Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Copycat Recipe, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy Contents + More information)

Starbucks is known for its amazing drinks which include its iconic smoothies. Here is all you need to know about Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie

Imagine having a get-together with your friends at a Starbucks store and they all decide to order hot coffee. You want to order the same thing but you crave something a little more subtle. Well, this was the case with me and my friends. After a little digging into the menu, I opted for a strawberry banana smoothie. I did not think the combination would work at first but after my first sip, I fell in love.

It is just one of those things that you try out for the first time and they become a part of you. I knew I had to find out more about it. So, I went on a mission to find out anything and everything there was to know about Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie. Here, is all you need to know, from the ingredients to the several fan facts. Most of all though is a recipe that will enable you to make a copycat smoothie at home.

Brief History of the Drink

I am one of those people who will offer you a drink and start a whole conversation about it. I wanted to do this with the Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie but first, I had to have a little knowledge about its history and the inspiration behind it. So I did research and found out some interesting facts.

Starbucks released its smoothies in 2015. This came as a result of a partnership with Dannon and Evolution Fresh. The smoothies were aimed at making a drink that has fewer ingredients and one that is more natural. The smoothies quickly became customer favorite after their launch in 4300 Starbucks stores.

While other smoothies are equally sweet and appealing, the strawberry banana smoothie stood out from the beginning. It was one of the smoothies that contained more natural sugar. This made it a go-to option for most people and the drink has since gained popularity among many Starbucks customers.

Is Starbucks Strawberry banana smoothie still available at Starbucks?

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie Ingredients

Sadly, Starbucks did away with the smoothie so that they could put in strawberry Frappuccino. Though the Frappuccino is more popular and better-tasting, we still miss the smoothie. At least I do. All is not lost though, the smoothie might be gone but the recipe is still here with us. So you can still make yourself a Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie at home as I do.

Though Starbucks discontinued the smoothies then, it has in recent years included other flavors in its menu. This however does not change the fact that we miss the other smoothies that were taken away.

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie (Ingredients, Taste, Variations, Sizes, Caffeine, Calories, Dairy contents)

  • What is in a Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie – (Ingredients)

To get such a satisfying taste the ingredients in the strawberry banana smoothie have to be just as good. The ingredients are pretty simple and natural. They include bananas, strawberries, vanilla protein powder, Greek yogurt, and ice cubes. Now, let’s look at every ingredient individually.

  • Strawberries: This ingredient is obvious from the name of the smoothie. It is a key requirement and you certainly won’t have a strawberry banana without it. Frozen strawberries are more convenient if you want a ready-to-drink smoothie since you won’t have to refrigerate it. You can also use unfrozen strawberries and then put some ice cubes in your smoothie, this is however not the best option.
  • Banana: Just like the strawberries bananas are also important ingredients for the smoothie. They should be fresh and ripe enough if you want a better outcome.
  • Vanilla protein powder: What is better with berries than vanilla protein powder? The protein powder gives the smoothie a more lasting fill aspect. This way you do not have to feel angry a few minutes after taking your smoothie.
  • Greek yogurt: This strained yogurt is a great addition of protein to your smoothie. It adds about 12g of protein and also adds vitamins and calcium.
  • Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie sizes, nutrition, caffeine, dairy content, and calories

What Sizes Are Available

The smoothie comes in four sizes, short, tall, grande, and venti. You can pick a size according to what your pocket can handle or one that will satisfy you. It gets much better when you are making it at home. You can make a lot of it and serve yourself in bits as you store the rest in a refrigerator. As much as the smoothie is sweet and desirable, it can bore you up after taking a certain amount. That is why I advise that you should start with a short or a tall size it is your first try.

Nutritional Facts

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie Ingredients

The mere mention of Starbucks brings up a lot of misconceptions and health debates. Whether it is a stereotype or not, most people believe that Starbucks drinks are unhealthy. Does the same apply to a strawberry banana smoothie? I disagree. I don’t know about other Starbucks drinks but this smoothie meets my diet requirements. The point is, that it might not be good for those observing a strict diet but that does not mean it is not good for everybody.

