Is Starbucks considered a fast-food place? (How is and when was Starbucks considered fast food? + All you need to know)

Yes, Starbucks is one of the top fast food in the United States. I have always wondered what makes a restaurant or a food establishment a fast-food place. Well, these restaurants prioritize the speed of their services. Does that sound familiar at Starbucks? I know most people are always confused about where to categorize Starbucks. This confusion has made me come up with this post to demonstrate how Starbucks is fast-food. You will learn when the coffee giant joined this category, so keep up.

Why is Starbucks considered to be fast food?

According to the QSR Magazine, a fast food restaurant is a food services facility that provides snacks and drinks easily and quickly. Starbucks is compliant with the fast-food wage laws where the minimum wage is $15 per hour. A barista at Starbucks in most states earns this amount when they join the coffee giant and enjoy annual increments. Starbucks is also subject to the food laws that govern fast food restaurants and stands.

Is Starbucks considered a restaurant?

How is and when was Starbucks considered fast food?

No, Starbucks is not a restaurant. This is because a restaurant is an establishment that serves foods and beverages cooked on the premises. At Starbucks, all the food items are pre-cooked and only reheated at all its premises. Additionally, Starbucks’ food menu is limited, and most of its emphasis is on its coffee drinks. In 2015, the coffee house was denied a license in Utah as the state was not convinced that it was a restaurant. If we look at it, people know Starbucks for its coffee and not its food items. A café or restaurant widely focuses on food, and for this reason, Starbucks is not a restaurant but a coffee shop.

Is Starbucks Unhealthy just like a fast food restaurant?

Yes, it is. Most of its drinks and food items contain tons of sugar and fat content. Nutritionists and dietitians have always flagged Starbucks items as unhealthy and considered junk foods. However, it all boils down to what you order and how you order it. If you are a fan of Frappes with lots of sugar, you are certainly in the unhealthy category. The pastries are sugary, and there is no way around this. However, you can modify your drink to make it healthier. For instance, you can order a skinny latte with no sugar or a skinny vanilla latte with no sugar ad sugar-free syrups.

When did Starbucks become fast food?

Is Starbucks considered a fast-food place?

Starbucks became a fast food soon after it launched its mobile order and payment options. Before that, you could consider it an ordinary coffee shop, and the services were not as fast. As we had discussed earlier. Starbucks food items find their way into your hands in the split of a second, which is a common characteristic of fast food establishments. Although there is always an argument that Starbucks is not a fast food establishment, all its recent operations point toward fast food.

Final Thoughts

Starbucks is widely known for its high-quality coffee, but recently, we have seen a growing menu of snacks and fast food items such as sandwiches. Moreover, the establishment is in the top 6 fast foods in the US, joining the likes of McDonald’s and KFC, and complies with the country’s fast food laws.


What is Starbucks considered?

Starbucks is in the category of fast foods like KFC and Mcdonald’s.

Does Starbucks count as a cafe?

No, a café makes its food in the establishment but Starbucks sources its foods from commercial kitchens and only reheats at the establishment.

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