot you can do to make the coffee taste better or improve the remaining beans to taste better the next time. If you are contemplating whether to dispose of your coffee or drink it, I advise you to dispose of it. This is because a poor roasting process might have led to this, posing harm to your health if consumed. When the coffee has been over-roasted, it will produce burnt coffee beans with a chemical known as acrylamide. This chemical can cause you cancer if you continue consuming this kind of coffee regularly. Another thing you can do when your coffee tastes like popcorn are to re-burning your coffee beans to give them a better taste next time.

How should I store coffee beans to avoid oxidization

There are different ways you should store your coffee beans to prevent oxidization. Storing your coffee beans in a safe space is essential, as they tend to absorb temperatures, flavors, and any surrounding moisture, making them lose their freshness almost immediately. Some of the ways you should store your coffee beans in by;

  • Using airtight containers to store the coffee beans. This method will prevent the coffee beans from getting in contact with oxygen, instantly preventing oxidization.
  • Use vacuum sealing packaging to store you’re your coffee beans. This storage method provides an extra layer of humidity, moisture, and temperature protection.

Final Thoughts

Although we expect our coffees to taste normal all the time, they can taste a little bit unusual for several reasons. For your coffee to taste like popcorn, some reasons led to them, including stale beans and poor roasting of the coffee beans. To ensure that your coffee does not taste like popcorn again, roast your coffee beans under the required temperature to avoid overcooking. Do not use coffee beans that have overstayed, as they can go stale without your knowledge.

FAQ Section

Do I need a new coffee maker when my coffee starts tasting like popcorn?

No. This is because there is nothing wrong with your coffee maker. Coffee can taste like popcorn due to poor roasting process or stale coffee beans.

Is coffee that tastes like popcorn bad for you?

Yes. Coffee that tastes like popcorn is bad for you, as it contains a toxic chemical that can affect your health if consumed.

Should I drink coffee that tastes like popcorn?

No. Do not drink coffee that tastes like popcorn because you can get sick. Throw away your coffee when you realize it tastes like popcorn, and make new coffee if possible.

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