I learned some nutritional facts about the smoothie that I’m going to share with you so that you can make your judgment. Before I proceed, these facts are based on a venti size option and focus solely on the nutritional contents of a venti-sized strawberry banana smoothie.

The strawberry banana smoothie contains 340 calories in a venti serving. The calories are mainly contributed by the strawberries and bananas since the sugar in the smoothie is natural. The rest of the calories come from yogurt and protein powder. The calories are not too much but enough for a healthy drink. They make about 20% of daily intake.

There is only one gram of fat in the smoothie which is a mere 2% of daily intake. It is mostly from the yogurt and fruits. There is 0g of saturated fat and Trans fat. The smoothie has no cholesterol and has about 50mg of sodium which is 2% of daily value. It also contains 9g of protein which is 19% daily value and 21g of vitamins which makes up 28% of the daily intake. Calcium and iron are also available at 100mg and 0.36mg ant 10% and 2% daily value respectively.

All things considered, it is safe to say that the strawberry banana smoothie is as healthy as it gets. You can decide to make it meet your dietary requirements by reducing the size interval of taking the smoothie.

The facts above are summarized in the table below;

Calorie count 340
Nutrient content (per venti serving) % of daily value
Total Fat (1g)

Saturated (0g)

Trans (0g)

Total carbohydrate (76g) Sugar (58g)

Dietary fiber (7g)

Cholesterol (0g) 0%


Sodium (50g) 2%

Caffeine information

While Starbucks has caffeine in most of its drinks, its strawberry banana smoothie does not contain caffeine. This means anybody can take it without too much precaution and it also has its fair dose of energy. This however depends on the time of day you take it. Having it on hot midday might just send you to sleep instead of giving you the energy to keep going. But then again, having a cold strawberry banana smoothie on a hot day can awaken your nerves as much as any other caffeinated drink.

Dairy content

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie Sizes

Starbucks strawberry smoothie is mostly made of fruits and the dairy content in it is minimal. In a venti cup of the smoothie about 170g of Greek yogurt is used. Since the Greek yogurt is strained it does not contain a lot of lactose. The Greek yoghurt is of Dannon brand which makes sense since Starbucks partnered with Dannon to create the smoothies.

So what does Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie taste like?

Amazing! It has a juicy deliciousness and smells great. The taste of banana and strawberry go so well creating a great fruity taste. Once you have swallowed it you start to feel a buttery taste that does not go away. It makes you want another sip and another until your cup is empty.

It does however feel heavy in the mouth. I always find this very uncomfortable but that does not take away the great taste. All in all, the smoothie has a unique creamy and fruity taste.

Ways to customize a Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie at Starbucks – star backs strawberry banana smoothie variations

The best thing about Starbucks is that it allows you to order your desired drink precisely the way you want it. It allows you to customize your drink in ways only you prefer. This way you can order one drink in several different ways.

In the same way, Starbucks allows you to decide on the cup options for your smoothie. You can choose a short, tall, grande, or venti size. However, for a smoothie, the customizations are limited. This is because the smoothie is very specific when it comes to the ingredients. This makes ordering the smoothie easy and less frustrating.

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie

How to make Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie at home(Copycat recipe)

Kai Jordan
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • Blender
  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Measuring cup and spoons


  • 10 frozen strawberries
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • 170g of Greek yogurt


  • Start by washing your fruits and chopping them into pieces that can fit into your blender. If they can fit into your blender whole then you can skip this step
  • Add all the ingredients to the blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Serve your smoothie and enjoy!


  • Using frozen fruits for your smoothie is a way better option since it gives you a thicker consistency and you can take it immediately after blending without having to refrigerate it.
  • You can use a food processor instead of a blender but a blender makes the work easier.

Informative section

How to order a strawberry banana smoothie at Starbucks

You can order at the Starbucks store by simply telling the barista the name of the drink. While ordering through the app you tap on the drink in the menu, choose your desired cup size, and make the order.

Is the Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie good?

Yes, it is. It tastes good and is healthy. It is that drink the doctors will advise you to take to keep it healthy.

How much is the Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie?

Starbucks strawberry banana smoothie is priced at $3.40 for a 16-ounce drink.

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