Does Starbucks have curbside pickup? (How does curbside pickup work at Starbucks? + More information)

You’re in a hurry. You still want your morning Starbucks coffee. The automatic question becomes does Starbucks have curbside pickup in my location? Read more to find out.

I cannot be the only one who checks the time and wonders where the time went. It seems to happen every morning, and I give some things up, like my coffee fix. That’s why ecstatic didn’t quite capture the emotion I felt when the curbside pickup at my local Starbucks was actualized. The drive-through is handy and somewhat faster than the in-store experience, but the curbside pickup is terrific if you have the Starbucks app and know what you want.

The Starbucks curbside pickup and what you need to know

Not all Starbucks currently offers curbside pickups for reasons ranging from its location and the demand for the same. I was excited and told my fellow espresso lover colleague about the curbside pickup, only for her to show up a few minutes late to work. When she checked the app, the Starbucks store she visits doesn’t have that option, and she had to order in-store. Starbucks is still rolling the pickup spots, so you can check if your local Starbucks has one.

How does curbside pickup work at Starbucks?

How does curbside pickup work at StarbucksA curbside pickup is a convenient way to buy or return goods without leaving your car. Ever since the covid-19 pandemic, curbside pickups have significantly played a role in companies that chose to adopt them. It was necessary at the time to minimize human contact, but it’s proven to be just as convenient. Additionally, Target is rolling out curbside pickups in fall 2022 for all their customers, including those who want to order from the Starbucks menu. The franchise has Starbucks in its stores and offers this option to customers who want to return items

How do I order from Starbucks for pickup?

It’s simple: choose the Starbucks Pickup location, browse the order, place it, and pay via the app. After, make your way to the store, and park at the designated curbside spots. Use the app to let them know you’re there; you will see your name on the status board when you arrive. Your order will then be on its way shortly after.

My take on Starbucks curbside pickup

Starbucks curbside pickup

The best part is you, and I don’t have to unbuckle your seatbelt; sit put, and your order comes to you. I find this service the most helpful during the winter months since I have a titanium rod on my right arm that causes the entire arm to hurt when it’s cold. It’s also fantastic that Target will be stepping in to offer the same service making our lives all the more convenient


1. How do I know if my Starbucks has a curbside pickup?

You can go to the Starbucks website under Ways to Order and the Pickup or check the app.

2. Does Target do curbside pickup for Starbucks orders?

They don’t, but they will be rolling out curbside pickups in fall 2022 at selected Target stores before expanding.

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