Why Does Starbucks Provide Free Water? (Is the water from Starbucks free? + More about Starbucks water)

If you often feel dehydrated after drinking Starbucks coffee, you should consider asking for water.

Starbucks offers free water as a courtesy gesture for its customers and also to help them

stay hydrated. Some Starbucks customers wonder why certain Starbuck stores charge for their water while others offer it for free. Jogging is one of the things that I look forward to every morning. Though I like to run without carrying anything, I get very thirsty.

When my sister joined in for morning runs, she made me realize that I could get free water from Starbucks on my way back home. I created this post to help you learn why Starbucks offers free water. Enjoy!

Does Starbucks Charge for Water?

No. In most Starbucks locations, water is free. You can get water without paying anything whether you made any purchase for an item or not. This is one of the impressive features that makes Starbucks stand out among other coffee stores that charge for their water.

Though this company has its own line of bottled water, many customers are impressed with its free water policy. This means that you can get into a Starbucks store, order free water, and walk out without buying anything. Starbucks offers free filtered water to its customers, which is not only free from impurities but also tasty. All you need to get free water from a Starbucks store is to ask.

Why is water free at Starbucks?

Why Does Starbucks Provide Free Water?
Starbucks water. Source: Pinterest

Starbucks offers water free of charge out of courtesy to its customers. During the summer months, this coffeehouse provides a lot of free water to help customers remain hydrated as the weather gets warmer.

You may come across a Starbucks store that offers free water refills for your water bottle. This coffee chain does this as a way of promoting environmental friendliness. A few stores used to provide self-service water coolers in the past, but these were removed since the coffee chain no longer encourages self-service.

Why is Starbucks at my location charging for water?

Though many Starbucks locations do not charge for water, some licensed stores do. Such stores do not charge for the water but for the cup. Since the cup is intended for other Starbucks beverages, this can cost the company since the drink cannot be bought. Charging a small amount enables the company to offset this cost.

Apart from that, a Starbucks store may charge for water to offset the cleaning cost. Since Starbucks water is triple filtered, it does not contain impurities like chloramines and chlorine. If you want bottled water from such a store, you may also have to pay for it since it is not free.

How do you get free water at Starbucks?

Is the water from Starbucks free?
Free water from Starbucks. Source: Pinterest

If you need some water, you should not hesitate to ask for it from Starbucks. To get free water at Starbucks, you can either visit one of the locations or get it through a drive-through order box. Asking for free water directly from the Starbucks store is the most convenient method for most people.

Alternatively, you can order it through the app if you don’t want to queue at a Starbucks store.

Though ordering water through the Starbucks app is a bit tricky, some customers have come up with an innovative way to achieve this. Ensure that your name includes free water. For instance, you can change it to Jane Venti iced water.

Once the Starbucks barista sees this, they will know you are ordering some free water in a venti cup. Note that this may not always work at all times since some baristas may not have time to read through everything in the name, especially when they are busy.

How much is a cup of water at Starbucks

The licensed Starbucks store that charge for water set the price between 20 and 50 cents. Since the cost is low, you don’t have to worry about spending too much at such a store. If you want to buy bottled water from any Starbucks location, you may have to pay a few dollars for it.

How Do You Order Water from Starbucks?

Why Does Starbucks Provide Free Water?
Order Water from Starbucks. Source: Pinterest

To order water directly from a Starbucks store, you should join the line as you wait for your chance to be served. You should also specify whether you prefer the water with or without ice. Starbucks baristas often serve water with ice, especially during the summer months.

You can also tell the barista to serve you a cup of free water alongside your favorite Starbucks drink. If you are not buying anything, do not be afraid to ask for free water since this is your right.

Do not forget to tell the barista the cup size you need your water in. Like other drinks, Starbucks offers water in different cup sizes. If, for instance, you are a group that needs water, you can queue by yourself as the others wait somewhere else. Once you get free water from Starbucks, do not forget to tip the barista to show that you appreciate them.

Do you get free ice water at Starbucks?

Yes. You can either tell the barista to serve you water with ice or not based on your preference. Most Starbucks stores will not charge you anything for ice water. The plain iced water at Starbucks is often served in plastic cups. Taking this on a hot day can leave you feeling quite refreshed.

FAQ section

Does Starbucks give free water?

Yes. You can get free water from most Starbucks stores whether you are buying any item or not.

How much is trenta water at Starbucks?

Starbucks can offer you trenta water free of charge. Even if you get it from a licensed store, you may pay a few cents not for the water but for the cup.

Does Starbucks charge for ice water?

A cup of iced water at most Starbucks stores is free. This is one of the things that makes Starbucks unique from other coffeehouses.

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